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Just Amazing

   Chrissie worked at the local supermarket. She had been there since leaving school. She hated it. She was desperate to leave - until this lad started working there. She couldn't keep her eyes of him, but she knew he was going to show little interest in her. With his looks he could get anyone to go out with him. That's what she thought, until one day, just after the shift had ended. He caught up with her as she was about to leave.
   'Are you doing anything tonight?' he asked her, as they were walking out of the entrance.
   'No, not really. I'm staying in to wash my hair.'
   'So, you don't fancy coming to the cinema, then?'
   How could she refuse? Then she felt a bit silly for saying that she was staying in to wash her hair. He must have thought that she never went out after finishing her shifts. The truth was she didn't. After working all day she felt too tired to go anywhere. But not now, not after being asked out to the cinema. She felt just amazing.
   When she arrived home she had her tea, then got ready to go to the cinema. When she got there, she waited for ages. He never showed, so she started to make her way home. But as she was making her way, she saw him with this girl. They were standing outside a cafe. She was fuming.
   'Where were you? last night' she asked when she saw him the next day, knowing very well where he was.
   'Oh, I couldn't make it.  Something came up,' he said to her.
   Something had come up all right. He'd gone out with someone else. How could he do that to her? She hardly talked to him after that. She thought it best to keep out of his way. And that is what she did. Then a few days later, as she was making her way out of the supermarket after finishing her shift, she saw a girl waiting outside. She was the one who was with him the night he was supposed to meet her at the cinema. Chrissie gave her an icy stare.
   'What's your problem?, the girl asked Chrissie as she continued staring.
   'There's nothing wrong with me,' she answered.  She was about to say something else, then the lad appeared.
   'Are you OK?' he asked Chrissie, realising something was wrong
   'No, I'm not. You were with her when you were supposed to be meeting me at the cinema.'
  'Who said I was with her?'
  'I saw the two of you together when I was making my way home after you stood me up.'
   He started laughing at Chrissie, who became confused.
   'I didn't mean to stand you up. And if you must know, she's my sister.'
   'Your sister? Is that true?' she asked the girl.
   'It's true,' the girl replied.
   Chrissie felt relieved as he went on to tell her how he had run into his sister as he was on his was to the cinema. She had just had a blazing row with her boyfriend. He couldn't leave her on her own, so decided to walk her home.
   Chrissie felt even more relieved when he asked her if she still wanted to go to the cinema. This time, he did turn up.

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