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Brave New Hymn

Avon days, Acid nights
Letter perfect in the light
Nuclear, Static free
With liberty between the sheets
Garden hose mastadons
Peasants bask in golden rays
Prayer room bingo game
All bounty in his name

C'mon patriots wave your flags
If you don't cheer, then it's clear you're against us
Home of the brave, land of the free
Bow down to democracy

Jesus idol postage stamps
Back seat Chevy baby boom
Marilyn, JFK
Martyrs for the Brave New World
H-bomb bikini dream
It is sacred evermore
Drop out, peace is won
Hippie ventures come to naught

C'mon Christians believe as a child
The son of God will provide all the answers
Faith is blind, do you believe
Heaven waits, will you see?

Nihilist, underground
Johnny Rotten takes a bow
Reagan era confidence
The bully boys are swatting flies
Teenage slumber, MTV
Primal urge on sex machines
Pleasure flesh pantheon
Yet they say 'all you need is love'

And the working man desires delusion
The wife in the kitchen clings to the illusion
Freedom rings, can you hear it call?
Just don't question it at all

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