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Humanity Rise

Who am I and where did I come from?

What happened to my life and where has it gone?


There's an amnesia of the soul so common today

We're all forgetting who we are and losing our way

Nobody knows how because nobody remembers

As if the meaning of life has been reduced to embers


The rich just get richer and make the poor feel out of place

And the young race to the finish life at a worrying pace

All looking for a way out and forgetting the way forward...

How did my beautiful world end up so morbid?


I am the exception today as much as I was yesterday

I see the past clearly because I remembered the way

It's impossible to ignore all the traps you were caught in

And all the half-assed schemes to which you were forced in


My world was never beautiful in the eyes of the majority

The majority sheeple that assume their authority

But the key to their happiness is the key to the past

Not the wealth and glory they dishonestly amassed


They defy nature in the hopes it ensures their survival

They destroy lives and erase them, harvest hate without rival

They make money their god and their ultimate trophy

Well, take everything bastards, but for all I care? Blow Me!


Monopolize this, and share with your friends

If you're ding to live or just tie up loose ends


I share with you my life, in the hope that it brings

An end to all suffering in the reign of the unhinged

These times are more crazy than your regular strange

In a world where the wealthy refuse to make change


But I promise you one thing that is yours for the taking

Your weakness for granted when a fight's in the making


So Humanity Rise and become who you dreamed you'd be

That 1% stronger than the scheming minority!

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