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Why is everybody speaking about captions now?

Captioning services are nothing new. They’ve been around for ever so many years. But why is everybody speaking about it like it’s a sunshine industry? The answer could be that the world has become a melting pot of cultures. Or, that, online videos have brought about a fresh lease of life to the industry, and opened new windows, and possibilities.


Whatever the reason, captioning services are here to stay. It is convenient, effective and with so many captioning firms available, more often than not, just a call away.


Oops am I making the right choice?!


This is something that all of us ponder about. It could be picking out the best kindergarten for your tot, or the apt captioning firm for your video. How do you know you are making the right choice, without having to find out the hard way? Here is a quick bucket list of what you need to keep in mind before sending across your precious videos!


1. Check out the prices. Well it is not as simple as looking at the price on the bottom of a jar. There are different charges based on tat, quality of file, formats etc. Beware of fineprint.


2. It is ok to ask for specs of other projects that were handled previously. You don’t want a novice ruining your videos.


3. Ask if a free trial is available and ensure it is free of any hidden agenda.


4. Everytime you make a call gauge the level of client support, information and help they offer.


Why captioning services of captioning star!


We are good at what we do, but that is just one of the reasons why we are the trusted provider of captioning services. Our pricing structure can be understood by a three year old. There are absolutely no hidden charges. Opt for our free trial to be doubly sure and we’d bet our last dollar that you’ll love our transcripts, prices, tat and friendly client support.


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