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Unborn Daughter Enjoys Family Devotions

© 2012 Dora Leah had enjoyed her summer vacation from her job as an elementary school teacher. She loved her job very much, however, so she was happy that school was back in session. “I love making a positive difference in these kids’ lives,” she told Daniel Lee, her husband. Daniel Lee also was a teacher. He taught algebra at a nearby high school. Both Dora Leah and Daniel Lee wanted several children. “I’d like to have two boys and two girls,” said Dora Leah. “That’s fine with me,” smiled Daniel Lee, who always tried very hard to please his wife. “But regardless of how many children we have, I know you’ll be a wonderful mother.” The couple shared daily devotions. “I want us to continue our daily devotions together after the children are born,” said Dora Leah. “It’s already a very important part of our Christian family.” “I want us to continue with the devotions, too,” said Daniel Lee. “I’m glad the two of you agree with me!” a strange voice loudly thundered. “I don’t want to have to argue with you about it when I arrive.” “Who…who are you?,” whispered Dora Leah. “I’m your daughter - Deborah Lynne,” said the unborn infant. “I’m your pride and joy, and I’ll be entering your world in a few months. I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and let you know how much I enjoy our family devotions. “You and dad have been talking to me for some time now, and I wanted to repay the favor. By the way, Dad, you sound so authoritative when you read God’s Word. You should be a pastor.” “I am a pastor, Sweetheart,” chuckled Daniel Lee. “I’m the pastor of our home.” “I have a message for you, too, Mom,” said Deborah Lynne. “What’s that, Dear?,” asked Dora Leah. “You are a terrific cook!,” Deborah Lynne responded. “Your homemade spaghetti sauce is a real winner. And the apple pies you make aren’t too shabby, either. So I’d like to request that you continue to share those items with me at least once each week.” “Sure, Baby,” said Dora Leah. “Any other special requests?” “Just one, Mom,” said Deborah Lynne. “From now on, could you put an extra scoop of strawberry ice cream on the apple pie? If you’ll do that for me, I’ll love you forever!” “I’ll be glad to do that,” said Dora Leah. “But I know you’ll love me anyway, because I can already tell that you’ll love me as much as your dad loves me, and, other than God, your dad loves me more than anything in the world! “I have a request for you, too,” Dora Leah told Deborah-Lynne. “You’re talking a bit too loudly for me. Until you’re born, would you mind using your inside voice?” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements, including Christian Comedy Fundraisers and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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