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Bananas good for lunches
bananas by the bunches
bananas give me stamina
for sit-ups and crunches
bananas so delicious
bananas so high fitness
bananas make me sad
every time that I squish it
bananas good for business
bananas! who's my witness?
banana mass appeal
banana every meal
bananas Fruit of Loom
bananas Loony Tunes
bananas Spock and Scotty
bananas everybody

Bananas handpicked
shaped like hammock
bananas handpicked
shaped like hammock

Bananas so outrageous
bananas in all places
bananas in the studio
bananas on the stages
bananas help you feel right
bananas in the tailpipe
bananas leave a trail like
a dotted yellow street stripe
bananas if no ask twice
bananas if you act nice

banana banana
banana banana
banana banana
bananas bananas
bananas bananas

Sold across the globe
bananas green and gold
bananas dipped in chocolate
on a stick then they're froze
bananas for strip shows
bananas for the ho's
bananas actin scandalous
bananas crackin toes

Dole Chiquita
banana margarita
Dole Chiquita
banana margarita
Dole Chiquita Dole Chiquita
Dole chiquita
banana margarita

Aint that Frito Lay
with potassium K
grown in Ecuador
shipped direct to my door
smuggled throught customs
baked into muffins
bananas covering weed
bananas under seige
bananas not for greed
bananas all we need

genetically modified
bananas twice the size
if you like to exercise
get bananas in your life
bananas eating healthy
bananas fill me plenty

bananas, bananas, bananas

I cant stand it
Schnapple keep
your tea and apples
bananas planted across the planet
harvested by men with satchells
every season eatin handfulls
for the winter got the cans full

Stores you dont expect
check Beverages And More
bananas for mixes
with ice and liquor
the mixture gets me different
and I'm sober quicker
never sick no more
cause they get respect galore
never sick no more
cause they get respect galore

bananas bananas, bana......nas
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