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A Night To Remember

Kerry got ready for the party, then made her way to her friend Jodie's house.
   'Are you all set to go to this party?' she asked Jodie when she arrived.
   'Of course I am. I've been looking forward to it all week.' 
   'Right, then Let's go.'  

    'Fine by me.'

   They headed to bus stop, where they seemed to wait for ages. Kerry, who was getting fed up of waiting, had an an idea. 

   'Come on,' she said to Jodie, 'we're not hanging around here all night.'
   'Where are we going?' Jodie asked, looking confused.
   'We're gonna walk it.'
   'But, Kerry, It's nearly a couple of miles away.'
   'You don't want to miss the party, do you?'

    'You know very well I don't.'

   'So, come on, then.' 

    When they arrived at the house where the party was being held, they noticed everywhere was in darkness. 

  'Are you sure you've got the right address?' Kerry asked, turning towards Jodie.
  'Of course I'm sure.'  
  'Well, there ain't any sign of a party here.'
  'What are we going to do now?' Jodie asked with a sigh.
  'Back to yours, I reckon.'
  Halfway through their walk back to Jodie's, Kerry had another idea.
  'Come on, let's go into that pub over the road. We can have a rest, and a drink at the same time.'

   'That's two things I could really do with,' Jodie answered, following Kerry across the road.
   Once inside the pub they bought some drinks, then found somewhere to sit, but Jodie wasn't happy.
   'What's wrong with you?' Kerry asked, just before taking a sip of her drink.
   'You know very well what's wrong with me.'
   'Well, it's your own fault. You shouldn't have got that address wrong.'
   'Yeah, that's it, blame me as usual.'
   An argument then broke out between the two of them, causing Kerry to walk out out of the pub. Jodie had no choice but to run after her. They soon became friends again as they carried on towards Jodie's.
   'Hey, have you got anything to drink in your house?' Kerry asked Jodie as they approached her house.
   'No, I haven't. Craig might have, though. Let's go to his house. It's only around the corner.'
   When they got to Craig's, there was no reply. So they returned towards Jodie's, but just before getting there, they had a shock when they saw a car crash into a wall. They hurried towards the car. Kerry opened the door and noticed that the driver was trapped in his seat. She got out her mobile phone and called for help.
   After being freed by the fire brigade, he was put into an ambulance. Kelly offered to go with him to the hospital, leaving Jodie to make her way back home.

   Once at the hospital, Kerry stayed in the waiting area while a doctor and a nurse attended to his injuries. When they had finished, Kerry was allowed to go in and see him.
   'Are You OK?' she asked him, staring into his eyes.
   'Yeah, I'm fine,' he replied. 'It was a good job you and your friend were passing.'
   Kerry stayed talking to him for a while, then decided it was time to go.
   'Will I see you again?' he asked as she was about to leave.
   'Yeah, I can pop by tomorrow after I've finished work, if you like?'
   Making her way, Kerry reflected on the recent events. What a night it had been - walking miles to a party that didn't exist, then witnessing the car crashing into a wall. The only good thing to come out of it all was that she had met the best-looking lad she had ever seen.

Fortunately he wasn't badly hurt, and she couldn't wait till the next day, when she would be able to see him again.

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