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It was a hazy day. It was no ordinary day. A fog overcast down on a small town in Mississippi. It was predicted the uncertainty of a storm to come. Iycia was in no mistaken mood of discovery. She was hot. She was together and had it made. Her hair was always right. Her dress was well cultured. Her attitude was preppie. Iycia was no ordinary girl. She indeed was special. Today would make a difference in her life. It had been mid-noon and a heavy overcast of dark sky set the mood. Iycia greeted her friends to coffee with a bagel at Starbucks. Diane presently pretended to be Iycia’s friend. She was on a mission. They had the kind of friendship driven by competition of who could out speak who, only Iycia could bark the loudest and Diane could had small talk with a little bite. Each of Iycia’s friends had much play. They had many boyfriends and believed in playing the field. Iycia never believed in playing games. Iycia had the same boyfriend since college. “What’s up, chicks?” exclaimed Iycia. They all replied, “Me!” and they laughed. Kim kept quiet. Iycia wondered, “What is wrong with you, girl? Why so quiet?” Kim proclaimed with a long face that she lost her best friend. Iycia knew she acted differently lately and had to go deeper to find out what was going on. Doris padded Kim’s back, “It’ll be all right girl. Just wait.” As if she knew something. Late that evening, rainfall trickled from the sky. Doris found something in Kim’s journal giving secret information about a bad relationship with Kim’s XO. Doris found she wrote letters in her journal as if she was talking to (him)? The journal talked about how Diane crept with Iycia man of 5 years and how she hoped it would work out and that she did not want to hurt Iycia. She took the pregnancy stick and was pregnant. Doris called up one of her friends dreaming up a scheme to set the record straight of events to happen. Her best friend David was gay and acted as if he knew had to dream of vengeful devious schemes. Everyone knew this about him. Thunder escaped passes a dust of wind as if rain met its mate. Doris and David planned to reveal the secret to Iycia that her best friends, Chris, went on the down low with Kim and were expecting a child. They planned for confessions to be made at the house party on Iycia anniversary. Dian felt if she had to find out the juice had to explode at the right time. They planned to show diary and all that happened that led up to breaking them up hoping she would leave this cheater and ending her friendship. Iycia was so in love she said she had planned to marry Chris. Kim was always jealous of Iycia. Iycia had everything she wanted including a good man. Kim would embellish attitude at times. Iycia would give Kim the clothes off her back to help her cousin out. Kim knew this. Kim always felt pretentious. She wanted more. She wanted what Iycia had and so she stole her man with a baby. How naïve a scam to get ahead. Iycia’s friends planned the works, as usual, for Iycia anniversary party. Everyone would be her guest. It had been cold and snow fell from the heavens above. It was winter and the day planed had as much doubt and confusion. Champaign was poured by the host to give a toast to the glorious occasion. To their surprise; Chris got on one knee when Doris came up with the diary questions to propose the toast. David exploded with the truth before any more details were let out. Doris got her face slapped by Kim as she ran outside. Iycia started to cry and told everyone to leave. “It is not the time for this,” thought Doris. “Well, well,” thought Iycia. “How could you, of all people do this to me?” Iycia asked Chris, “When I expected more out of you. I thought you were special?” “And now leave me destitute with an incubine by your cousin?” By the look of Chris stoic face expression, it looked like he had some explaining to do. Doris and David scheme was a cold game to play on family. They knew this now. It was not the right time; but something had to be said. A cry of silence dispersed energy of the moment to gesture innocence had broken ties to bitterness. Iycia just did not get it. She knew how much she loved Chris and had to let him make a decision or the right choice and until he had made a decision she must wait. Chris told Iycia that he was sorry. While Iycia was keeping busy, she lacked keeping company in her man. Chris needed someone there for him and only Kim could keep him company as a close friend. Amber planned a baby shower for Kim. Iycia picked up pink and blue clothes she thought would look right on her great grand niece or nephew. The dark past of deception left the aria with hope and faith. It was important that joy would overcome hate in spite what happened. Chris and Kim were making the relationship work due to the baby. Many tearful years had passed sine Iysha could be herself again. She kept a keenful eye on her friends for now on. She had to watch her back from devious friends. It became hard to trust. Iycia knew she was different and because of that she made enemies fast. It was this that Iycia found why her friends played the field. They were waiting to chose from the first real thing to come and then they would have found true happiness.

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