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Part One

I lived in a small West Virginian town south of Charleston. It was called a scientist dream town. It has three places where those science freaks can work. The town has two research labs and a nuclear plant. The only school in the area is a sort of trade school called Newton High. Newton High I mean everything is named for something sciency. I live off of Avagrado Avenue in Mole Court, I mean it can’t get any worse than that.
The night it all started plays in my head everyday. The night this all started I was all alone, with the house to myself. I was watching some basketball game on ASPM. It was between the Lions and the Crafters. It was a good close game, I was really getting into it. The teams were making Basket after basket. Just before the halftime horn went off I heard a loud pop. It seemed to alarm me for some reason. I hear that sound all the time now because of hunting season, but this time it startled me. I could seem to find a reason why, so I just went on watching the halftime show.
I hadn’t had anything to eat so I went to the kitchen to grab a bite. When I walked by the basement door I heard a crash from behind the door. Like any other curious person I went downstairs to see what happened. Two packing boxes had fallen down of the big stack. I put them back up and began to walk back up the steps. I heard a crash coming from behind me. That’s the first time I ever saw them, those creepy lookin’ things. “What the hell…” There was another crash behind where I was standing. Those things were everywhere. I kept on backing up from them as they got closer and closer.
I back up to far and hit my head on a plastic case. I turned to see what was in it and I saw my dad’s 12-gauge shotgun and some shells next to it. I opened the case up and loaded the gun. One of those things grabbed my shoulder and I blew his guts out.
Just then I heard another crash come from upstairs. But this time it sounded like a window breaking. A man yelled out, “Is anyone here? Anyone home?”
I yelled up, “I am down here.”
“Get up here now. Hurry up now, now, now.” I ran up the stairs, firing while going up. I got up the stairs as fast as I could.
“What the fuck are those things?”
“There is no time for that now. Come on we need to get you out of here.” I jumped out of the window and headed to the helicopter. That was the signal for the pilot to start it up. The propellers started going as the two other men got out of my house. The sound of the propeller seemed to draw those things towards us. They came from all sides. I grabbed the AR-15 from behind me a started to blast those sons of bitches. I blew their goddamn guts out. The others finally got to the copter and we took off.
I looked up at my house and saw a strange figure standing on top of my house. There was a green glow in his arm. The glow got bigger and bigger. The glow moved from his arm towards us. “Get the fuck out of the here now. Move now.”
One of the soldiers asked, “Why?” He looked up and saw the glowing fireball moving towards us. We all jumped out and ran just in time. The helicopter blew up into a burning inferno.
“What was that?”
“Those are the sort of infantry men. They are the ones with the weapons. They are the ones that can really hurt you.”
“Oh. Lets just get out of here.” We ran in the direction of the military base. We hadn’t gone but 40 or 50 feet when I saw something in the distance and it wasn’t the welcome party. “What the… Hey you give me those night vision goggles.”
“Why do you need them?”
“Just give them to me.” He handed me the goggles and I couldn’t believe what I saw. “You better get ready, were gonna have a fight on our hands.” I took out my AR-15 for me to use.
“What do you mean?”
“See at the top of that hill.” He nodded. “There is a group of people or something and their not exactly happy to see us.” I hadn’t exactly done any fighting like this before. But there is a first time for everything. With every step closer, the more I feared for my life and the lives of the others. We got really close, close enough that you could see the glow in those things eyes. I spotted a scope in my partners pack and took it out. I put it on top of my gun to make a mock sniper rifle. “Your not going to need this are you.” He shrugged his shoulders. I ran off from the rest of them. “Meet me at the top of the hill at the end of the fight. Ok?” They nodded. I ran off to the closest tree to the “battleground” and hide. I went to snipe those bitches. They wouldn’t stand a goddamn chance.
“Hey, hey kid. Here you go.” He threw me a walkie-talkie so we could talk to each other. Man this is gonna be nothing. It’s gonna be just like hunting. The others marched up the hill till they got face to face with those bitches. They didn’t show any fear but I knew they might have been afraid.
“Guys go ahead I’ve got your back.”
“That’s easy for you to say. Your not about to go up against one-hundred mutants.”
“Just keep going you won’t have any trouble.” The mutant squad leader let out a terrible yell. The started to charge and we started to fire. They brought a surprise attack on us. Mutants started to crawl out of the woodwork. But it didn’t really work on their part because I was in the tree. They never saw me but they felt what I was bringing. But it was weird I saw mutants I wasn’t shooting at that were being shot and killed. I pulled out my night vision goggles to have a look around. There were other soldiers in the trees helping us out. It was a rescue party. “We have friendlies in the trees.” Just then the branches of the tree shook below me. With my night vision on, and gun pointed down I saw a man standing below me. He was waving for me to come down.
“Who are you kid?” He said to me in a stern voice.
“I’m Chris. Who are you?”
“Chris Taylor?” I shook my head, yes. “I am truly sorry. I served with your father in Vietnam. You’re a good shooter for a kid your age.”
“My dad takes to the shooting range every weekend and we used to hunt all the time.”
“Well we better get a move on. The base is just over the hill. That was the last of the resistance, we should be there in know time.” Like he said we were there in no time, no time at all.
We walked up to a cement, barbed wire wall with a titanium reinforced door as the entrance. One of the soldiers pushed a button on the intercom to signal our arrival. The two massive doors opened and we walked in. This place was one huge, massive building. I was instructed to go down to the 14th floor and go talk to Colonel Davis in his office. That name sounded familiar but I didn’t no from where. “How will I know which room is his office?”
“It’s the only room down there.” I walked over to the elevator a pushed the button. The doors opened and I walked in. There was a bellmen sitting there waiting for me to tell him what floor I was going to.
“What floor?”
“Oh. You must be the new guy.” I looked at him weird. What was he talking about? The new guy? I just shrugged it off and didn’t really think about it. “Here’s your floor rookie.” The bell rang and the door opened. He patted me on the back as I left the elevator. I saw the door right in front of me. I felt a chill go down my spine. My palms began to sweat, as I became more and more nervous. I knocked on the door.
A voice rang out from behind the door, “Who is it?”
I replied nervously, “This is Chris sir, someone said you needed to see me.”
“Ah! Come in.” I walked in the door and took a seat in a chair by his desk. “Chris, welcome. I hope everything has been well.”
“Well besides being attacked by thousands of mutants, whom I have no idea where they came from. Besides that everything has been fine.”
“Well believe me you will be safe here. We have 24-hour surveillance. If they get within 200 meters of the base, they will be taken care of.” He turned around in his chair. I knew I recognized the name. It was Tom Davis, he lived down the street from me.
“I didn’t know you were in the military.”
“I served with your father during Vietnam and I have been listed as inactive until a time of need. Which this is one.”
“So why am I here and what exactly were those things out there?”
“There was a meltdown of the reactors in the nuke plant. The meltdown leaked hazardous materials and mutated everyone who worked at the plant.”
“So why am I here?”
“Well one thing you no how they act and we need you to fight with our squad. And for some reason they want you the most out of anyone.” He called for the guard standing outside his door. “Lieutenant show Chris to his quarters.”
The soldier took me to the 4th floor dorms and showed me my room. It seemed as if I was special seeing that I had a room all to myself. Maybe it was arranged that way because my dad was such good friends with Tom. My room was just perfect. It had a T.V., a radio, a nice firm bed, and a mini-frig filled with everything you could imagine. It felt just like home.
That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept seeing things. Images kept popping into my head. They were of my parents. They were changing and mutating. I couldn’t handle it, it was too disturbing. I got maybe a half a hour of sleep.
The mourning alarm went off at 7 o’clock 30 minutes after I finally fell asleep. I ignored the bell and went back to sleep. I heard footsteps outside my room. There was a knock on the door. “Chris get your lazy ass out here right now.” I didn’t reply to him. The man standing outside my door took out his keys and opened my door. “I told you to get off your lazy ass and get out here.” He picked up my bed and tossed me out of it.
“Okay. Okay, I’m up. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.”
I rushed out to the training room. Everyone was already there waiting for me, so they could start. Everyone turned as I walked in the door. “I’m sorry I had trouble sleeping last night.” They all laughed after I spoke.
Training was a long and tedious process that took hours and hours. We over every possible situation that could happen. The head master told us how to use every weapon. We were given a crash course on the strategies we were going to use the next day.
We finally got to the good part of our training. We got to paintball against each other to get use to all the weapons.
I was a signed to the blue team. My teammates and I reported to the ammunitions room to get our weapons. I was given an AK-47 (with scope and silencer) and three handguns. I put two the handguns in holsters attached to my vest and the other in my leg holster. I grabbed 10 extra paintball canisters and but them on my back holster. I put my mask on and headed into the indoor arena. We all packed into our starting bunker. We drew up the strategy we would carry out. A voice came over the intercom. “At the sound of the horn the game will start.” A minute later the horn sounded and the game was on. We all rushed out to our spot that we planned on going to. We all radioed in on our headsets that we were in our assigned spots. We got the signal and moved on. I quickly ran up the ramp next to me, to get to my sniper spot. It was the perfect place to set up. There was a small entrance just big enough for someone with my build to fit in. There was a square hole big enough for the gun end to fit without touching the outside and for me to see out my scope.
I slid the scope into the slot in the handle, put the silencer on, and loaded her up. I sat and waited for a victim to come along to be shot and “killed.” A voice came in on my headset. It was Davidson; “I got two right next to me. Do you think you could get them off my tail? They’re at 11 o’clock.” I looked to eleven o’clock and saw the two looking for Davidson. I made sure I had a perfect shot on both of them. I double tapped the trigger and killed two birds with one stone. “Thanks man. Two men down.”
“No problem.” I scanned the area for any “enemies.” I saw that Mitchell was walking right into a trap. “Mitchell right out. You’re walking into a trap.” He didn’t get the message in time, they were already coming out of the wood work. I took out as many as I could but he was taken out.
I heard someone outside my hideout. He walked over to my little entrance. “I found you.” He pointed the gun at me. “Drop the gun and come out slowly.” I had no choice, I had to do what he said, I was surrounded. I had to figure out a way of getting out of this mess. My teammates must have heard the conversation on my headset because they were headed my way in camouflage. I could see them lying in the junk on the ground. They picked off one man after to another, in front of them. When the other team was paying attention to their falling numbers, I made my move. I pulled out my two handguns from their holsters and started firing until there was no one left on their team.
The same voice from the beginning came on the intercom. “Blue Team wins.” After we washed up my teammates and I went down to the cafeteria to get a drink. Of course I was only eighteen at the time so I could drink. I just had some cola.
Again that night I had trouble sleeping. I didn’t know if it was the caffeine from all the soda I had or the disturbing dreams of people mutating. Since caffeine doesn’t really affect me so I guess it was the disturbing dreams. Since I couldn’t sleep I reviewed our plans for tomorrow over and over just to make sure.
The mourning bell rang out at 10 o’clock. It was later than usual. Colonel Davis probably wanted everyone to have a goodnights sleep. I got up this time when the bell rang although I was still a little drowsy. I walked out of my room slowly. Everyone was rushing to get ready. Get all their weapons, ammo, and loading up. I sluggishly walked down the hall towards the ammunitions room. I caught the eye of a medic and he called me over. He saw that it was going to take me longer to get to him, then it would take him to get to me. “Hold still I’ll give you a shot of adrenaline to wake you up and give some energy. This wont hurt a bit.” I hate needles but I was to unaware to do or say anything. “There you go, in a couple seconds you should wake up.” He was right, in about 5 seconds I perked up. I looked around and ran in the direction everyone else was running.
When I got to the ammo room they asked me for my name and I told them. They handed me an AK-47 and two handguns. They handed me the extra ammo for my weapons and I put it all on the straps of my vest. I found the van with the most space and loaded up.
I was still shaking from the adrenaline when we left the friendly confines of the base. It wore off after a couple of minutes. We sped past the helicopter wreck and my trashed house. There were bodies all along the sides of the road. Some of them mutants and some just regular people.
We finally reached the plant after a thirty-minute drive. The mutants seemed to still have their human intelligence, they had guard set up at the main entrance. Our sniper unloaded from their vans and climbed into the trees. One shot from each snipers gun and the guards were dead. The snipers climbed down and loaded back up. We drove through the fence and parked the vans. Everyone unloaded quickly, loaded their guns and started to head in.
Special Ops went in first to see if the rooms were clear. The reception and conference rooms were clear. We got to an old abandoned laboratory room were we found two scouts looking out for us. I shot the shit out of those two things. Everyone else came into the room and set up. They knew we were in the plant and it was best to stay put. We pushed over some tables to hide behind.
We were all set up now all we needed to do is wait for them to make the move.
We waited and waited for what felt like an eternity. Just we thought nothing was going to happen, the lights in the room started to flicker. The light went off. We sat in a room full of darkness. We weren’t able to see what was going on around and in front of us.
We sat in an eternal darkness for 20 minutes. One of the special ops soldiers decided to go see what was on the other side of the room. He put on a camera so we could monitor him. He hopped over the table and walked forward about 10 feet. He put on his night-vision goggles on and looked up. One of those things grabbed him, he screamed, and the thing took him into the darkness. That’s the last we saw because the camera picture went fuzzy. We looked up into the darkness wondering what happened to him.
Just then the lights came on. We were astonished at the number of mutants there were standing in front of us. Their squad leader, the tallest and biggest mutant, was holding the dead body of special agent Sanders in his hands. He lifted the body up towards his mouth. The squad leader bit off Sander’s head. He chewed it up. You could hear the crunch of bone and the squish of brains as he chomp down on the severed head. When he was done with the head, he ripped the rest of the body into two pieces. With an underhand toss he threw the two pieces at us. That must have been the signal to fight because they started coming after us.
We ready for their attack; we had a strong counter-attack. The front lines would fire first then we would blow the bastards up with bazookas and RPGs.
For every one of them we killed, three more come in its place. They just kept on coming and coming. The numbers were just too much for us. We had to retreat. Everyone rushed out. As I was running out I tripped on a cable and hit my head on the counter, I was out cold. I don’t know what happened after that.
I woke up with a pounding headache, in a cold cell. There were others in the cell with me but none of them were awake. There was a guard patrolling the area. He was carrying a baton, which he hit against his palm every time he took a step.
I struggled to get up and made my way to my cell door. I fell hard against the steel bars, which got the attention of the guard. He walked over to my cell and looked at me. He grabbed his keys and unlocked the door. He pulled from the cold hell as hard as he could. He threw me against the wall in front of me. “Hey ass hole what was that for?” He gave me this cold blank stare. As I tired to move from the wall he smacked across the head with his club. There was a sharp pain in my head as I fell into the darkness.
I awoke with yet another pounding headache and a big bump on my head. I was strapped down tightly in a reclined chair. There was a glowing ooze flowing in a container above me. I looked around the room and saw two other men who were still knocked out. I saw a shadowy figure standing in an observation room behind me. The figure walked out of the room to a microphone in a communications room. “Hello Chris. Have you enjoyed your stay?”
“No, it’s been piss poor but thanks for asking.”
“I’m surprised you don’t recognize my voice.” All the time I listened to him speak, his voice became all too familiar. “I’m your father, son. I about to make you like the rest of the family. You can join me as I take over the world.”
“I’d rather burn in hell.”
“You really have no choice. Your be just like us no matter what.”
Right before he pulled the lever to spill the ooze on my comrades and I a fellow mutant rushed through the door. “The hive has been breached. You need to get ou…” That’s the last he said as he was pumped full of lead by some soldiers. The soldiers moved in quickly. My “father” signaled his minions to attack as he ran away. The soldiers quickly exterminated the little distraction. The unstraped the other and me from our chairs. One of them was about to go after my “father” but I stopped him before he could get far. “Let me take care of him. You get these guys out of here. Give that handgun.” He looked out me for a second and saw that I was serious. He handed me the gun and followed the others out.
Pushed by pure hate for my “father” I rushed into a dark room with out checking first. I ran into what felt like a brick wall. I felt my “father” pick me up. With a gentle toss he threw me through two walls into a slightly lighted room. I rested up against a wall. My “father” walked slowly towards me. I could see his hideous, deformed face. He looked nothing like he did. “Why don’t you just give up. You can stop me. I’m bigger, stronger, and smarter. Come join me.” I spit at him to show that I didn’t accept his proposition. That just really ticked him off. “I guess I just have to kill you then.” He started to squeeze, his grip around my neck was getting stronger and stronger. He wasn’t paying attention to anything else but the painful expression on my face. I had a chance to end this. I pulled the handgun from my holster and put to his chest.
I could barely speak because he was constricting my neck so much. “If you’re so smart, why didn’t you see this coming.” I pulled the trigger. The bullet penetrated him and passed right through his heart, killing him instantly. I felt his grip loosen. I fell to the ground exhausted and in pain. He fell back into a bunch of storage boxes. I couldn't move, I was in so much pain.
I felt like ending it right there. I didn’t think anyone would find me. My mind was changed when I heard footsteps coming towards me. “Is anyone back there?”
I faintly said, “Yes.” That’s all I could get out, it hurt to talk.
He yelled back to someone as he caught sight of me, “Help me, we got a survivor back here.” The other guy came in with a stretcher. “Were getting you out of here.” I shook my head.
They carried me out in no time. They carried me over to an ambulance that took me back to the base. The assessed me. I had broken three ribs and one leg. I stayed there for about a couple of weeks till I was healthy enough to leave.
I left my hometown, I moved far, far away to start a new life. I moved to California, which was as far as I could possible go. I enrolled into the University of Southern California. I played basketball, made all new friends, and met the girl of my dreams, Lacey Graham. I dated her for a couple of years until I got the nerve to pop the question. I wedding was weird though, no one from my family was there.
We moved to San Francisco where we live now. Right now we have a daughter who is 5 and a son who is 3 months old.

Part Two
It was another normal day, in my “normal” life. I can home from work, had dinner. Watched TV with my kids until they went to sleep. Lacey and I waited awhile for the kids to get settled and we made love. We got done around 12 o’clock, I go stronger and long. After we were done, I fell asleep or at least I tried to. I had some of the dreams I had so many years ago. After I got through with the old, then came the new. I started having dreams I have never seen before. I saw new outbreaks. People dying. And my “father” coming back to life. They were even more disturbing then before.
I woke up quickly and startled Lacey. “What’s wrong?” She seemed concerned.
“It’s nothing, probably just a bad dream.”
“Aren’t you a little old to have a bad dream?”
“Yeah you’re right. It was nothing.” But I knew it wasn’t just anything. My “father” was back and he was creating more havoc. As I was about to fall asleep the phone rang. I picked it up. “Hello. Who is this?”
“You probably don’t remember me but I was a friend of you and your father. This is Colonel Davis. Your “father” has come back to life and is even bigger and badder. We’re bringing you in. We need you to help us again.”
“Bring me in? I’ve moved on. I have a family. I just can’t get up a leave.”
“They can come too. There should be a helicopter on its way over to pick you guys up.” I could hear the noise of the propellers as the helicopter got closer and closer. “Chris we think he knows where you live. We need to get you out now.”
The helicopter landed in the front yard. “Well all you had to do is tell me he knew where I am. They the pilot I’m on my way down.” I could hear him radio in, in the background. I woke up Lacey. “Honey get up we need to leave right now. Get the kids and some extra clothes. We need to leave now.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I’ll explain on the way. Just get the kids. I take the clothes down. Hurry!” I took the clothes down to the helicopter. I quickly ran up and helped Lacey with the kids. The helicopter took off just as soon as we got in. We got out just in time. I could see some shadows lurking throughout the house. They were tarrying the house apart looking for us.
I took us about an hour to get to the new base in Nevada. The helicopter landed and we were escorted down to Colonel Davis’ headquarters. “Honey go with the lieutenant, he’ll show you where were staying. The Colonel and I need to talk.” I waited till they walked out to start talking again. “No offense but I’m not to happy to be back here. So how did he come back to life?”
“Well when you shot him, he didn’t die completely. He still had some life in him. They healed him and now he’s back.”
“So where’s their base located now?”
“The same place it was before. We left after the fight was over. They remade the plant into a heavily fortified base.”
“Are we still up against what we faced so long ago?”
“There are some of the same mutants, but your “father” has found a way to make the mutants stronger, quicker, and smarter. By the way can you help lead the training?”
“Sure, I will! As long as it’s not just me doing it.”
“That’s fine with me. Oh I have to show you something. We have upgraded a little since you were last here. We put in a state of the art surveillance and monitoring system. We put cameras in the trees and inside the confines and watch them 24-7.”
“Oh I have to see this.” On the way over to the surveillance we passed by my quarters. “Oh Colonel this is my family. This is my wife Lacey, my daughter Sara, and my son Mike. Say hi to Colonel Davis.” They simultaneously said “Hi,” laughed at it. We sent the kids back into the room and Lacey and I went along with the Colonel. We walked through the door and into the future. There were screens for each camera. One man watching all of them, trying to find something suspicious.
“This is the surveillance room.” He called over to the man controlling the computer, “Pull up the files I was talking to you about.”
“Coming up right now sir.” The whole big screen in front of us lit up. It was covered with pictures of my “father”, some of them from before and some from now. I was astonished when I saw all the pictures.
Lacey saw the look on my face and began to wonder. “Honey do you know that person?”
“Yes I do. That man is, I mean that man was my “father.”
“Wait, what? I’m confused here.”
“Okay. I wanted to tell you later but I guess now will. You remember when I met you I told you I’ve always lived in Cali?” She shook her head, yes. “Well that wasn’t the truth. I used to live is West Virginia. That man on the screen, well he was my “father.”
“What do you mean, was your father?”
“Well now he is a mutant and is out to kill me, so I don’t really think of him as a father.” She was mad that I lied to her so she stormed off out the room and down the hall. “So has there been any unusual activity lately?”
“No, nothing out of the ordinary.”
“So when are we going to kick some mutant ass?”
“We train tomorrow and go in the next day.”
“You will be ready by then right?”
“Oh yeah!” I looked on the map and found the gun range. I went down there to brush up on my skills. I was surprised to see who I saw down there. It was my wife Lacey. “I didn’t know you could shoot?”
“Well I you see, I have things hidden from you to.”
“I was going to tell you about all of this eventually. It just wasn’t safe now. I was trying to get over this. I wanted to move on.”
“You know what don’t worry about it. Just hurry up, get it over with so we can go home.” We hugged and I kissed her forehead.
“It will all be over soon, I promise.”
The next day I woke up early. Took a shower and headed down to Davis’ office. “So Davis when does the training start?”
“Right…” The bell rang. “Now. Oh don’t worry the bell won’t go off in your room.”
“Good we don’t need any more grumpy people. Well take me to the trainees.” He took me up to the training floor. There were thousands of young men and women standing waiting for instruction. I taught all of them the skills I had. They the master trainer told them some of the new stuff. I had to listen in too because this was all new for me to.
Then we let them go do the fun part, playing paintball. I got to watch. I picked out the good ones. I wanted them to be on my squad. Like last time the blue team won and went to celebrate with them. This time I could actually drink beer. I didn’t have to settle for soda like most of the trainees. I decided, I had enough at about 11 o’clock.
As I was about to walk in the door, Lacey and the boys were all walking out. “Where are you guys going?”
“Home, were going home. We can’t handle this. Come find us when you’re done with this crap.”
“Lacey, it’s not safe out there. You don’t know what’s out there.”
“I’ll take my chances. Goodbye.,” she said with a tear in her eye. Then she turned to our kids, “Come on, let’s go.” Then she left, just like that, gone. There was no way I was going to stop them.
I sat in my room all night crying. Thinking to myself what I did wrong. I felt I had failed in life, I failed myself.
I was about to fall asleep when the phone in my room rang. I picked up and was afraid who would be on the other end. “Hello.”
“Honey, I need your help were surrounded by these things. They’re inching closer and closer as we speak. Honey…Honey help!!!”
“Lacey!!!” The phone line went dead. I paused for a second because I was scared shitless, what was happening to my wife and kids. What was I doing, sitting here isn’t going to solve anything. We need to go in right now.
I ran out of the room and took the elevator to the Colonel’s floor. I pounded on the door to get his attention. “Who is it?”
“It’s me Chris, we have an emergency on our hands.”
“Wait hold on. What? What, an emergency?” He opened the door, and looked at me with his half-shut eyes. “Hold on slow down what’s wrong?”
“My wife and kids snuck out and we caught by my “fathers” minions. He has him back at the plant. We need to go in, he’s going to make them just like him.”
“They left? Did you know?”
I had to tell a lie, “No, I didn’t know. They left before I got back from celebrating. We need to go in right now. They’re in grave danger.”
“Okay, okay. I’ll sound the alarm.” He pushed a button on the wall and the alarm sounded. We both headed down to the ammo room to get ready to go in. I grabbed my AK-47, my handgun, and headed out quickly for the first available van. Since we had an emergency on our hands, we grabbed what we could and left.
We drove as fast as the vans could go down the skinny winding roads. We got there in no time at all. We were in a rush to get in. We didn’t really check to see if a room was clear. We got to the same room we fought in so many years ago. We quickly found that they were waiting for us. They were all lined up ready to fight. This time we came ready to fight. We were packing the heavy weaponry. We had a couple bazookas and some mortar cannons to blast the shit out of them.
This time we started the fight. We raised our guns and started firing. We killed off the first wave, when the second wave started coming after us. It was time to lead them into our trap. We ducked around a table and the men with the heavy artillery popped up and blasted them.
Now they were on the retreat. We kept killing as we chased them out of the room. All the soldiers went one way, and I went another. Something caught my eye so I just had to see what was going on. It’s a good thing I am a curious person because I found my wife and kids. I tapped Lacey on the shoulder, “Shh. I’ll get you guys out of here.” I began to unstrap her, from her chair.
“No. Get the kids out first.” I patted her on the shoulder and headed over to our beautiful kids. I put my finger on my lips as I walked over. But they couldn’t resist saying hi.
“Hi Daddy.” I jumped at the sound of their loud voices and put my finger to my lips. I rushed over and got them out. A soldier walked and ducked in the corner. I gave my children to him and they left. I started working on my Lacey’s straps. I was finished when my “father” walked in.
“So Lacey, how are you feeling?” He looked around the room. “Where are the kids?” That’s when I popped out from below the chair. “Oh I’m happy to see you’ve joined us. You’re just in time to see your wife change and become just like me.”
“That’s not going to happen “dad,” you’re not going to ruin my family.” I had a shot so I took it. It got him right in the head. He died.
But as he fell to the ground he caught the lever controlling ooze flow. The door on the container opened and ooze started to pour out. Lacey started screaming, afraid for her life. I had to keep it from touching her. But I didn’t know what to do. Then something came to mind. I sprang into action. I ran towards her chair as fast as I could. I dove and laid out on top of her. “We haven’t been this close in a long time.” I could feel the cold slime land on my back. My whole body turned cold. I winced in pain, from the sting of the soaking into my skin. I could fell my insides starting to change. It was working from the inside out. There was a sharp pain going up my spin. My forearms started to morph into weapons. I could see her eyes start to tear up. “Honey listen to me. Shoot me, put me out of my misery. Do before it affects my brain and I try to harm you.” She tried to interrupt me. I put my finger to her lips, “Just do it.” I placed my gun next to her.
She hesitated for a minute. She waited a minute too long. The ooze got to his head, “literally.” Chris started going crazy. He reared his head back ready to bite his wife. As he was coming down on her, she picked up the gun and pulled the trigger twice. She hit him right between the eyes. Chris’ head exploded. Blood sprayed everywhere. His body slide off the chair and on to the ground. She sat up in her chair slowly to make sure he was dead.
She could hear footsteps behind her. It scared the shit out her. She knew what could be making those footsteps. It could be one of those things. The footsteps got closer and closer till they were right behind her. Lacey felt something brush her back. She turned with the handgun pointed out in front of her. She started to freak out, there was nothing in front of her. Something from behind grabbed her shoulder. Lacey screamed and turned with the gun pointed out. The was a soldier standing in front of her. “Watch it. I’m on your side.”
“Then don’t fucking sneak up me like that.”
“I’m sorry. Do you want to get out of here or not?”
“Get me the hell out of here.” They headed out of that hell hole.
When they got out Lacey immediately ran to find her children. She hugged them. They loaded into a fan and headed off into the distance. Lacey and her children road off, leaving all of this behind them.
Lacey had the body of her dead husband sent back to San Francisco to be buried. The funeral was short and sweet since only three people were there.
The family said their good-byes and left. They left it all behind, hoping nothing like this would happen again. Hopefully their wishes come true. Hopefully??
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