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The Siege

In the vast grasslands of the Serengeti – in Tanzania, there lived an old lion who in the prime of its youth had hunted and killed the most powerful of animals. But now it was old and tired of long distance chase. However, even then there was plenty of food around in the Serengeti. It fed on the young of the wild buffaloes, zebras, giraffes et all moving in herds as they were vulnerable and easy for the kill albeit with a little care, patience and a little cunning.

It once attacked the calf of a giraffe. The giraffe had tried to fend off the lion by kicking with its hind legs. The lion kept at a safe distance from the giraffe and grabbing an opportunity struck another blow to the calf. The calf collapsed and the giraffe traumatised and excited started kicking and jumping to drive away the lion from its calf. But it accidentally stomped on its own calf. Realising its own folly the giraffe stood guard over its calf for long time and walked off as dusk fell. The night could be tricky and it could not risk its life too. This was just the opportunity the lion was waiting for and the lion fed on the calf with much relish.

Emboldened by the success the lion thus attacked and ambushed the young of the animals and was amply rewarded. It never went hungry again. All it needed was a little care, patience and cunning. The poor animals of the Serengeti were much aggrieved at the loss of their young.

The giraffe who was pregnant and was due to deliver called a meeting of the animals of the Serengeti who had all lost their little precious ones to the lion. Even the birds were invited. It was a sort of a brain-storming session to help think of a solution to safeguard the young. It was unanimously decided that they needed to do away with the lion in order to protect their young. But how could they achieve the target? The crow had an idea. It whispered its plan to the animals who were party to the execution of the plan. The services of the elephant, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus, the wild buffalo, the zebra and the impala were all roped in for the execution of the plan nick-named – “The Siege”.

The giraffe gave birth to a baby calf as expected. All the animals of the Serengeti congratulated giraffe upon the new arrival. The lion was sure to strike. It was time to put the plan to action. The crow was on patrol and it sure enough it saw the lion stealthily approaching within close range of the giraffe utilising the cover of the tall grass. It alerted the executioners of the plan. The elephant, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus, the wild buffalo all occupied key positions at a safe distance from the giraffe so as not to alert the lion. Timing was the key to an ambush so they were at a point wherein they could strike when alerted. The giraffe stood nervously on its guard over its calf. The zebra and the impala were grazing nearby the calf. Soon the lion was spotted and the giraffe charged at the lion kicked its heels to try and scare the lion. The zebra and the impala ran around in circles around the calf to distract the lion. Meanwhile the elephant, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus and the wild buffalo advanced fast simultaneously blocking its escape route. Suddenly the lion found itself pitted against the largest and the most powerful herbivores of the earth. The giraffe had meanwhile herded its calf to safety leaving the combined forces of the elephant, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus and the wild buffalo to deal with the lion. They bored and gashed the lion and left it bleeding to death.

The animals of the Serengeti heaved a sigh of relief. Together they had vanquished their one great tormentor – the lion. Thanks to the crow their operation “Siege” had been successful.  


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