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Ever since her mother told her that they were going to spend the weekend at her grandmother’s farm. Puppy couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. She was in her room packing some of her video games that she wanted to take with her on the trip. When her mom walked in

Hey sweetie what are you doing? She asked Puppy

Just packing some video games to take to grandma’s Puppy answered her

Oh that’s what I wanted to talk to you about I’m afraid that I’ve some bad news about our trip

Aww mom don’t tell me that we’re not going Puppy whined

Oh no it’s nothing like that we’re still going. But I just got off the phone with Daisy’s mom I’m sorry sweetie but I’m afraid that Daisy won’t be able to come with us this weekend her mother answered

What! Why not? Puppy cried out

Daisy badly twisted her ankle this afternoon the doctors told her that. She had to stay in bed for a couple of days so it can heal

Oh great! How dumb can you be to do something like that Puppy smirked

Now Puppy be nice her mom frowned Miss Penguin explained. That Daisy was riding her bike with her sister when the chain broke. And it got tangled with her ankle causing her to fall over on it.

Why don’t you just invite one of your other friends to come with us her mother explained

Because they already have other plans Puppy pouted besides Daisy and I’ve been talking about all the stuff. That we were going to do it won’t be the same kina of fun if I just were to bring someone else. Puppy’s mom stared at her for a second before she started laughing

I’m sure you’ll have a good time with whoever you go with. Hey I know why I don’t see if your cousin Tina would like to come with us. We haven’t seen her in while I’m sure you guys would’ve a great time together

Yah sure I can hardly wait Puppy mumbled

And after her mother left Puppy threw herself on her bed and called Daisy to see how she was feeling

It’s a bummer about your ankle but get this my mom thought it would be a good idea to invite Tina to come with us this weekend. I rather spend the weekend in school then spend it with her Puppy sighed

Oh come on Puppy I’m just as bummed as you are but she can’t be that bad Daisy Penguin laughed

That’s what you think while our idea of a good time is to set out and look for new adventures. Her idea of having a good time is sitting by the shade and reading her dumb books! She’s not even my real cousin just because her mother is mines best friend and we share the same birthday. They decided that it would be cute to

just say that we’re cousins Puppy answered. Then after laughing and joking with Daisy she added

Well I better finish packing I call you when I get back and tell you all the fun I had with my dear cousin. Feel better

Late Friday afternoon Puppy, Tina and Puppy’s mom set out to her grandma’s farmhouse. Two hours later Puppy and Tina were upstairs inside the room that they were going to share unpacking their things

I’m sorry to hear about your friend Puppy but it was nice of your mom to invite me this weekend. I’m sure that we’re going to have lots of fun together Tina smiled. Puppy was still a little upset that Daisy couldn’t come suddenly came up with an idea

Yah but umm Tina there’s something that you should know about my grandma’s house

What? Tina asked

Its haunted Puppy told her

Oh yah right! Puppy haunted by who Casper! Tina laughed

Laugh all you want but I’m serious didn’t you notice all those stuff animals. That was sitting inside of my grand ma’s living room

Yah what about them? Tina asked

Well according to my mom, grandma’s a real softie she don’t have the heart to bury them. So she just stuffs them and places them

inside her living room. Like they were still alive pretty weird huh? Puppy explained

No I think that’s very sweet of her Tina shrugged but what does that have to do with her house being haunted. Puppy was a little thrown off by Tina’s answered

You do? She asked in a confused tone of voice

Yah don’t you?

I guess but since they were never buried they come to life at night. And walk around looking for their resting place Puppy shrugged

Oh come on Puppy how stupid do you think I’m to actually believe that stupid story! Tina laughed

Believe it or not but it’s true. So if I were you I’d sleep with one eye open tonight

Whatever Puppy I’m going downstairs to grab something to eat you coming? Tina asked

Nah! I’m going to take a nap I’m pretty tired after that road trip can you wake me up in hour?

Okay I’ll see you later have a good nap Tina smiled

Thanks Puppy mumbled underneath her breath

God I can’t wait until this weekend is over!

A couple hours later Puppy woke up and looked at the clock on the night stand

Oh great! That little nerd ball never woke me up

Puppy yawned as she stretched her body then went downstairs to the kitchen

Mom? Tina? Grand ma? I wonder where everyone ran off to. Puppy walked over to get a drink of water and noticed that there was a note on the counter

Puppy, Tina

Grandma and I went into town to pick up dinner see you soon

Love mom

Well that solves one mystery but I wonder where Tina is?

Puppy began to get a funny feeling she never did like being alone especially at her grandma’s house

Hey Tina are you in here!

Excuse me but there’s no need to yell a voice from the corner said

Huh? Who said that? Tina is that you? Puppy frowned

No it wasn’t Tina and we don’t like it when you kids yell inside my house!

Okay ha-ha nerd head! You don’t fool me for a second you can come out now. Joke over! Puppy yelled. Suddenly a voice from the other side of the room cried out

Young lady what’s all the yelling about?

Oh great! Unless Tina knows how to throw her voice there’s no way that she can be in two places at the same time. Maybe this house is really haunted

Puppy started to get nervous and looked for a place to hide she ran behind the couch. She peeked over the side and saw something creepy looking moving in the shadows. Puppy hid again then counted to five and peeked out again to see that the creepy shadow was leaning over smiling at her. The next thing Puppy remembered was feeling light headed then only blackness

Puppy wake up! Are you alright?

When Puppy opened her eyes Tina was looking down at her

Tina? Oh wow! You wouldn’t believe the nightmare I just had this creepy monster was about to eat me

That wasn’t a creepy monster Puppy it was only me a gentle voice interrupted


Yes dear? Her grandma smiled holding a monster mask over her face

What’s going on? Why are you wearing that creepy mask Puppy frowned

Well I’m afraid that we played a little joke on you Puppy. While you were taking your nap Tina told us what you said about

grandma’s house begin haunted. So we decided to give you a little taste of your own medicine and made her stuff animals come to life

Well I guess you guys got me Puppy mumbled you forgive me don’t you

Of course we do sweetie but I hope that you’ve learned your lesson from all this. Just because you don’t like how a situation turned out you don’t go and make others around you feel unwanted or uncomfortable. Just because they didn’t go your way her mother answered

I’m sorry Tina I know that I’ve been acting like a spoil brat just because you came with us and Daisy didn’t. How about if we just forget about this whole thing and start over

Yah okay I’d like that Tina smiled

A day later Puppy and Tina were having a great time playing and exploring. In fact Puppy had such a great time with Tina that when it came time to drop her off of at her house. She asked her

Hey Tina how about the next time that we go back to my grandma’s house. We’ll make sure that Daisy comes with us I’d love for her to meet her ghost friends!

Tina hugged Puppy good bye then answered her back laughing

It would be my pleasure!

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