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Lisa's Secret

 As Lisa was walking towards town, she could hear footsteps behind her. She turned and saw her friend Jane.
   'Hi, Jane,' she said to her. 'Where are you off to, then?'
   'Im on my way to see my solicitor.'
   'A solicitor? Why are you going to see one of them, if you don't mind me asking?'
   'I'm divorcing that rat of a husband of mine. I've had enough of his behaviour over the years.'
   'You mean Mark? Maybe he's not perfect, but divorcing him. That's a bit drastic, isn't it?'
   'No, it isn't. And he's been cheating on me.'
   'Who with?'
   'I'm not sure, but I know he's been seeing someone.'
   Lisa looked at Jane surprised. Then Jane asked her if she would go with her to keep her company. She didn't really want to go on her own. Lisa reluctantly agreed.
   When they arrived, Jane was called into the solicitor's office. Lisa took a seat in the waiting room.
   'Are you, all right?' she asked Jane after she came out of the office.
   'Yeah, I'm fine.'
   Leaving the building, Lisa suggested that they go into town to look around the shops. Jane eagerly said yes. At least it would take her mind off things for a while.
   They spent ages in town. Then as they were making their way to the bus stop so as Jane could catch her bus home, Lisa had an idea.
   'Hey, Jane, how about comimg home with me? I can fix us up something to eat. What do you reckon?'
   'Yeah, go on, then. it's not as though I've got anyone or anything to rush home to.'
   They made their way to Lisa's, and after having something to eat they sat chatting. Jane felt happy with having someone to talk to about her troubles. She just hoped that Lisa didn't mind. After all, it wasn't as though they were best friends. They hardly saw anything of each other. They were bigger friends when at school together.
   As they were chatting, Lisa looked at the clock. She was beginning to feel a bit anxious. She didn't realise that Jane would be staying so late. 
   'Time's getting on,' she said to Jane. 'I'll call you a taxi.'
   'It's OK. I can get the bus. The stop's only across the road.'
   After going into the hallway to get her coat, Jane went back into the lounge to say her goodbyes to Lisa, but as they were saying their goodbyes, there was a knock at the front door. Lisa ignored it.
   'It's OK. It'll probably be someone selling something. They'll soon go away,' she said to Jane.
   Jane looked at Lisa confused. 'But it's nine 'clock at night. It's a bit late for someone selling something, isn't it?' And if it is, why do they keep knocking?'
   'I don't know. Just leave it. OK?'
   Jane refused to leave it.
   'Jane, I can explain,' Lisa shouted as Jane rushed to answer the door.
   'It's all right, Lisa, There's no need at all for you to explain,' she said after opening the door and seeing who was outside.
   'But Jane.'
   'No, Lisa. It's fine. Honest. At least now I've got proof that he's been seeing someone,' she said as she icily stared at Mark, who was standing on the doorstep, speechless.

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