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Presence of mind

In the tranquil blue waters of the Mississipi lived a blue whale. It swam majestically around in its territorial waters eating planktons of fish that were abundant. It was the master of all that it surveyed. It loved the rich marine flora and fauna. Each day it would swim around and greet the jelly-fish, the octopuses, the sqids and other marine life that were a part of his world. It ate the planktons of fish that were plenty in this part of the ocean. Food had never been a problem.


The blue whale however was wary of the fishing trawlers that had made their way to this part of the ocean. These fishing trawlers would set their nets far and wide. They would fish indiscriminately and the rich variety of fish was slowly getting exhausted. Moreover the rich coral reefs were damaged and the blue whale hated this. Whenever these trawlers were out onto the sea the blue whale would take care to swim deeper in the ocean.It would surface only when the waters were clear.


However one day the blue whale encountered a new enemy - the sword fish. The blue whale was feeding on the planktons of fish deeper in the ocean when a sword fish came from behind to attack it. The blue whale had never seen anything like this before. The blue whale swam from the sword fish but it was hot in its pursuit. The blue whale tried to swim as fast as ti could but the sword fish was not to be outdone. Suddenly the blue whale had an idea. It gradually started raising its altitude and the sword fih in its pursuit of the blue whale swam right towards it. THe blue whale knew just wher the fishing trawlers would be stationed and when it reached these points of the ocean it suddenly dashed deeper into the ocean. The sword fish unaware of the impending danger, swam right into the fishing nets. It was caught. It struggled violently to free itself. But it was hopelessly unsuccessful and the fishermen waiting above pulled it on board their ship and marvelled at the huge catch. They congratulated themselves for the prized catch. They had never seen anything like it in these parts.


The blue whale had watched the capturing of the sword fish from a distance and swam back to the safety of the deeper parts of the ocean. It had managed to pit one enemy against the other by its presence of mind.

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