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Tom was a good friend who had cancer for a long time.
It was difficult watching him waste away.
A few days ago his wife died suddenly
when I visited Tom they told me he could go any day.
He said he couldn't explain the thoughts going through his head
he asked me to try to capture my take on them on paper instead
When I brought this to him he grabbed it and read it
he smiled and thanked me with a "THAT'S IT!" and he cried
And yesterday when the phone rang
my heart sank a bit cause I knew
my good friend Tom had died

This is what I wrote for him
I just wanted to share
I called it "Musings" but I may subtitle it
IN Memory of Tom and Claire

by H Frank Vaile

If I can't hear your voice
I don't want to stay
If I can't hear your laughter
My world will turn gray
Food tastes like very
very stale old bread
without you around
I feel like I'm already dead

If I can't share your dreams
I don't care to sleep
I'd go somewhere else
But the path seems too steep
Time is a never
never passing thing
a constant reminder
I can't hear you sing

I feel like I'm nowhere
When I can't see your face
Most times it reminds me
I'm in the wrong place
They call it a home
but it aint one ya see
cause when you're not here
It doesn't care to be

So life's been a journey
I thought would find gold
and it seemed like it would
till we started getting old
And it's not fair that you
had to go before me
and why must I live
in this lonely misery

With that I endeavor
to put it to rest
the times you were with me
I was with the best
And sharing life with you
was wonderful it's true
And I know it won't be long
before death will be too
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