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All these corporate rags pushin' shit for the

It's money over music, greed over grace

Never give a thought to the values they embrace

Rolling stone was the voce of social revolution

Now boy bands on the cover are getting all the

What a revelation?

It's a bubble gum nation

It's a sell-out solution for a culture with no future

When the money coming down defines every sound

And the message must obey what the board rooms say

The music doesn't matter cause their wallet's getting

And the more I think about it, the more I get fucking

Cause those who love music know the radio's a joke

But the fools still buy all the bullshit they promote

Cause they shove it down their throats

And these sounds I can't stand
are just the sounds of
money changing hands

And they don't talk about the art, it's who's #1 on
the charts

And the musicians get in line or they get left behind

And that M in MTV don't stand for music you see

It's all about money money money cause it's Viacom

And those creeps in the hips suits are deciding who is
just cute

Enough to force screams from those brainwashed teens

And all day I wonder just how shallow it can get

Before even the stupid ones quit believin' it's legit

And I don't wanna name names but these artists are so

And they just do what they're told

Gladly be bought and sold

And there's no new ideas and no one even tries

No one has anything to say

They're all just looking for the payday

Excuse me if I shout, but I'm calling you out

And you know who you are when you're driving in your
big car

Are you spreading hate or just diversion from the real

Up the ladder, up the ladder,
Just a whore for the

And you're working for the big boys

Who think your music's just noise

Just meat for the market

To get it from the pockets of the suckers they target

No sense of history

This ain't about pride

And I say 'What about the music?'

They say "shut up or you'll lose it"

And the indies are just a beard

For the big five are feared

Cause they monopolize the game

That's why it all sounds the same

And if you're hearing my words

And you think you know the score

Let's all stand together cause it's time to make war

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