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The Stolen Thief 2

Chapter 2

After a few minutes the headmaster reached his office after looking for the person who had disturbed him. Once he was sat on his chair he saw something that he had not seen before he left. He picked up the peice of paper and read it. It only took him a less than seconds. He jumped up suprised, because it didn't take him ages. Mr Wilmac also thought he was a side kick since he had wrote it on the sheet of paper.


He pressed the tanoy button and said:



Meanwhile in classroom 5N Lowe Mcdonald nearly fell out of his seat. He thought he had won a competition that he had entered but he had not heard the word immediatly. He jumped out of his chair glad to get out of Pre-algebra and raced to the door. Mrs North saw him and just as she was going to say something the boy had swung open the door and ran out slamming it behind him.


Whitin a few minutes he arrived at the headmasters office his face pink out of breath. Mr Wilmac sat there waiting to shout at the boy. Once the boy entered the headmaster shouted "Wheres the money?" 

"What do you mean sir?" asked the little boy stunned.

"I've got the piece of paper you put here, I don't think I am going to let you of like that." saild Mr Wilmac "And now WHERE'S THE MONEY!"

"Sir if you mean about the money that was stolen don't think it was me!" said the boy.

The boy looked around the room and saw the peice of paper that the headmaster had written on. Then he looked at the crumpled piece in the headmasters hand. The headmaster had seen the boys gaze when he had stared at the peice of paper.


After a short silence Lowe said "Sir I know who really did it, it was Bradley McIver and Justin Lièvre."

"I don't believe you don't blame other people, how many times have I told you. replied the headmaster. "I saw you look at the piece of paper." 

"Sir I am saying again I don't know anything about it."

"Were going to call in the police if you don't give it in now."

"I didn't do it !" cried Lowe.


Behind the door there came a snicker.


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