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Finding my inner peace

Finding my inner peace

I just realized how little meaning we put in the important things sometimes. We all are so busy nowadays, running around, eating on the go we sometimes have to sleep only when we can find the time. I remember when I was a kid things were different and people had more time just to be with each other, but now having a family of my own we rarely spend meal time together. Of course there is a reason for a life style like this but that is not the point. The point is that sometimes we have to put everything aside and spend time together, focusing only on each other.

Since we didn’t a have family trip for two and a half years the decision was made to spend some time in New Mexico and on the way there to stop at a couple of places to just look around. The kids were really excited and I was looking forward to the trip as well.

As the time came closer my husband got really busy at work and I completely lost track of time between working day and night shifts at the local hospital. I got to the point that I had no idea what day it was and all I had on my mind was how many hours till my next shift. At some point I started to think, vacation? What vacation? Who needs a vacation? Not me. All I need is just some sleep and I don’t need to drive to a different state just to go to sleep. I can sleep at home if everyone would leave me alone!

The time of our vacation trip came before I knew it and I got everything ready and packed without thinking much or being very excited, working like a robot, hoping to get some sleep.

We got on a road and then something happened. I felt much better. I was out of the reach of the never ending bills, my classes, my job, cleaning, cooking, washing, my E-mails, phone calls and even appointments. I felt free! I didn’t have to be somewhere on time, I didn’t have to accomplish any task, I could just stare out of the window at the blue sky and there was no thoughts on my mind… just peace.

By the time we had reached our destination I was no longer a robot performing a task, I was a woman with two lovely kids and a loving husband and I was grateful that I have such a nice family.

Taos turned out to be nice, a little town full of history, folklore, art and home made goods. We didn’t make any plans of what we going to do there and I didn’t have to wear my watch to make sure that we are on time. In the morning we took off walking through the down town area, stopping at the galleries, stores and some other neat little places. We were sitting outside the chocolate factory enjoying the sweets. We stayed at the park and watched our children played in a fountain. We had spent all the meals together, read a book, went to the pool, went for a walk, visited a museum; but the most important part was that we were together. We could hug, touch hands and say “I love you” any time, because at all the time during the vacation we were so close to each other and that was great!

People need to spend more time together, not working on a project, not doing various tasks, but for the simple reason to appreciate each other because in the daily grind of life it is very easy to turn into a hard working robot and forget about the most important thing – to be with each other.

I will miss Taos, not because it was such an outstanding place but because I was happy there and I had again obtained my inner peace.

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