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Our Secret

            I remember when I was a young girl, and I lived in a tiny white house on a long dirt road, these were the funnest times of my life. I was only about nine years old. Next to our tiny house there was a creek, back then it was like a river to me. Over that there was an enormouse tree were my dad built us a little tree house, and tied a tire swing. Our tree house was nothing spactacular like the ones you see on the television. It was just a big piece of wood nailed to the tree in between the trunk and a big branch.


            Me and my baby sister, who is four years younger, used to sit outside all day long and play. There was pleanty to do. Sometimes we would sit along the creek and make huge mud pies. When we were done, we would call my mom out to sit and have tea parties, and pretend to eat our pies. It was so much fun our mom and dad would have to drag us inside. They always put us streight in the bath. The water was so foggy, they had to wrinse us, then let the water out, then fill it again.


            On hot summer days, we would sit in the cold creek and lift big rocks. When we lifed them crawdads woud zoom out form under them. My sister and I would have contests to see who could catch more. Being four years older I would always win. At the end of the day we would release our imprissoned creatures, while counting the. When we realised I won my sister would always cry. My mom used to tell me, “Can't you let your sister win once in a while?” I never did.


            Looking back, I was pretty mean to my sister. One day I was playing on the tire swing, and my sister was up in the tree house. While swinging over the creek I saw a hanger lying there on one of the rocks. I had an idea, and it was a horrible one. I grabbed the hanger, tossed it up to my sister, and told her “I am going to swing as high as I can, you reach out and grab the rope with the hanger. I swung as hard as I could and all I herd was a huge splash. When I looked down, My sister was sitting in the creek crying. My mom ran out of the house screaming, “What happened! What happened!” She took us both into the house. I quickly blurted out, “She was playing with a hanger, and it must have got cought on the rope.” My sister gave me a dirty look, but she never told on me. We were never aloud on the tree house again.


            As you can see we had so much fun in our childhood. Some activities were dangerouse, while some were competitive, and others were just good fun. I always look back on my memories of that house, and laugh about all our good times.

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