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"I want this entire attic cleaned by the time I get home!" David mimicked his mom as she walked out the door. Why in the hell did he always get stuck with the cleaning?
His brother got to go out, his sister didn't do anything at all, but no, David got to clean. It didn't matter that he had plans, it never did. Ever since David's dad had left two years
ago, he got to do all the work. It was as if his mother was punishing him for his fathers actions.
David pulled down the ladder to the attic. He hated this. As he climed up, the smell of old clothes and stale air invaded his senses. "Great" he thought, "this will be great fun."
After about an hour of sweeping, moving and boxing junk, David sat down to have a smoke. His mom would never know and he really needed one, besides, she wouldn't be home for
at least another three hours and he was over halfway done.
He noticed an old chest at the back of the attic. "Might be something worth taking" he thought. He sat down in front of the chest and picked the lock with his pocket knife.
As he opened it, a strange, putrid odor rose out of the trunk.
" Damn." David said out loud. He started to sift through the junk. A pocket watch, that will go for a few bucks at the pawn shop. And these earrings, who would miss them?
David pocketed the few trinkets he found and started to close the trunk, then he saw the case at the bottom. Figuring it was worth a look, he reached down and grabbed it.
The case was old, he knew that just by looking at it. He placed it on one of the boxes and carefully opened it. What he saw disappointed him. There was no jewlry, no expensive silverware.
All that was in the case was a Ouija board, it looked older than dirt but in Davids eyes it was worthless. He had a few friends that had used them before but David had never used one
himself. " Not today, I've got work to do." he thought. As he continued to do his work, his mind kept going back to that case. It felt as if the board was calling him.
"The hell with it" he said " just for a little while, to say I've done it." He layed the board on one of the boxes and placed the eye shaped pointer in the center. Placing his hands on either side of
the pointer, he began to move it around the board. After a few seconds he gave up and started to get up when the pointer started pulling him. It flew around the board stopping on letters every few seconds.
Davids eyes flew open in fear. Over and over again it pointed out the same thing. David tried to take his hands off the board but it wasn't letting him go. He tried to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly flames lept up
around him. The smell of wood and cloth burning floated around the room. Fear took over David as the pointer stopped, then spelled out one final message. G...O...O...D...B...Y...E.
The flames licked at his hair, he felt the pain of the flames burning into his skin. He jumped away from the board and ran toward the ladder. The whole house was engulfed in flames. Just as he reached the ladder the fire overtook
him and he collapsed to the floor. The fire devoured what was left of his body like vultures on a carcass in the desert.
"David!" Rosa yelled. When she had returned home her son was no where to be found. She knew she had been harsh to him and felt sad. She started up the ladder to the attic. " He's probably passed out up here" she thought.
She entered the attic and was shocked . It was perfect, David had cleaned the entire thing. She smiled, finally her son was being responsible. Rosa turned to leave when a trunk in the corner caught her eye. She walked over to it.
" What's this?" she thought. When she opened it she was even more confused. Besides all the other junk, on top of it all was David's class ring and the cross his grandfather had given him. As she closed the lid she swore she heard the faintest
scream and could smell burning flesh.
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