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Jacob Makes Coat of Many Colors for Joseph



© 2012


Jacob loved each of his 12 sons very much.


The love that Jacob had for Joseph, however, was greater than the love he had for his other 11 sons. One day, Jacob decided to do something very special - make a coat of many colors - for Joseph.


The first time he saw the coat, Joseph could hardly believe his eyes. “This is beautiful,” he exclaimed.


“I’m glad you like it, Son,” Jacob said. “I made it for you because I love you very much, and I wanted to show you how important you are to me.”


Each of the coat’s colors was bright and extravagant. Joseph associated each color with one of God’s abundant blessings.


Orange reminds me of the setting of the sun,” Joseph said. “Green is a symbol of the lush green pasture on which our animals feed. Brown reminds me of the dark, fertile soil in which we plant our crops.”


Purple, Joseph observed, “is the color of royalty. Who knows? One day, I may be a ruler myself.


“Black reminds me of the canvas of the nighttime sky on which God paints His portrait of the stars.


“White shows me the purity of my heavenly father and that I must live a holy life before Him.”


Joseph enjoyed looking at himself in a clear stream of water. He thought the coat’s many colors reflected its beauty in all directions.”


He dreamed of the future. In one dream, he saw the sun and moon, along with 11 stars, representing his father, mother and brothers, bowing down before him. In another dream, he dreamt that his brothers’ sheaves bowed down to his sheaves.


Joseph’s brothers were so jealous of Joseph they couldn’t stand to be around him. “He thinks he’s so high and mighty,” said one brother.


“Yes, that’s right,” agreed another brother. “He thinks he’s going to rule over us one day and even get the birthright! As far as I’m concerned, he’s just the baby of the family…and a spoiled one at that.”


Like many young people, Joseph didn’t realize when it was in his own best interests to zip his lips and not disclose the contents of his heart, so he took advantage of every opportunity to rub his favorite-son status in the eyes of his brothers. “Whether you like it or not, my destiny is to rule over you one day!,” he declared.


Joseph’s brothers fanned the flames of family discord. “You may be right,” said one of his brothers. “But only God Himself will ever bring something like that to pass.”


Joseph looked at his brothers and donned a crafty smile. “Well, Joseph said knowingly, “He’s big enough to make it happen, and He won’t need even a little bit of help from me!”







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