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Grandfather, Grandson Make Big Plans

© 2012 Leon and his grandson, Leroy, were enjoying a weekend together at Leon’s cabin in the mountains. The night before they were scheduled to head back home, Leon asked Leroy, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Leroy replied, “Well, Grandpa, I’m thinking about working as a truck driver and using my job as an opportunity to see the world.” “You might be able to see most of America like that,” Leon stated. “But the entire world? I don’t know about that.” “I’ve got it all figured out,” Leroy smiled. “After I graduate from high school, I can enroll in one of those truck driving schools to learn how to drive a big rig, then get a job driving a truck. Before long, I will have seen the whole country. “And the days I’m home, I’ll study foreign languages on the Internet. Then I’ll live overseas for a few years, driving the big rigs in those countries. I think I’ll be able to see many nations that way.” “I’ll say one thing for you,” Leon remarked. “You have so much enthusiasm that I think you just might be able to pull it off.” “Thanks, Grandpa, but being a truck driver is not the only thing I want to do with my life,” said Leroy. “After I retire from my truck driving career, I want to spend the rest of my life as a missionary, traveling around the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s after I go to Bible college.” “I’m glad you’re starting you life with so much excitement for the Lord,” Leon said. “I didn’t even ask Jesus to come into my heart until I was a grownup. If I could go back and do it all over again, I’d ask the Lord to come into my heart when I was just a little boy.” “I have an idea, Grandpa,” Leroy said. “When I start driving a truck, you can ride along with me. And you can join me when I begin my work as a missionary, and we can travel around the world together.” “I appreciate the offer, Leroy,” said his grandfather. “But won’t I be getting a bit old by then? “What are you talking about?,” Leroy shot back. “Abraham’s name was still Abram when God called him at age 75. He was about 100 years old when his son, Isaac, was born.” “I guess you’re right,“ Leon said. “In the early chapters of the Bible, some of those guys lived to be several hundred years old. I’ll only be 70 years old when you graduate from high school, so I think I’ll still be a pretty young man. But no matter how old I get, I’ll always be young at heart.” “Thanks, Grandfather,” said Leroy. “I knew I could count on you!” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements (including Christian Comedy Fundraisers) and/or puppet ministry, email [email protected].

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