The Flock | By: Dorsey Baker | | Category: Short Story - Teen Bookmark and Share

The Flock

Suzie is such a fine and well developed girl, she gets more than her fair share of attention! When she shows up for class, she is the center of attention!  As she walks down the long hallway to class, boys will purposely bump into her, hoping she will give them notice!

When she walks the long walk across the school yard to her next class, she get those nasty wolf whistles, both in front of her  and behind her back!

These boys can't keep from lusting after her;after all,"boys will be boys, you know!"

Suzie has now become aware of how to manipulate the male ego!

When she calls them, they come running with their tongues hanging out!

Suzie is bored with them now, but they won't stop running after her!

They're all trying to charm themselves into becoming her next boyfriend!

But Suzie is so smart  and manipulative!

She's thinking in her shallow mind,"Who will become my next boyfriend?  The first boy who has courage enough to break away from the flock!"

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