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Tish 3


BOOK ONE Chapter Three

Tish Learns to Handle Temptation.

In the following days and weeks, Tish made many more wishes. Some were good ones, but many were bad ones. I will tell you of one particular wish she made…

After kissing and hugging Mamma, Tish fell fast asleep, and dreamed of the young, would-be Butler. He was chasing Nuns wearing various-coloured huge bloomers. In his hands was a large bowl of tomato soup. He had two left feet, and kept tripping over, spilling the soup on the Nuns. Each time he did so, the Nun’s bloomers turned bright red.

The maid Mary woke Tish from her dreaming. and smiled at her saying, “Goodness Miss Tish, you really were sound asleep. Here is your hot chocolate. You be drinking that, and I will get your clothes ready, and run a bath. Your Mamma said your hair needed a good wash today.”

Tish stretched and rubbed her eyes, then reached for her drink. “Thank you Mary. Do I have to have a bath?”

“Fraid so Missy. You don’t want me to get in trouble with your Mamma do you?” Tish shook her head. “I suppose I had better have one. Have you seen my Pussycat?”

Mary nodded, “I gave him his saucer of double cream before I brought your drink Missy.”

Tish finished her drink and popped to the loo smiling. She just had a great idea. She new just what her first wish was going to be that day.

Having washed her hands and brushed her teeth, she turned to face the West, and lifted her nightdress to bare her Silver Belly Button. Holding her bottom tight – in case it fell off – she twisted her Silver Belly Button one full turn to the Right, saying,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time. I wish that every day from now on I will have six big lollipops in my bedside cupboard draw.”

Absolutely in an instant, there were six large lollipops appeared in her bedside cupboard draw. Of course Tish could not see them – as she was in her toilet – but she just knew they would be there.

Well, day after day the lollipops appeared. Day after day, Tish ate them: One before breakfast, two at Convent School, one as soon as she got home, one after dinner, and one before she went to sleep.

Mamma had always told her that too many sweets were bad for little children, and grown-ups as well. She always said Tish should brush her teeth last thing at night, but Tish thought a few lollipops wouldn’t matter. Anyway, she only ate one lollipop in bed, after cleaning her teeth.

It was quite a few weeks later, as Mary was giving Tish a bath that she said, “I do declare Miss Tish, you are getting quite plump.”

Tish looked in the mirror later, and sure enough, her tummy had grown quite big. She drew a breath and held her tummy in. It didn’t seem too bad to her then. She suddenly remembered it was time for one of her lollipops, and went off to get one.

Not many days later, Mary had great difficulty in getting Tish’s school dress on. She stepped back and had a good look, saying, “Really Miss Tish, I will have to see Mamma about you getting some larger-size clothes. You have completely grown out of these."

That afternoon after school, the chauffeur took Tish and Mary into town to get a whole new set of clothes.

Tish was ever so pleased when Mary let her chose two nice new nightdresses with large roses on. Mary also let Tish have some pretty pink panties – to wear when not at school. Tish felt very grown up.

At last, one of the days Tish had been longing for arrived – Her sixth birthday. She was so excited when she woke that morning that she almost forgot to eat her first lollipop. Mary woke her, and wished her a Happy Birthday, and gave her a big kiss.

“You really are a lucky young girl Miss Tish. I just collect the letters from the postman and you had lots more than even your Papa gets today. I also saw a really big heap of parcels in the drawing room. All addressed to you.”

Mamma and Papa greeted Tish with extra big hugs when she went down for breakfast, and told her that she had simply heaps of presents. She would be able to open them all at her Birthday Party that afternoon, and thank the people that had given them.

Tish was just so excited. She rushed into the drawing room and drew in her breath. There on the carpet was a pile of parcels and packages of all shapes and sizes. Some were covered in brown paper and had lots of stamps on. Others were wrapped in pretty-coloured paper, and tied with coloured ribbons.

She picked one after the other up: Feeling the weight, and shaking them, trying to guess what they contained. Gosh, she was looking forward to her party, so she could open them all. She could almost taste the scrumptious jellies and ice-cream, and other goodies she would have to eat.

The very thought of it all made her mouth water so much she simply had to get another lollipop. Dashing up to her room, she pulled open the draw, and grabbed a lollipop. Tearing the paper off, she gave it just the biggest suck – and simply screamed in pain.

Mary came rushing into the room, quickly followed by Mamma. Even Papa came rushing in, breathing quite heavily. It took only moments to realise that Tish was suffering from very bad toothache.

Of course, Tish could not go to school – She was in far too much pain. Mamma had Mary telephone the dentist for an immediate appointment. The Chauffeur was summoned and ordered to be on immediate standby.

The Butler produced some cloves, and had Tish pop them in her mouth, to rest them near the pain. The cloves tasted horrible to Tish, and made her mouth tingly and numb – but they did help ease the pain.

Luckily for Tish, her Papa was very important, so the dentist agreed to see Tish right away. It was only a few minutes drive, and the Chauffeur drove quickly and carefully. Soon Tish was sat in the Dental chair.

The dentist lowered the chair so Tish lay almost horizontal. A nurse held one of Tish’s hands; Mary held the other to re-assure her. Pulling a large light down to shine into Tish’s mouth, the dentist asked her to open wide. Using a small mirror on a thin handle, and a thin metal prod, he examined the teeth inside.

Another young lady in a white overall stood to one side. She held a card and pencil. The dentist spoke as he checked, and this lady wrote and made marks on the card.

“Upper three, root cavity. Upper four, cavity left. Upper seven extract. Lower six, extract. Lower seven and eight, cavities.”

He moved back a little and spoke to Tish. “Well, the news is not very good, my dear. I am afraid you need quite a little work on your teeth. Unfortunately, two will need to be removed. The others with cavities, I shall be able to drill out and fill. I think the best thing is to remove the nasty ones causing you all the pain, right away. I will put temporary fillings in the others. You can come back to have the work on those completed later.”

He looked at Mary, “To be honest Miss, this is one of the worst instances of tooth decay I have ever seen in a child this age. I will have to speak to her father and see he checks her diet, and ensures she brushes her teeth correctly. I will just give her a couple of injections, and then remove the two I can’t save.”

He went over to a table at the far corner of the room, and produced a syringe, and fitted a long thin needle to it, from a packet. He then pushed the needle into a small bottle, and drew liquid into the syringe, until it was almost full. Tish looked on in dread.

Then the dentist approached her, holding the syringe rather menacingly. “Just open wide dear, you will feel just a tiny prick, then your mouth will go quite numb, and I can pop those nasty teeth out without you feeling a thing.”

Tish tensed herself, and gripped the nurse and Mary’s hands tightly. Mary used her other hand to pat Tish and tell her it was all right, and soon all the pain would be gone. Tish was not so sure. She stared in horror as the dentist moved the long needle to her mouth.

Well, even some grown-ups are scared of visiting the dentist. Fortunately for us – and Tish too – It is just the thought of it that is the hard part.

Tish felt the dentist opening her mouth even wider. Gosh, she was scared. Her legs started to shake, and she gripped Mary as tight as she could. At that moment, she felt a tiny prick from the needle, and could feel some of the liquid squirting from the syringe. For a short moment she tasted the liquid, then her mouth felt all fat, and numb.

She knew the dentist was pushing the needle right into her gum now. She wanted to scream, and waited for the pain – but there was none. Even when the dentist pulled the needle out and made two more jabs into her gum, there was no pain. She could feel the needle going in – but there was no pain at all.

Tish realised she was sweating and felt cold. The dentist stood back, and rubbed her gum with one finger, saying to Tish, “I must say, you were very brave young lady. That was nowhere near as bad as you thought, was it?”

Tish tried to answer, but her mouth felt all funny and fat. She had to blink because one eye was watering. The nurse got a glass with some warm water in it, and dropped a pink tablet into it. The water went all pink and fizzy.

She placed a white cloth under Tish’s chin. “Take a sip of this dear, and rinse your mouth out. You can spit it out in here.” She swung a small metal bowl on a stand, so Tish could reach it easily. Tish leaned forward to get the glass, and took a sip. It was quite difficult because she couldn’t feel her lip. As she got some in her mouth, it tasted rather pleasant. She wasn’t sure what it reminded her of.

Managing to swill it around a bit, she leaned and spit it into the bowl. She heard a gurgle, and what she spit out was sucked down a little drain hole in the bottom of the bowl. It left her a bit messy, because she couldn’t spit it all out, so the nurse carefully wiped Tish’s face and chin.

Next, the dentist wheeled a tray full of all sorts of metal prods and pliers and things, up to Tish’s side.

Tish had just started to feel calm again, but all her fears returned as the dentist picked up a rather large, and odd shaped pair of pliers. He moved towards her. She gripped Mary tight again.

The nurse put a tube into Tish’s mouth. It was curved at the top, and she hung it on Tish’s lip. It made a slurping sound inside Tish’s mouth. The nurse smiled. “That is a little suction pump dear. It sucks any spittle out of the way, so the dentist can see your teeth properly. It won’t hurt you at all.”

Now the dentist took over: “Open wide again dear. You will be very surprised, because you will feel me pushing a little, but there will be no pain whatsoever – I promise. Let me show what I mean.”

Tish dare not look as he move the pliers forward. She felt his knuckle against the side of her mouth and then it felt like he was pushing her bottom jaw down a bit. She tensed, waiting for the pain that never came.

“If you listen very carefully dear, you may hear a tiny crack.” As the dentist said that, Tish heard a sort of small crunch noise. Next moment the dentist was showing Tish the bad tooth he was holding gripped in the pliers. He let it drop into a metal tray.

“That was the big one. One small one and we are finished.” No sooner said than done. Tish never heard or felt the second one come out. The nurse took the little suction thing from Tish’s mouth, and got her to have another rinse.

Next, the dentist had to do a bit of drilling on some of Tish’s teeth. The drill was very tiny. It made a rather nasty whirring noise. It quite scared Tish again. She needn’t have worried. There was no pain.

Having finished drilling, Tish rinsed out, then the dentist put some paste into the holes in the teeth, using a thin metal rod with a flat end.

Another quick rinse, and the dentist sat Tish up again. “Well that’s all for today my brave girl. Come back next week and I will replace those temporary fillings with permanent ones.”

Mary grabbed Tish and gave her a really big hug. In just a few minutes, they were back home, and Mary was explaining everything to Mamma.

Of course that was the end of any party for Tish, though all the other children had a wonderful time, Tish certainly didn’t feel like eating anything. She did open her presents and thank everyone – even if she did talk a bit funny, as her mouth was still partly numb.

Tish went to bed early. As soon as she got undressed, she went to her bathroom. Turning to face the West, and holding her bottom tight – in case it fell off – she twisted her Silver Belly Button one full turn to the Right, saying,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time. I wish that every day from now on I will never have any lollipops in my bedside cupboard draw…

So you see children, Tish learned her lesson. Visiting the dentist isn’t that bad after all. Though if you look after your teeth – and don’t eat lots of sweets, you may never have to go to the dentist - apart from check-ups. You won’t get over fat either…

Tish’s adventures continue in

Chapter 4 - Tish Starts Flashing and gets a Fix.

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