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Tish 2


BOOK ONE Chapter Two Fun at School and Home.

On Tish’s second day at Convent school, the morning went quite well. Only one of the girls persisted in being horrid to her. Tish decided she was going to make that girl pay, and waited her chance to use her new, magic Silver Tummy Button.

Tish got her chance during the Physical Education lesson…

All the girls had changed into vests and gym shorts. Some warm-up exercises came first, then Sister Teresa – the Nun in charge of the lesson - formed the girls into two teams to play handball.

Right throughout the game, Esmarelda – the horrid one that kept teasing Tish – was best at simply EVERYTHING. Worse than that, she kept poking Tish and teasing her even more. Taking her chance, Tish worked her way to the back of gym, and quickly lifted her vest to bare her magic Tummy Button, and then faced the West. Hurriedly twisting her Silver Tummy Button one full turn to the right, she whispered,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.” - At the very last moment she remembered to hold her bottom in place – just in case it fell off - and continued to whisper, “I wish for the rest of the lesson Esmarelda has two left feet, and nobody notices.”

In absolutely an instant, Esmarelda – who was just about to score again – fell over. She started to get up, and slipped over again. Finally, getting to her feet, she was just in time to intercept an easy pass – and fell over once more.

Tish quickly tucked her vest in, and joined in the game. The longer the game went on, the worse Esmarelda seemed to get. Soon all the rest of her team were moaning about her.

The trouble was that we all tend to use just one foot to start running, or jumping, or getting our balance. With Esmarelda having two LEFT feet, everything was going wrong for her. Whatever she tried, either, neither foot moved, or they both tried to move together.

Her team had been winning easily at first, but they ended up being heavily defeated. Esmarelda was held responsible. The rest of her team wouldn’t speak to her, and Tish’s team laughed at her non-stop. By the end of the session, Esmarelda was in tears: Even the Nun had gotten annoyed at her.

When the girls went to get a shower, Tish walked up to Esmarelda and said; “Now you know what it is like to be teased, and get upset. You will be all right again in a few minutes - but if you ever tease anybody again, I will turn you into a toad.”

Esmarelda knew something very strange had happened to her. She also saw the strange look in Tish’s eye. She wasn’t quite sure why, but Esmarelda was suddenly very afraid of Tish – she promised never to tease anybody again.

Tish was just enjoying her shower, and feeling very smug with herself when the Nun called out to her. “Ticianita, what ARE you doing wearing jewellery in your navel? You KNOW the wearing of jewellery in school is against the rules. Remove it immediately.”

Tish was dumbstruck. What could she do? If she removed it, it would take more than three full turns – Heavens knew what would happen then? Worse than that – At the very least her bottom would fall off! She thought as hard as she could.

“Did you hear me Ticianita? Right this minute.” The Nun was quite angry.

In desperation, Tish grabbed her bottom with one hand, turned to the West, grabbed her Silver Tummy Button, started turning it to the right, and wished as fast as she could.

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time. I wish that Sister Teresa would hang upside down on the ceiling.”

In absolutely an instant, the Nun was hanging upside down from the ceiling, in a most embarrassing and undignified manner. Her long black habit, which usually covered her from head to foot, had dropped down over her head: There on full display were her wildly kicking legs. And worse than that – the largest pair of red knickers you will EVER see. She was screaming for someone to get her down.

The girls stopped their showering to gaze in absolute wonderment at first. Then one after the other, started to laugh at the sight of Sister Teresa’s red bloomers. The noise brought the Mother Superior into the gym. Seeing what the children were looking at, she cried out in the loudest voice any of the children had EVER heard her use. “Come down from there this instant Sister. Have you lost use of all your senses?”

Sister Teresa replied almost as loudly, “I would if I could – but I can’t. Please get someone to help me.”

The Mother Superior stared for a moment totally at a loss. She was convinced it must be the work of the Devil himself. Then she remembered the girls: “Come along ladies, get dressed as fast as you can, and wait in the Assembly Hall.” With that, she strode to her office and phoned the Fire Department.

It seemed just moments before – with a loud wailing of sirens – two large fire engines appeared outside the school gymnasium. Suddenly there were firemen with hosepipes and ladders EVERYWHERE.

Well, the next hour was the most embarrassing one the Convent and Nuns had ever experienced. You can just imagine the fun the firemen had getting the struggling Sister Teresa down, as she tried to hide her red bloomers. Once they even threatened to use a hosepipe to wash her off the ceiling. Sister Teresa screamed in panic at the thought.

Eventually they got her down, and stood her right side up. It was all too much for Sister Teresa, and finally she weed her panties. Worse than that, the Chief Fire Officer had videoed the whole incident. Luckily for Tish, everyone had forgotten about her Silver Tummy Button…

When Tish got home that afternoon, she still had one wish for the day left. She was not sure how to use it at first, but it was not long before she knew EXACTLY what she was going to use it for.

She had only been home a short while when Papa and Mamma had to interview the final two candidates for the position of new Butler. The two men were questioned in turn, and then – as it was time for dinner - they were both required to show their skills.

One of the men was a very old-fashioned English butler – both in manner and action. He seemed much too old to Tish. The other man was much younger, and very handsome.

Tish could not help noticing the glances that passed between him and the new maid - Mary. Tish was still quite young, but had seen those very same glances between the other butler and maid - not long before they ran off together. Worse than that – she saw the glances between him and Mamma!

Tish knew EXACTLY what to do. She had no intensions of having Mary run off with the Butler – or Mamma running off with him either. She told Mamma she was popping to the bathroom.

In there, she turned to the West and bared her tummy. Holding tight to her bottom with one hand – just in case it fell off - she started twisting her Silver Tummy Button one full turn to the right, saying,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time. I wish the young Butler to make every mistake, so the older man gets the job.”

In absolutely an instant, there was a loud clatter from the kitchen. The young Butler had been carrying in the roast beef. He tripped over, and the whole lot went on to the floor.

Everyone agreed that anyone can make a mistake, and while Cook was sorting things out, the older gentleman took out the vegetable dishes, and placed them expertly on the table. The younger man took out the gravy tureen, tripped over AGAIN, and poured the gravy down Tish’s Papa’s neck.

Well that did it of course. Papa instantly hired the older gentleman. As the younger one departed, Tish saw Mamma and Mary give just the tiniest of sighs.

As Mary tucked Tish in bed that night, Tish reached and gave her a an extra big kiss. When Mamma came in, she gave her an extra kiss and hug too, saying, “Did Papa choose the right Butler, do you think Mamma?

Mamma gave a tiny sigh, then smiled and said, “But of COURSE he did darling.” She hugged Tish to her adding, “If it had been left to me, I would probably have made a silly mistake. That OTHER young man has a lot to learn.”

Sat in his basket in the corner, Tish’s kitten pretended to be asleep. When Mamma, left the room, Kitty stretched his paws, and in one quick bound landed on the bed. Tish placed an arm round him, and in no time at all, both were sound asleep.

Tish dreamed some especially happy dreams that night – Kitty just dreamed of sardines and custard…

Tish’s adventures continue in Chapter 3 - Too many Sweets, Means a Visit to the Dentist.

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