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When One Door Closes...

   Chloe got out of bed, drew back the curtains and saw rain lashing against the window. The last thing she felt like doing was going to work, so she refilled her hot water bottle and got back into bed.
   'Where were you yesterday?' her boss asked, when she did get into work.
   'Oh, I was ill.'
   'You've been ill a lot lately. It's not good enough.'
   Before he could say another word, she walked out of the shop, closing the door behind her. He was left speechless. She wasn't going to give him the chance to sack her.
   What was she going to do now, she thought, making her way home. She had to find another job. She had bills to pay. Then, she saw a sign outside a shop, asking for an assistant. It was a clothes shop and they had some decent stuff in the window. She eagerly went inside.
   'I've come about the vacancy,' she said to the lady behind the counter.
   'Have you got any experience, working in a clothes shop?'
   'Yeah, loads,' Chloe answered, knowing very well she hadn't. But the lady didn't seem to be too bothered if she had experience or not. She was desperate to find somebody.
   'Can you start now?'
   'Yeah, no problem. I'll just take my coat off. Where's the best place to hang it?'
   'The lady showed her to where she could hang her coat, then gave her a uniform to put on. She was relieved to find it fitted.
   She had a great day working in the shop. The lady was really pleasant and even made her a cup of tea. Chloe loved clothes and found it easy to catch on. it was a popular shop. Plenty came in. She also found out she was entitled to a discount on anything she bought. It was a lot better than working for that grumpy man at the hardware shop. She couldn't imagine him giving a discount. He was too mean, and he never once offered to make her a cup of tea.
   After finishing her first day, Chloe made her way home. She was excited, and she bought a jacket out of the shop. It was in a sale and she still got the discount on top of that. Was she glad she had walked out of the hardware shop. it must have been down to fate.
   Next morning, she got out of bed. The rain was even heavier, but she hadn't a care in the world. She had her new job to look forward to. She ate her breakfast, then set off.
   She arrived at the shop and made her way inside.
   'I won't be a minute,' she heard from the back of the shop.
   Chloe became confused. it wasn't the lady's voice she heard, but a man's. It seemed familiar.
'What the bloody hell are you doing here?' the man said to her when he came out from the back of the shop.
   It was only the grumpy man from the hardware shop. Chloe couldn't wait to get out of there. She headed for the door, but on the way out, the lady who owned the shop was making her way in.
   'Have you met my husband?' she said to Chloe.
   'Unfortunately, I have,' Chloe replied, hurrying out of the shop.

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