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Couple Has Guests for Colorful Dinner

Charlie was very proud of his wife Clarissa’s cooking. “She is the best cook in the world,” Charlie bragged to Chad, his best friend. “So what is Clarissa preparing for dinner this evening?,” asked Chad. “Let’s see,” Charlie chuckled. “We’re having spinach, peas, sliced cucumbers, green bean casserole and fried green tomatoes. And Clarissa has made some of her famous homemade vinegar to go with the spinach.” “Sounds like the two of you are going green with your dinners,” grinned Chad. “We are trying to eat healthier,” Charlie acknowledged. “Not everything at dinner will be green, though,” Clarissa smiled as she entered the room. “Clarissa’s right,” Charlie agreed. “I asked her to add some other colors, so we’re also having orange carrots and yellow squash.” “By the way, Chad,” said Clarissa. “I just spoke with your wife, Claire, and asked her if the two of you will eat dinner with Charlie and me this evening. She said that will be fine, and she will be here in a few moments.” “Great!,” exclaimed Chad. “I’m really looking forward to seeing such a colorful feast.” Claire arrived within just a few minutes, and the foursome sat down to enjoy their dinner. Charlie asked Chad to pray the blessing over the meal. Chad prayed, “Dear Lord, thank you for this meal we are sharing. Bless this food to nourish our bodies, and bless our bodies to your service. Help us to always glorify you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” “This is such a colorful, delicious meal,” Claire told Clarissa. “Thanks again for inviting Chad and me for dinner.” “You’re very welcome, Claire,” said Clarissa. “We’re glad you could come.” Clarissa continued, “Since we’re finished with the main part of the meal, it’s time for dessert.” “What is tonight’s dessert?,” asked Claire. “It’s my own shortcake combo,” Claire smiled as she went to get the dessert. “It’s topped with lots of fresh, sweet strawberries and peaches.” “Why both strawberries and peaches?,” asked Claire. “Strawberries are red and peaches are yellow,” replied Clarissa. “And since we were having so much green with only a little orange and yellow for dinner, I felt we needed a little more color added to the menu.” Claire took a huge bite out of her shortcake combo. “These are the best-tasting colors of the evening!,” she bragged. “Definitely the best-tasting colors of the evening!” Charlie rose from his seat, leaned over and kissed his wife lovingly on the lips. “The dessert was great!,” he acknowledged. “But the kiss was even better than the shortcake.” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements (including fundraisers) and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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