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Sweet Revenge

   Emily kept looking at her watch. Where had that bus got to? She had had enough of waiting and started walking.
   'Do you want a lift?' she heard, as a car drew up close to her.
   She looked at the driver.
   'No, thanks. I haven't got far to go.'
   'Why were you waiting for the bus, then, if you haven't got far to go?'
   She never answered. She just kept walking towards her friend Chloe's house.
   'Where have you been till now?' Chloe asked, staring at the clock.
   'Oh, it was that bloody bus. It didn't turn up, so I walked it. Oh, guess who offered me a lift after I had left the bus stop?'
   'No, who?'
   'Only, Ben. I certainly wasn't taking a lift from him.'
   'I'm not surprised after the way he treated you.'
   Until recently, Emily had been going out with Ben, but he wasn't the easiest of people to get on with. He was a bit too self-centred for her liking. Then someone told her that he'd been seeing another girl, called Emma, who she was in school with, although he denied it at the time.
   After leaving Chloe's, she decided to walk home and not rely on the bus, but did she have a surprise making her way.
   'Still not talking?' Ben asked, leaning out of the car window.
   'What do you think?'
   'So, you don't fancy coming out with me tonight, then?'
   Surprisingly, Emily found herself saying yes. What was she thinking of?
   Later, she met him in town. She found herself having a nice evening. Maybe he wasn't that bad after all.
   When the Saturday came she was to meet him in town again. He never showed, and on her way home she saw him sitting in a cafe with Emma - the girl he had been seeing when he was supposed to be going out with her.
   Later that night, he called at her house.
   'Oh, Emily, I'm so sorry for not turning up this afternoon. My mum was ill. I had to take her to the hospital.'
   'Oh, it's OK, I understand,' she said to him. 'We can go out another time.'
   Going back inside the house, she didn't believe a word he said. She was going to get her own back on him. She knew where Emma worked, and she had an idea she didn't know that he'd also been seeing Emily.
   'You what?' Emma said, when Emily told her that he had been two-timing the both of them.
   That night, Emily was to meet Ben outside the cinema, but it wasn't Emily who was waiting when he arrived.
   'What the bloody hell have you been up to?' Emma asked him.
   'I haven't been up to anything,' he replied with a guilty look.
   'Yes, you have,' Emily said as she approached. You are a two-timing rat.'
   He couldn't wait to get away. They laughed as he scuttled off. They then went inside the cinema to watch the film. Emily had got exactly what she wanted - revenge!

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