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Lydia PART I Lydia was born on the poor side of town.She was the fifth child to be born into her family.Her mother cried at her birth.She though Lydia was the uglyist,most hidous creature that she had ever seen. She never stopped thinking this.She never loved Lydia.Lydia is what went wrong in her life. Lydia knew this even as a young child. The only person she truely loved by was her Papa Joe. Papa Joe was not her biological father.But he was the only father she had ever known. She never ever thought he would let her down until one day..... Joe Thomslson,or Papa Joe, as lydia liked to call him, was a big burly man with broad shoulders.He had sandy blond curly hair,and big blue eyes that danced like waves across the ocean.And,at six foot two it was easy to see why Lydia's mother had fell in love with him.. .

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