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Just The Ticket

Kelly got up and walked out of the pub. She couldn't take any more.
   'Hey, Kelly, what's wrong?' Jack asked, after running after her.
   'Get lost, Jack, I've had enough. You left me on my own. You were more interested in talking your friends than you were talking to me.'
   'I'm sorry. I didn't realize. Are you coming back inside?'
   She didn't answer. She ignored him and carried on walking. Next morning, he was waiting for her outside the factory where she worked.
   'What do want?' she asked when she saw him.
   'Fancy coming out tonight?'
   'No, I'm washing my hair.'
   'What, all night?'
   'Get lost, Jack. it's over. Get used to it.'
   Jack felt dejected. He didn't want to get used to it. He wanted her back and he had an idea how he was going to do it.
   Later, he was again outside the factory, waiting for her to finish her shift.
   'Now what do you want?' she asked after making her way out.
   'Still staying in to wash your hair tonight, then?'
   'What do you think?'
   'So, you wont be interested in what I've got?' he said, holding up a pair of tickets.
   Kelly stared at the tickets, but before she could take a closer look he walked away.
   On her way home, all she could think of was that the tickets where for a band he knew she desperately wanted to go and see. She couldn't think where else they would be for, but why did he walk off after holding them up to show her? There was only one way she was going to find out.
   After having her tea, she got ready to make her way to venue where the band were playing. She just hoped Jack would be outside waiting. When she got there. Sure enough, he was.
   'You, all right, Kelly?' he asked, as she approached.
   'Yeah, I'm fine,' she answered. Are are we going inside then?'
   'Inside where?'
   'Inside here, of course, to see the band.'
   'Oh, I couldn't' get tickets. They'd sold out.'
   'So where are the tickets you showed me earlier for?'
   'There,' said Jack, pointing to the other side of the road.
   'But you know I don't like motor bikes,' Kelly replied, looking over towards the speedway stadium.
'Suit yourself,' Jack said before making his way over.
Kelly soon caught up with him. 'Maybe I could get used to them,' she said, linking his arm.
Jack couldn't help but smile to himself as they continued walking.

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