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Mice Overhear Conversation About Heaven





One Sunday evening, Pastor George preached a sermon about the return of Jesus Christ.


“Is your heart right with God?,” the preacher thundered. “Jesus could come back at any time, so don’t take any chances with your eternal destination. You have heaven to gain and hell to shun.”


After the service, Gertrude and her husband, Gerald, discussed the subject of Jesus’ return. “Pastor George preached a great message, didn’t he, Honey?,” Gerald asked his wife.

“He certainly did, Sweetheart,” Gertrude replied. “I wish everyone would realize how important it is to give their hearts and lives to the Lord.”


“I know I’ll be glad when the Lord returns,” Gertrude replied. “It will be so nice living in our heavenly mansions, because I know there won’t be any mice living up there.”


“Yes,” Gerald agreed. “I’ve noticed that we’ve got a couple of the little critters living in our home again. And I believe they think we’re going to allow them to live here permanently.”


“We need to set out some new traps,” said Gertrude.

“I’ll do that in a few minutes,” said Gerald. “And I’m going to double bait them. I’m going to put both peanut butter and cheese in each trap to make their visits to the traps irresistible.”


“I wonder where they are tonight,” said Gertrude. “Usually by this time of night, they are running around all over the place, acting like they live here.”


Georgette and Gavin, the two mice, were eavesdropping on the humans’ conversation from underneath the sofa. The mice suddenly ran across the living room floor, chuckling as they ran.


“Gerald said something about cheese,” grinned Gavin. “Cheese is my favorite food. It has such a wonderful texture.”


“And Gertrude mentioned peanut butter, my favorite,” smiled Georgette. “I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about peanut butter.”


“Maybe they were kidding about the traps,” said Gavin. “After all, for humans they seem like such likeable creatures.”


“Oh, take my word for it, Darling,” chattered Georgette. “Most humans want nothing to do with us rodents. And I just don’t understand it. You’d think we were carrying some sort of disease or something.”


“Something else bothers me,” said Gavin. “These mansions in heaven they were talking about. The humans seemed to be so happy they are going to live there, because they said there would be no mice there. Heaven sounds like a nice place, but if mice aren’t allowed to live there, I would never want to go…not even for a short visit! I wonder what is the alternative to heaven?”



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