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a school girl

A new comer girl to school.she is aishu.she is smart and cute.she is friendly.she had a best friends.Her friends are sportplayer and artist. the are anu and vasini.vasini's friend sita and rita dislike aishu.sita is vey bad girl. they said vasini to cut aishu's friendship.vasini cut their friendship.vasini and aishu become best friends.anu and rita are friends.anu made aishu and rita as friends.this was disliked by vasini.vasini doubted that aishu was cheating her.so she keep distance with aishu.aishu realized and asked to vasini. vasini said that i hate you,you are cheating me,i don't want your friendship.aishu cried and she does not talk with vasini.after some days sita ,rita and vasini become friends.sita dislike aishu. so she lied bad about aishu to vasini. now vasini become bad.sita and vasini are teasing aishu . aishu can't believe the changing of vasini.so she cried and changed to another school. she is very sad and daily crying about vasini friendship.


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