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The truth

"Avery! Its time to get up" Ms.Smith (her mother) called. Avery, her mom and her little sister Sami, just moved to California. Avery dosn't know any one here. Avery gets out of bed. Avery scracthed her long sandy brown hair and yawned. She stomped over to her closet. All there was was a blue shirt with black stripes and a brown jakcet. Avery picked the shirt and went over to her cloths box and pulled out a pair of jeans and put them on. She went downstares and joined everyone for breakfast. "Morning!" Sami beemed. Avery plumped in her chair. "Avery, you could be a little excited to be the new kid at school!" Ms. Smith said. Avery didn't want to though. "Why? Its not like i'm going to know any one there" Avery mumbled. "You'll know me!" Sami smiled. Avery grabed the cererl box and helped herself. She poured the milk and munched away. After breakfast and a long talk, Avery and Sami and Ms. Smith went to the car.

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