YOU AND AUNTIE'S DOG. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


You took the dog for a walk
across the grass out of your

auntie’s sight and wandered
about the barracks looking

through window by standing
on steps or pulling yourself

up by fingertips on windowsills
peering through the windows

spying on the regiment for
some inward game and the

dog sat watching you wagging
its tail its pink tongue hanging

out in the hot summer weather
and once you and the dog crawled

under a gate and you pulled
yourself up by the fingertips

on a windowsill and saw through
an open window soldiers

sitting at desks before a large
blackboard being talked to by

a NCO and who spotting you
bellowed out WHO THE FUCK'S

THAT! and you jumped down
and ran the dog beating you to

the gate and under as you being
less agile got stuck as the NCO

came running up and pulled you
out and up and said Right Sonny

I suggest you get yourself back
to barracks before I tell your

parents what a bad lad you've
been and then he opened the gate

and off you ran the dog running
beside you its tongue out in a self

satisfied way and you thinking what
a bad end to a could have been fun day. 

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