What Might've Been So Long Ago | By: mikael | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share

What Might've Been So Long Ago

What might've been so long ago

My mind could never know;

I fair collect the days to me,

In haste the hours flee....

   then a moment stranded

   upon my mind, is granted

   a stay in Memory--


Find I then a lost reflect?

Or is it but a speck

Of tainted 'morrows ill-untold,

A vacuum of the soul?

   Then a thought landed

   and from my soul expanded

   what should've been so long ago--


Flee, my thoughts, fly!

Lead me to how, not why

The whims of deepened flow

Persist upon my soul--

   Then the memory handed,

   as it reprimanded,

   what could've been so long ago--


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