Burst | By: Elizabeth Jean Maloof | | Category: Poem - Dark Bookmark and Share


I can't look into your eyes anymore
The pain inside consumes me
I want to cry out and howl at the moon
Clawing myself out of the rabbit hole
The tiny branch of hope I have is breaking
And I pray the light above isn't a train
The pressure in my head is about to burst
My chest is tight but I can't find the scream
That would release me from this undying nightmare
Pinch myself to wake up and find Im alive
I hunger to run away not to look back
Get away from reality and the haunting nightmare
Take away these thoughts that plague me
There never will be something better around the corner
It will always be just around that next corner
And these thoughts do nothing for me
I can't survive these conflicting dreams
Can I be the kid in the cornor again
Ignorant but free from the pain
So tired of surviving
I'd cry and scream if I had the time
And let down this mask
I'm the queens fool you will never see me down
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