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making cookies

Once a upon a time there was a elf that went to her grandmas' house and asked her grandma if they could make cookies together but her grandma said we could but I do not have any cookie mix. Why don't we go out and buy some grandma said the elf named samantha.  Ok said her grandma. First they went to penelipies shop to find cookie mix but they had nothing to make cookies with and samantha said grandma they do not have any cookie mix while weeping. Next they went to Miss. Pennywells shop. All Miss Pennywell had was flour and that  is all Miss. Pennywell had. Last but not least they went to Miss. Pickle nickle. And Miss.Pickle Nickle had was chocolate chips,butter and eggs. The last thing they needed was suger. But they did not have any.So they went to ther nabors house and his name was albert and he did have suger. And he gave them some suger for the cookies he said only if i get some cookies. Then they made the cookies and past them out to every one on the block.


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