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Some Cool Dudes

Some Cool Dudes Part 3
Today Oscar the mailman,had just delivered the woodrats their first visa card,and boy!were they excited.They couldn't get their cloths on fast enough.The woodrats wanted to be up and at the Animal Smart Shopp Mall about 12:00 sharp.When the woodrats reached the Animal Shopp Mall,they hurried,and each of the woodrats got a shopping cart,first the woodrats went into the clothing department,Enie had a cart, Menie had a cart,Miney had a cart,and Moe had a cart,and before the woodrats knew it,they had ran the carts over,the carts was so full,not another piece could fit into them.They bought everthing in the cloths department,ecept shoes,and that's because,they owned and managed their own shoe store,which is the JazzEwalker Boutique,which they sold the very hip JazzEwalkers with the three buttons on the side.So finally they had finish shopping,and then the woodrats went up to the check out counter,the cashier asked them,would it be cash or charge?And the woodrats with a big smile on their faces replied Charge IT!Since it was the Summertime,the woodrats thought they would buy a car together.So the woodrats went down to Linchburgh Motors,and pick out a car,the woodrats agreed on a Linchburgh Cooptaville,and when the woodrats got ready to purchase the car,the car salesman asked,would that be cash or charge?Charge IT replied the woodrats grinning from ear to ear,pulling out the Visa Card.After the woodrats purchase the car,Moe said he would take his turn and drive first.So when Moe got into the drivers seat,Moe realized the car was a stick shift,by that time Moe was in the middle of traffic,just scrapping the gears,and before Moe knew it,he had caused a traffic jam,and boy what a mash up that was.And soon the policeman came up to the car,and told the woodrats to move it along,so finally Moe got the car in gear,and they were on their way.The woodrats were so hot,because they had been sitting out in that 90 degree heat for over an hour,and sweat was pouring off them like water,and that's not the worst of it,Enie had develope a bad sunburn on the tip of his nose.Then all of a sudden the car choked down,and stopped again.Then Miney took the wheel,and to Moe's surprise,Miney could drive a stick shift,but the trouble with Miney he was driving to fast,and soon when Miney looked into the review mirror,the policeman were on their backpockets again.The policeman put on the sirien,but Miney didn't pay the sirien any attention, as a matter of fact,Miney started to drive faster,and faster and faster,and finally the other woodrats had got very scared,and nervous,finally Miney stopped,and the policeman wrote Miney a ticket,that reached clear down to the ground,and when Moe saw that ticket?Moe said guard.....lee!What a ticket!And then Miney got fighting mad with Moe,Miney told Moe to get out the car,and walk the rest of the way home.Moe was:
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