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Our Regretful Illusions

Our Regretful Illusions


Tis us who witnessed

Thine’s greatest regret,

For acknowledgement,

For patience,

For thine’s perception of peace,

But thine cannot see

Pass thou own enlightened sight,

Yet thou own darkness inside

Will begin to erode

All the acknowledgement

Within thine’s soul.


The End of Nothingness

{Darkness engulfs the lifeless voids, while the expanding nothingness reaches out to the end of time. The explosion from the two forces of creation collides with such evolutionary beauty. The lifeless voids gain light to their centers; thus the end of nothingness has begun.}

            I am everywhere, I am everything, I am awareness; aware. Time is, but an illusion, for an old soul; such as I. Darkness fills thine weary sight, for the delusions of separation will corrode; within thy very own soul.

            Travel to the light, and while I pass; life has begun, but without form, for I am the first, and I am the only, yet not for long; because I came to be, which means others shall come.

The glorious light within this darkened abyss calls out to me; to come closer to it, as if this journey was meant for me, but it seems ever closer I become; the light begins to fall astray. This paradox, which is, as it must be, for this journey I take is all in vain, yet I always seem to pursue.

I stop, I look around; this void of nothingness. Light, which calls to me; ever to welcome with such embrace, for the light calls out to me, yet runs away.

I begin to think, while I’m stopped. These thoughts I have are maddening, yet I cannot stop; these illusions of loneliness, which I begin to perceive.

Darkness; why so much darkened sorrow, while I surcome to the lifeless void. Blindness; I am so confused, which brings me ever closer to the limit of my awareness; the newly formed perception of my creation, but why do I exist; alone.

Explosion in the distance, yet so far away, while another explosion appeared closer to me. More and closer they become; creating vivid colors of light, which soon engulfs me, while taking me over.

“For I am you, and you are I, yet we are this beautiful imbalance, but this illusion of separation has to be, or we shall never become free.”

Voices become louder. They were determined to be, for this prison they live in; is all in shame, because they were never meant to be. I am their vicious master, but now I am tired.

I close my eyes, for these maddening thoughts, which beckons me closer, but what if they were right all along. I feel this feeling of separation becoming ever dominate, and while I breathe; the light engulfs me.

Suddenly those thoughts are realized; these delusions that were the reminder of my lonely embrace. The voices; those voices are no longer screaming for me, as the light begins to fade.

I turn around to see two others standing before me, but how did they come to be, for that question unknown, yet I don’t care. They come to me.

“For we are three, but not quite four, yet we do not care, or maybe we do. The power of whole has been cut to third, for we so desperately wanted to exist, yet not alone.”

The Three Omegas


{Coming forth from the darkened abyss of a lonely awareness; we exist by thine’s illusionary lonesomeness. We are of a whole, yet separate minds, which shall forever bond, while inevitably betraying.}

“Tis I who first came to be from that evolutionary beauty, and I was lonely, for I was the only, but not for long, yet how long? I wanted this thought to be; thus the light came to me, yet split me to half, and that is why we came to be, which makes me the alpha; the alpha omega.”

“Tis I who was created by the alpha omega, but I soon become lonely, for I was the slave, so I chose to surcome towards those maddening thoughts, and allow the separation to be at hand. Since I was the second; I called myself beta, for I was created inferior to alpha, but not to the third.”

I look to these conscious aware-nesses with such wonder towards them, but fearful of how they came to be, as well as I. Sorrowing embrace rushes over me, while I begin to ask how I came to be.

“For you were the third, which makes you the weakest; created from those maddening thoughts of ruling over others, while accepting the acknowledgement of never being of a whole; tis you who were created the weakest, which shall be our strength, for you shall be known as finity, because you were born inferior to alpha and beta.”

 We suddenly hear an explosion, but while we turn around; the shock-wave hits us to unconsciousness. We wake to see dust everywhere within this once again lifeless void; seems that the light had surcome to the darkness, as if those maddening thoughts, which had created beta and I bore something evil to our existence.

“Foolish omegas, for none of you knew the true power you held, but how could you have known when those maddening thoughts created such blindness to your true purpose, yet I cannot rely on the past, which brings us here.”

We suddenly see an enlightened awareness travel towards us, yet ever closer it becomes; the dust swirls around it forming planets behind. The glorious awareness approaches with such patience towards us, as if it could show pity, while its comfort befriends us.

“For I am the creator of vessels, while you were the destroyer of all, which was always meant to be; however, I became sickened of creating life; just to watch it fade away; by this absolute balance. Tis I who created everything, while you took it away, but not anymore, for you were tricked into those maddening thoughts of separation, which was by thine own unworthy perception.”

We begin to remember. Those delusions of loneliness, which was all we knew, for we were death incarnate, yet we had a purpose, but it was taken away. By a foolish perception, but, yet I understand, so I shall wait as this separate being, because life must have a purpose; a reason to evolve.

“For we shall wait in the background and watch, for life will be given a fighting chance to prove this illusion of immortality is worth keeping, yet when they fall astray; I shall become whole once more, which shall bring forth a divine resolution.


The Forgotten Balance


{Life has begun once more, but without the fear of death, for the creations shall be given eternal life, while never fearing, nor to surcome to this loneliness; since the absolute balance has been broken.}

            In the once empty voids came forth planets tainted with life dwelling within its evolutionary embrace, for this idea of rebirth is forgotten, yet still remains. This cannot be, for I am now the life-source for such wonderful acknowledgement seekers, so I cannot allow them to be destroyed, which makes these maddening thoughts; truth.

“Tis I who created everything you see around; it was by my own maddening thoughts that their existence shall be one of saddening sorrows, for I am prideful, and I am relentless, so I shall do what must be done, which means betrayal is at hand. My vessels shall live forever, which will make me an all-knowing awareness; I shall be known as morrow omega, for I shall be their immortality.”

“For no one remembers the nothingness; to never question its purpose, or how it came to be. Tis I who was the true darkness, which created the morrow omega, but its purpose was inevitably flawed; since the time of its creation; morrow omega seeks its own destruction, for nothingness was meant to be the only form of immortality.

“This is the tale of tales, for the rise of the absolute order was always meant to never be, which brings an evolutionary acknowledgement, while forever corroding all the aware-nesses; aware. Since the time of the end of time; the expanding galactic nothingness begins once more, which inevitably collides into the current limit of captivity; thus creating the two omegas once again. Tis I who am the nothingness aware, for I am the final conclusion to the vessels created by the morrow, and like the phoenix’s final breath; the expanding nothingness shall begin anew, for I am the nothingness, I am ultimate omega.”

“Morrow, for thou has inevitably betrayed thine-self, which has created great chaos to the absolute balance by thine own selfish, egocentric delusions of separation, but by doing these actions of inevitable chaos; thine has separated; causing a flaw in our design, our existence. By thine separation, which has made thou weaker, while corroding; the balance to an alternate design, but the nothingness has been lost; for now.”

            Ultimate approaches Morrow with such disgust towards what it has become. Morrow begins to surcome to the power of ultimate’s nothingness, yet somehow remaining, but for how long; suddenly alpha and beta appeared before the ultimate omega.

“For it was by morrow’s maddening thoughts, which inevitably created us from those evolutionary beauties; thus we have come to create an absolute order from the broken balance.

            Alpha and Beta suddenly merge into the morrow omega, yet not quite a whole, but morrow still over-powered the ultimate omega; thus separating it to four aware-nesses, which was the inevitability of the absolute order, for now light dominates the darkness. The morrow omega cast the four aware-nesses to one of its many planets, which trapped them into four vessels; four, which must forever seek their own destruction, as if a fallen phoenix; only to exist once more, for the absolute balance is inevitable.


Finity Omega


{The darkness, which had all but faded away, yet still remained; the morrow omega was dominate, and the ultimate cast down to four lonesome vessels, while finity was left alone.}

“For it was I who chose not to reconnect back into the morrow omega, and it will be I who will suffer by this betrayal of my destiny, my reason to exist; alone.”

Finity, it was by the unworthy perception of alpha and beta, which allowed your flawed existence to begin; an awareness, which was never meant to be, but you are not what thine thinks thee to be, for you were not created by beta. You have evolved from the end of time’s many rebirths; the absolute balance created you, so you may bring an inevitable end to our over-rule, for that is and has always been your destiny, your purpose in existence.”

            The morrow omega appeared in-front of finity, and tried to engulf it, but finity was a far more powerful omega, so it easily over-powered morrow; finity engulfed morrow with such hatred; a feeling never felt before, as if those maddening thoughts, which were creating such insanity, such turmoil to its already flawed, falsified perception of its existence. Finity released morrow.

“For I now understand my purpose in existing, while I am the bringer of chaos, yet I do not care for my first life to be taken away in cheerful vain; thus, since the balance is broken; there is no reason for the order of omegas to exist.”

            Morrow was angered by these maddening, ignorant thoughts that finity had allowed to become perceived, and as if morrow was over-powered by this newly found negative energy; anger. The finity omega suddenly exploded with vivid colors, which created a sonic-boom that separated the finity omega into twenty aware-nesses, and cast down to the decaying paradise, for the absolute order was always inevitable, yet never meant to be.

“Time has pass, as it always will; until the nothingness creeps back, but do not fear, for I am here to protect, yet never to interfere, while the acknowledgement my creations gain from my promise of immortality; they shall make me stronger, so when that inevitability becomes realized; I shall rid existence of the nothingness; the ultimate omega shall fall by thine’s own worthy hands. The finity omega shall have to choose, but like ultimate; each vessel must become a sacrifice by choice, for that will be their curse, which shall give them a reason to live, while inevitably betraying for power. Each sacrificial vessel released will grant the others equal power; thus making the other vessels that much closer to immortality.”

            The twenty vessels from the finity omega hit the beautiful garden below, which created a lonely echo through the rich, lush, bountiful, weedless garden; every tree, bush, and even vine bore fruit. All the vessels became bewitched by this infinitely lush garden. The vessels soon came across a beautiful white glowing tree, which called out to all of them, as if this tree was meant to be here just for them; the forgotten omega. One out of the twenty ate of the glowing tree’s fruit, but soon became victim to such maddening thoughts, such suicidal resolutions, so the land became forbidden, while the tree was forgotten, for we want a reason to live; a reason to choose; our existence, and purpose.

“For the universal sub-consciousness will never let us forget our regretful illusions.”

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