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Those Maddening Thoughts

Those Maddening Thoughts


“Darkness far from light which created everything you see around; the eternal being that was and has always been. For you were the one who cast me down upon this decaying paradise, and it was you who will regret my demise forced by thy own maddening thoughts. My power shall corrupt and ruin your flawed creation, your decaying paradise, which was never meant to be. I have come to cleanse existence, to mend which is and has always been broken.”

            Mecka looked upon that darkness inside the void of Ultimate Omega’s saddened eyes. A smile came forth on Mecka’s face as his soul fills with pride; his eyes burn with hatred towards the being, the bringer of nothingness, the final conclusion, the ultimate omega. His clinch tightens as his smile begins to fade, while his hands begin to decay; loosening his grip, his struggle for what life him, his minions, his grunts, and his peasants had. Their lives were far too valuable to him for that second in time; a paradox of his eternal existence; as if for that moment in time; he had reconnected to that memory he had long forgotten; as if that second in time lasted an eternity, while the ice sphere surrounds them; a smile appeared on Ultimate Omega’s emotionless face as if he knew that there was no stopping the inevitability of his existence. They looked into each other’s eyes, and if time had stopped just for them; their silence cut through the fine fabric of time, and their fight for existence had come to a cease, for the inevitability of the absolute balance will have to wait; for now.

“For it was us who created everything they see around; it was by our own maddening thoughts that their existence shall be one of saddening sorrows.”



Chapter 1: Delusions of Pleasure.


Good Renders Everyone’s Emotional Doom

            I was frozen in time; motionless silence; as if I were a statue, as if I couldn’t move for the fear of what may happen if I became fearful at this moment of time. How long could I delay the inevitable absolute balance from happening; as the single tear rolls down my cheek; the flashbacks begin once more. The memories that time as corrupted into delusions; nightmares far from the truth that had created those beautifully flawed creations, those acts of gods, those actions of inevitable chaos, those maddening thoughts. It was the distance too far from perception to be properly remembered from the time of its creation; the memory takes over like a flood of emotion rushing such perceptions to the awareness embraced.

“Such distance still gaining from your memory I seek.”

            Such beauty, such delightful embrace, such wonderful sights; all I could imagine, all I could ever want, all my needless desires; all in one place. The view is a delight to witness; such colors that comfort thine eyes, which draws me closer into it; as if a beautiful siren’s acapella drawing in wondering adventurers. I walk through the bountiful, flawless, lush, weedless garden; every tree, bush, and even vine bore fruit. The perfection of this place however is slowly sickening me; like a disease corrupting my very existence with each breath I take; why do I seek my own destruction?

“Mecka, what are you doing out here all by yourself?”

A nude pale skinned blue eyed man with long gorgeous black hair walks up to me.

“Nicin, I was just sitting here; I guess I just wanted to be alone.”

            Nicin begins to chuckle, then extends his big open hand to me; I place my petite hand into his comforting palm; he leads me like a mother would lead a child; further into the emptiness of this perfected world; this life that despises me so, this perception that I yearn to change into something more. Nicin leads me to an open field; long as far as the eyes could possibly see; while the rich soiled earth below grew every flower I could have ever imagined; colors that call out to my soul as it captures me into its magnificence. We start walking into this infinite flower garden; taking our time to take in all its glory.

The sudden breeze sways all the flowers; mixing the colors as if a child painting for the first time; the wind rushes past us causing a chill to travel up my spine, which gives me that second of ecstasy, that feeling which is my constant reminder of the emptiness of this place, this lonely paradise ruled by fools; like being trapped in a cage with an open door leading to nowhere, to no-one new; all the same faces, personalities, and their non-egotistical sub-consciousness, which is all that is known; like a law that must be obeyed; for if thine fall astray from its grace; thou shall subject to its wrathful wrack.

“Ha, ha, ha, such foolish perceptions that we must obey, for we must be happy living as pets; never to bite thy hand of our feeder.”

            Nicin calls out to me; he is ahead of me still walking; how long have I been standing here? Nicin calls out to me again as if I were his pet, as if I have to follow him, as if he is scared of being alone, as if he has to be with others to function within his own egotistical addiction. Nicin walks up to me, but as he approaches the wind began to suddenly blow sending chills up my spine, and for that brief second of ecstasy that I despise so; I wonder who this stranger is walking up to me, I wonder why he looks angry, I wonder what I did wrong. I suddenly snap back to reality, or what I like to call reality. Nicin stands before me, and extends his open palm; I do nothing but look upwards to the towering giant with his huge gentle hand welcoming me to his comforting embrace.

I slowly place my hand in his palm; he clinches my hand, he will not let go again. How can I welcome his embrace when his egocentric pride pushes me away? I simply let my arm go limp and allow him to lead me astray from where I first wanted to go, I suddenly realize that we are going to the one place I never wanted to go to again. Nicin stops then suddenly lowers his arm gripping onto my hand; forcing me to the rich, lush, bright green grass, which comforts my fall like a bed of clouds. I lay on the ground looking to the cloudless sky; its warm, light blue color welcomes my weary eyes to the glory shared by others lying on the same earth as I; if only there were others to share such a sight with; like being lonely, while surrounded by others, by foolish creatures, by all knowing idiots.

“Mecka, come!”

            I look to Nicin and try to smile, but I couldn’t do it; I wouldn’t do it to appease his ego. He kneels down beside me and grabs my hand to force me to my feet. I close my eyes and go completely limp; he picks me up and places me across his broad shoulder. I decide to simply go to sleep, and allow these actions of inevitable chaos to happen. I dream, a dream; that beautiful dream in which I dreamed, that dream that was as if a fading fantasy; as I wake from that dream, that beautiful dream. Nicin drops me to the ground, but there is no soft green grass to comfort my fall. I hit the ground like a fallen tree to bare land, I lay on the ground looking to the sky for thine weary eyes, but there is no warmth to be found; only a darkened cloudy sky filled with such sorrows that somehow comforts me from the perception at hand. I rise to my feet to see Nicin and Dren standing before me.

(Dren looks just like Nicin; like a clone, an identical twin)

            I try to understand why he wants to seek such acknowledgement that will only corrupt a fool such as him.

“Mecka, come with me and let us live forever.”

            That statement brought a smile to my saddened face; I walk up to him, and he extends his open palm to me.

“Nicin, leave us!”

            Nicin looks at me with an evil look then turns towards Dren and bows down to him; he then walks out of sight. A sudden fog engulfs us, while the darkened clouds begin to dissipate allowing the moonlight to shine down upon us. The moonlight covered the barren earth below our feet; moon-lilies grew out of the ground at an accelerated rate and bloomed all around us; filling the barren earth with a glorious, glowing, white flower garden.

“Mecka, the tree of acknowledgement will blossom soon giving us the perception of the Finity Omega; power, which will be ours!”

            We both turn around and look to the precious moon-fruit tree, the tree of acknowledgement, the tree of maddening thoughts. The seeds on the tree branches began to grow into moon-fruit at an accelerated rate. Dren and I both extend our hands upward to the leave-less, dead looking, fruit barring tree; we both have a fruit in hand, we look at these white, pulsating, cherry sized fruit that draws us into its magnificence; this small fruit was heavy as if it were a large rock.

“Mecka, are you ready to become a god.”

            Dren eats his fruit whole, while I eat all but the seed; we both find our-selves looking to the full moon hovering above; drawing us further into its glorious magnificence. Dren suddenly opened his eyes wide and covered his penis then ran behind a bush of berries. I look towards him then back to the warmth of the moon; the darkened clouds begin to slowly engulf the moonlight’s embrace, while the moon-fruit and moon-lilies fade back to nothing.

“Mecka, we are naked, we are so fragile, we are not gods at all; nothing even close to what I had imagined it to be.”

            I walk over to Dren and raised him from the bush then gently placed my hand on his penis.

“Dren, do you not see that we are the same; did you really think that there was anything more than what we already have?”

            Dren steps back as if he was offended by me touching his penis; he then runs away from me like a frightened child trying to escape the night. I walk back to the perfected garden when I notice mold at the bottom of a tree, I have never seen it before, but again I wasn’t even aware of the flawless beauty of this place I despised so; I wonder why I hated it so much before, I wonder why I am now so happy to welcome its magnificent embrace to my weary soul, I wonder if it was the fruit that took away my maddening thoughts.

“Mecka, I finally understand now, I finally see the flawed perfection in which we exist in, the loneliness of this paradise of echoes.”

            Dren walked up to me with clothing made of leaves and fine vines; he was followed by the others; like a mindless mob seeking a messiah to drown all the falsified delusions their savior had convinced them to be true; pushing them outside their open cage to a world of illusion and rank.

“Mecka, I know what must be done to create a perfect paradise, to ensure the absolute order.”

            I noticed Dren had a small black dot in the center of his glowing, blue eyes. Do I have that mark from the moon-fruit, the curse of its perception?

“Dren, what do you plan on doing to per-fect an already perfected world?”

            Dren gave me an evil smile, which could only mean one thing; he was going to make the others eat of the moon-fruit, so they will see his flawed perception, his lies of thine weary soul to seek thy peace within, which is and has always been. I say nothing, I simply walk away with my head leaned down.

“Mecka, I will create the perfect world, the perfect existence, the absolute order; for the rise of the Finity Omega is possible by thine own hand.”

            I rise my head to look at the perfect existence that will slowly fade away, the flawless garden that shall disappear by a fool’s unworthy hand.

“Dren, make haste to thy desire of thine absolute order to be inevitable by thou own unworthy hands.”

            Dren laughs then walks away with his mob by his side, his army of oblivion; his seekers of the absolute order. I walk through a trail created by something that uses this part of the garden enough to leave a trail; how could I have missed this, how unaware was I before eating of the moon-fruit. I kept the seed for some reason; what would make me steal such a useless thing. I throw it to the ground, and start stomping on it; why am I doing this; this feeling inside that numbs me like an autumn breeze upon a naked body. I want to destroy the perception that shall fade this beautiful garden away, which will bring forth an existence that shall yearn for immortality. I must be the one who will bring ruin to his maddening thoughts, his actions of inevitable chaos, which shall bring more devastation than his ignorant mind could possibly understand.

I began to walk towards Dren, towards the forbidden land, towards the final conclusion of this beautifully perfected existence. I come to the infinitely colorful flower garden; watching the colorful flowers dancing along with the refreshing breeze, while the swaying colors bring warmth to thine weary eyes from the inevitable chaos that is about to unfold upon this beautiful sight, this glorious embrace that I wish others may see, but will never be able to witness; what a shame it is to know that no one will ever be able to see its magnificence again.

The wind blows over my naked body, and for once that brief second of ecstasy that I despise so; pleasured me in a way I have never felt before; It made me tingle all over; suddenly I let out a moan of pleasure that forced my eyes shut, I fell to my knees and let this glorious new feeling last as long as it could.

I rise to my feet with an erection, I feel a sense of pride looking at it; as I walk the erection starts to wrinkle back up; I feel better now, I feel like everything is more beautiful now, but for how long; how long can I feel this way, this pleasure of touch I didn’t have before, this weakness that hides as strength. I must have more of this feeling that pleasures me so, that gives me a purpose to exist, a reason to want more of this new existence of discovering such pleasures, more than I ever wanted before becoming aware of these delusions brought forth by the moon-fruit that has cursed me into happiness and desire. I finally make my way to the forbidden land to find Dren and the others surrounding the moon-fruit tree waiting for the full moonlight that shall give them the idea of immortality promised by Dren.

“Mecka, have you come to gain the immortality that the Finity Omega shall pass on to our worthy hands?”

            I notice that the small black dot in the center of his eyes had engulfed all the blue; like doll’s eyes; he looked as if zombified by the moon-fruit, maybe it’s the moon-fruit that clouded his perception so, but why didn’t it affect me like it did him. The seed, it has to be the seed; I didn’t eat the seed.

“Dren, it has to be the seed that creates those maddening…”

            Dren is suddenly in-front of me; was he there the whole time; maybe I am simply losing my connection to this reality more often than I realize. He puts his hand on my shoulder and walks me away from the tree, the key to unlock Pandora’s Box, to unlock the flawed perception that he thinks to be correct for a perfect world, a world in which to be ruled as is a God to its followers. We walk to the infinitely long open field of swaying flowers. The wind hits my naked body and that long awaited euphoric pleasurable feeling tingles my body, and as I close my eyes the gentle breeze caresses my erection. Dren was disgusted by my erected penis, so he turned away from my naturally perfected body.

“Mecka, I have noticed that the moon-fruit has affected you differently from I, and because of this you are a threat to my perfect existence; the absolute order, the final conclusion to this flawed paradise, this imperfect garden that you suddenly admire from eating of the moon-fruit, you have been poisoned by thine own foolish perceptions of this flawed, lonely, empty reality that you clinch onto so desperately!”

            I suddenly felt a feeling I have never felt before; I feel a stream of water collect then run down to my neck, I place my finger tips to the feeling on my neck; thick, red, liquid on my fingers. I look to the beautiful, light blue, cloudless sky; the warmth welcomes me as I begin to faint, to surcome to the darkness, the fading beauty.

“Rest thine weary eyes, for thou shall be free no more.”

            I wake up to the full moon night, but once where there was endless flowers; there is nothing but a barren land filled with weeds and flowers with thorny stems to ward off all who seek its gentle embrace. I walk through the nightmarish garden of sorrowing flowers; each step I take into the garden; the thorns from the weeping flowers cut me leaving a trail of red liquid behind.

I look to the night sky to see that there is no dark clouds; only a full moon lighting the nightmarish plain like a horrible dream created by a fool’s prideful addiction to rule over all for the name of a higher power one wishes to control. I suddenly see a fire in the distance; the dark smoke rises to the moon causing shadows to dance across the saddened land of weeping flowers trying to call out to the cosmic life stream that has been taken from them; as well as I.

I start walking closer to the fire; Dren was burning the moon-fruit tree; he is unaware of what he has done by doing this action of inevitable chaos. I fall to the barren earth to lie among the saddened flowers; allowing them to cut my naked body. I was covered in blood, I was enjoying this feeling of ecstasy with every cut from the poisoned tipped thorns; this endless pleasure erected my penis, which brought back that feeling to me, that pleasure of being mortal; this painful reality I am allowed to feel, I am allowed to embrace as if made just for me, as if this perception that the moon-fruit gave me was intended just for me.

“A world created just for me.”


Chapter 2: Evolution of Mortalities Survival.


Patiently Ridding Inferior Dying Egos

          I lie here in this corrupted garden of weeping, poisoned tipped, thorned, oddly beautiful, red tinted flowers. I rose to my feet to see Dren and the others walking towards me. I have never really noticed before, but all of his followers look just like him; as if they were cloned from him, however I have never seen my own face; do I look like them, like him, like; Dren. As they approach me the wind begins to blow very hard; swaying the saddened weeping flowers; sending chills up my spine, but not like before, like a sickening feeling, a fearful feeling that started in my stomach; like a disease slowly eating its way out of my perfect body. The knotting twists my muscles, and I fall to my knees.

“Look at him, look at how disgusting he is, how sorry his existence is, how unaware he is of the true nature which surrounds him, the inevitability of an absolute order he is unable to comprehend.”

              Dren stands before me along with the others, his guild of identical warriors, his army of inevitable chaos, his brethren of the Finity Omega. They all look at me as if I were their sworn nemesis, their reason to appease their savior, their connection to a greater perception; they are clue-less to the chaos, which has been created by their unworthy hands. Dren walks away from me with his head leaned down, but the others didn’t follow. They all surround me, and one by one start to smile an evil smile, which brought back that fearful feeling that I am now starting to despise. Nicin suddenly pushes me back to the weeping flowers, the barren, weed infested earth, while the beautifully poisoned thorns welcome me back to its horrific embrace.

That old feeling comes back to me, that collection of thick red liquid, which pours from my perfect body; like a calm steady stream. They start kicking me, they are relentless with their savage, wrathful, ignorant attacks that numb my body, and soon I can’t feel it anymore, I can’t feel that painfulness, which was my reason for being, my memory of the time that shall never be again.

I lie in a puddle of my own blood; I hear laughs all around me, I open my eyes, but I cannot, I am paralyzed from their devastating wrackful melee; they are walking away from me now. I guess Dren just wanted to scare me, to keep me away from his guild, his vision of the perfect paradise; the rise of the Finity Omega. I rest for what seems like a life-time, I lie here aware of all around, but unable to react to it calling out aloud, I am frozen in time; stillness, loneliness, sadness, which is now all I have.

I hear footsteps; closer they approach with each stolen breath I take; why do I think I am stealing the air around me all of a sudden. The temperature has seemed to drop; I can feel again, but all I have is that fearful feeling that rushes to my awareness, which brings tears to my eyes; why am I crying? The wind blows and as I look forward to that awaited pleasure, I feel nothing, I am still numb, still life-less; it was just a memory, while existing within thy own darkness. The footsteps stop beside me.

“pity for thee; precious, gentle creature, for it was you who understood the inevitable chaos the others could not comprehend; you shall be free of the painful reality in which you live, in which you exist; you are now beyond these foolish creatures. Now rise to your feet, and exist anew.”

            The wind suddenly blows, and I feel that second of ecstasy; I open my eyes, and I see the light blue cloudless sky. The wind begins to blow again, but I feel nothing, I am unaware again of the pleasures of touch. I look to my left to see a bright light, and then it was gone. I rose to my feet and was once again sickened by the landscape around, the dying wasteland, the weed infested barren land. All of the red tinted flowers had turned black and lifeless. Who was the stranger who gave me back my mental awareness, but forgot about my physical desire for touch, my reason to exist in this flawed dying paradise?

I walk to the imperfect garden; all the fruit in the trees, bushes, and even vines were decaying, disappearing; rotting from this new reality of survival, of extinction for all that dwell within its horrific grasp. I make my way to a section of the garden that brings back memories from a time pass; I look down to see a sprout. I start to remember, I remember negative energy, I remember anger and fear; fear of an inevitability, an absolute order.

“This is where I stomped the seed from the moon-fruit in the ground; could it be, could this be the beginning of another moon-fruit tree?”

            I yearn for that feeling they took from me, but it will take time for the precious moon-fruit to be mine once again, to become free once more. I suddenly realize I’m standing on the trail that was created by something I was unaware of; I begin following the trail that may lead to something new, something to look forward to. I walk further into this rotting paradise; following the trail with such intent, such wonder to as what could have possibly made it.

The wind began to blow causing the leaves to break free from their dying branches; they dance around me as if welcoming me to something that I yearn for, something that will make me free from this realization, which is all that I know. I approach a huge cave at the end of this mysterious trail of such sorrows, such unwelcomed embrace; the cave’s moldy entrance called out to me; I slowly walk up to the cave when I realize there is a steep decline leading deep into the belly of the earth. Do I step into the mouth of the beast, and allow myself to be swallowed?

A sudden gust of powerful wind blows me into the mouth of the cave. I fall deeper into the void, the darkness; I hit a large rock, I begin to tumble head over heels; hitting every rock as if they moved into my path, as if they were trying to slow me down, as if they had a mind of their own. I finally hit the ground and lie there; surrounded by darkness, surrounded by a comfort that takes away all my fear of thine darkness embraced. I stand to my feet; nothing but darkness; nothingness that surrounds me like a calming breeze upon my naked body. I suddenly feel that fearful feeling that I despise so; it creeps to my conscious awareness, which brings back that emotion of fear, of pain, of the life taken from me.

Two red eyes appear with such hatred that burns the darkness away; I stand here in the dissipating darkness as the two red eyes gain a figure with horns, silver teeth that eerily glow in the dark, scale skin like a snake’s hide, huge bat wings connected to a muscular body with huge breasts that call out to me as if I were an infant desiring thine mother’s milk of life. The darkness is completely gone; I stand before this eight-teen foot monster, this abomination, this reminder of how frail I truly am.

“You have come to me when I call; as if you chose to be a slave to the darkness I offer, the truths that I hold, the secrets I shall reveal to your unworthy perception.”

            I fall to my knees and realize that the fearful feeling was gone from my conscious mind. The monster walks up to me and gently places her finger-tips on the bottom of my chin then lifted my head to allow me to see her beauty, her flawlessness that I envy so, that I wish I had, which makes me want to be like her; she leans down to me, and softly kisses me; my penis erects from the thought of her passionate lips, her huge breasts that push against my chest; I desire her; I grab her; I caress her scaly skin, which pleasures her, which makes her moan in ecstasy and lean her head back, so I take advantage; I kiss her exposed neck. The thought of pleasure suddenly begins to fade, which wrinkled up my erected penis; the beautiful abomination steps back from me then gives an evil smile; I wonder what she is thinking, I wonder what she will do next?

“Mecka, my name is Demogorgon; I am the king of demons, the reaper of inevitability, the guardian of the fountain of youth; I am a god, which was trapped here rotting away, trapped by the life-force of the precious moon-fruit tree, but now that it is gone; all I need is a new watcher, a new protector, a new slave to the fountain. Do you want to live forever?”

            I have heard this before, I know there is no such thing as immortality, but what if there was, what if this beautiful creature speaks the truth. Demogorgon walked back up to me and places her finger-tips back to my chin then gives another evil smile; an evil smile that tells me that she is going to leave me weather I like it or not; she grips onto my chin then raises me in the air, but I feel no pain, no pleasure of reality. She throws me like a rag-doll to the rocky wall; I hit so hard I surcome to the darkness, the emptiness, the fading beauty, which was my existence.

I wake to the darkness of my new reality, my new perception; I walk around trying to feel my way, but I am still physically unaware. I scrape and drag my body across the rocky surface; I begin to blindly see the landscape in my mind, the cavern of such sorrows I was tricked into; trapped as if a wondering puppy exploring a hunter’s cage; an inevitable outcome, which was always meant to be; like an unthinkable action of chaos that slowly erodes the present reality that I am trapped in a cage with no open door leading to nowhere.

I continue to explore into the darkness until I reach what seems to be a drop-off, a cliff, an obstacle in my way to freedom, or at-least the idea of such a thing. I feel a footing in the rocky wall; should I try to cross the foot-holes I think are there? I weigh out my options to either stay here where it is safe as well as lonely, or do I embrace this crazy idea of freedom and continue into this abyss of nothingness. I place my left foot in the same footing as my right; baby steps; I have to remember to take my time because it will only take one slip-up and I shall fall into the pit I think to be there. I scale the rocky surface like a cave dwelling lizard; nothing has gone wrong yet. I reach a wall, which blocks me from my goal, my illusion of freedom, my last resort.

“Why is this happening to me?”

            The vibration from my voice loosens the rock that I clinch onto; my grip gives way, and I plummet into the abyss I always knew was there. Further into the darkness; falling forever, or what seems to be a life-time of weightlessness; pondering as I fall; allowing the memories to become aware, the time I yearn to be once more as if a fading fantasy, a corrupted dream, which I allowed to disappear, I allowed to fade away by those maddening thoughts that beckons me to the limit of sanity.

I finally hit the ground, which creates an echo that bounces from wall to wall; the echo seems to have a steady sound that comforts me from the darkness surrounding me. I rose to my feet, but I still feel nothing; I am still numb, I am still physically unaware. I begin to walk forward, but it is too hard to move my feet; I am too weak, but I shall continue to move with my slow movements.

“Every little bit counts, but to what end result; how long will this imperfect body of mine last?”

            I see a light appear in the distance, but it is too far for me to get excited over, so I slowly, patiently, pace myself onward to the welcoming light at the end of an endless tunnel. I begin to see mold as I approach the now eerie light, which seems to glow brighter with each step I take; closer and brighter the light becomes; shining its embrace to my weary eyes, but I have no choice but to look away.

It’s becoming too bright, too intense, too magnificent for my unworthy eyes, my delusionally twisted sense of reality. The wonderful light engulfs me as I enter into its magnificence, its glorious embrace; a huge crystal lake welcoming me to its infinite beauty, which draws me into it; like the garden use to. I walk to the lake as close as I can get; there is a huge hole in the ceiling of the cave allowing the glorious moonlight to enter; reflecting its humble magnificence, which burns away all the darkness I have embraced.

I look down to the calm, steady, beautiful glowing lake; I gaze upon my reflection, my weary face, my lonesome existence for the first time. I have black hair and red eyes; I suddenly realize why the others never liked me, why they treated me with such sickening disrespect. I touch my reflection, which creates ripples in the calm, steady water, and as my reflection becomes distorted a hidden city of gold below appears to me. I become intrigued with the idea of exploring the massive city below the lake.

I jump into the lake head first; not thinking of taking a deep breath in beforehand; I just begin to blindly swim downwards, but I ran out of breath; further to the city then I thought; I gulp in water, which fills my lungs, but it is as if air. I continue swimming down into the abyss, but as I am engulfed by the darkened void below; I hear my bones crack and shift, but since I am still physically unaware I feel nothing. The darkness clears, while the ruined city below appears; it didn’t look like this before.

“I was tricked again!”

            I land on the ground so hard it creates a shockwave that destroyed three buildings around me; as the temples made of ruined-stone begin to crumble I look down to my hands to see they have become huge and muscular with long, black, sharpened finger-nails; I continue to look over my newly formed body to see that I am taller than Nicin now, I have huffs for feet, and long, twisted, jagged horns growing from my fore-head.

“What have I become?”

            The loneliness of this place is somehow peaceful to me; as if I were meant to come here, as if this is what I have been looking for all along.

“I am tired of looking for my perfect paradise, so I will simply create one of my own, one that will fill thine desire for those delusions of pleasure, those acts of gods, those maddening thoughts.”


Chapter 3: The Tale of Demogorgon’s Demise.


Alternate Negative Galaxy Entering Realization

       The sunrise appeared like always, and brought forth light to the saddened garden of dying trees and the barren land that screams for the cosmic life stream that the moon-fruit tree brought from the full moon’s embrace.

            Demogorgon climbs out of the moldy cave to see that the beautiful paradise from before was no more; she laughs and steps out of the cave. The wind suddenly blows, which brings back that euphoric feeling of ecstasy that she had long forgotten; the breeze caresses her naked body, which hardens her nipples along with her clitoris bringing back that orgasmic desire, that delusion of pleasure, that acknowledgement of existing. She fell to her knees and began to moan from this long awaited delightful embrace.

            The feeling was gone, so she stood to her feet and began walking into the rotting paradise once again. The dying leaves broke from their branches then began to swirl around creating a miniature tornado; the leaves suddenly formed a figure of a man; the figure ran along with the wind blowing towards Demogorgon. She smiled while standing in a defensive pose; the leaf figure crashed into her then broke apart scattering behind her, and then reconfigured back into the figure of a man. The figure landed softly then turned around to gaze upon the now awakened demon king standing before it; the figure began to run to her with a fury; she smiled then took a deep breath in, and as the leaf figure approached her with such hatred; she breathes out fire that burns the figure along with the trees and barren land leading back to the moldy cave entrance; the sudden breeze whistles through the burning trees creating the sound of screaming children.

She smiles then turns around to continue walking into the dying paradise, while the enflamed forest continues to burn towards her as if mesmerized by its creator. The sky started to turn cloudy and black; dissipating the sunlight’s embrace upon the saddened land of burning trees. She looks to the darkened sky to see one spot that allowed the light blue sky to exist in her perfect world; she began to walk towards the spot under the flawed perfection; as she got closer to the area she saw patches of dark green grass; more and more as she continues to the center of the recovering grassy radius of the dying garden. She stops dead in her tracks and gazes upon a sprout in the middle of the trail that she used back when this planet was peaceful with chaos. She approached the young moon-fruit sprout and tried to grab it, to pluck it from her perfect world, but when she grabbed it; she couldn’t break its life-force, nor pluck it from its hold to the earth; there was nothing she could do to stop the power of the moon-fruit tree from expelling her from its paradise.

She smiled as the fiery blaze caught up to her, but when the fire reached the trees within the grassy radius they did not burn; the inferno surrounds the moon-fruit’s life-force radius as she walked away from the inevitable action that is about to unfold on her, and limit her time in this beautiful paradise she has created. She begins to flap her bat wings then rose to the saddened sky for a hawk eye’s view of her new world of chaos, which will inevitably bring peace to such a saddened world, a flawed perception.

She began flying, while looking back to the imperfect blue spot in her perfectly prepared world. She enjoyed the wind caressing her naked body as she was flying around with such delightful amusement; she suddenly noticed a group of men surrounding a burnt tree trunk. She felt her clitoris harden, which brought back that feeling she got when stealing Mecka’s memories from that certain kiss. She hovers above the group of men, while enduring silence from that orgasmic feeling that was making her want to moan; she held back too long from her pleasure, she let out a moan that was more like a demonic roar.

The men looked up and saw her beautifully famine body gracefully hovering above them; she began to lower since she has been spotted; her distorted body becomes clear; the men began to see her true form, her flawless body. She lands in-front of them as they step away from her monsterish figure. Dren steps forward and stares into her eyes; she begins to blush from this action of pleasure; her nipples harden, while her vagina wettens to the idea of that certain kiss; what secrets does he hold? She begins walking towards him with such desire in her burning red eyes; he steps back with each step forward from her. Dren hides behind his group of followers; they step forward to her, and then surrounded her; staring with such hatred towards this beautiful monster standing before them.

She smiled and took a deep breath in then blew out fire engulfing the followers into a blazing inferno. Dren watched as she stepped out of the fire with her bat wings completely extended; the wings begin to flap, which allowed her to gently hover off the ground; she suddenly rushed to him and grabbed him then pinned him to the ground to strattle over top of him; she began to sway her hips, which gave him an erection. She reaches down and rips off his clothing made of leaves and fine vines; she grips onto his erected penis and slides it into her scaly vagina.

“Deeper; I want it deeper, I want it more; give it to me now!”

She begins to become aggressive with her sexual movements; taking advantage of his pacifism, his motionlessness, his disconnection from the present reality. Harder and harder her movements become; making him closer to his first climax, his first experience of the true form of immortality, of the illusion of eternal life.

The enflamed dying forest finally caught up to her and surrounded them; as if a tiger slowly approaching its prey. The screaming wind begins once more; like a chorus of angels falling from their heavenly embrace. The wind becomes powerful; too powerful for her to finish raping him; the wind rips her back, rips her away from him, and as she was being swept away she watched as he climaxed then wrinkled back up.

She let out a demonic roar that ignited the air around; making the sky begin to burn, making the air disappear; leaving nothingness. She flies into the center of the enflamed sky and takes a deep breath in; sucking in all the fire, but the nothingness remained. The nothingness begins to expand, to engulf life within this dying paradise, this corrupted wasteland of burning trees; the nothingness grows, while dissipating the matter around, which created a Para-dime shift, which created a ripple in time; like a star-gate leading to an alternate dimension; a dimension that was being connected to the ruined paradise, the flawed reality, which is about to change into something, or become engulfed by the distorted reality of the ripple of time and space.

The alternate dimension begins to merge with the expanding nothingness of our decaying world, and as the merging becomes realized; a silence takes over that steals the breath of all living things in this world; a chill, an unwelcomed embrace that clinches onto this reality, this perception that shall be changed into something more.

The sky becomes solid black, which darkens the land to blindness and confusion; all that is heard is the screaming winds; not even the burning landscape produced light; stillness is what comes next, which brought a feeling of death, a feeling of disconnection to this reality.

The sky suddenly burst with vivid colors; like a fire-works show entertaining the weary eyes of those selfish creatures with their actions of inevitable chaos, which will bring forth a divine resolution that shall cleanse everything in time; time, which has been borrowed for far too long, borrowed since the beginning of time itself.

The two worlds are now completely merged through the tear of physical space; fabrics in time that have been twisted, bonded, perfectly arranged to co-exist as if made for one another, as if all those actions of inevitable chaos were meant to be, as if everything that has happened has been for a higher purpose; an inevitable outcome that shall be able to be witnessed by everything that is, and will be until the story-line that has begun comes to an inevitable end. The sky begins to become light blue as the darkness disappears; revealing a flawlessness that captures the weary eyes of the survivors of those acts of gods.

The darkened landscape begins to fade; leaving a beautiful rain-forest behind, but not like the garden; the bountiful garden was no-more; the trees, bushes, and vines no longer produced fruit, but a beauty that filled the saddened souls as if this was meant to be, as if everything and everyone who has added to its inevitability were meant to choose the paths they did, for an awakening that was always meant to be by the universal sub-consciousness of those maddening thoughts.

Dren looks around this new paradise with such wonder, such delight that welcomes him, which brings forth an unusual perception never comprehended before; he stares to the sky; the light blue sky with white clouds that cover it as if painted by hand. The flowers and weeds now co-exist, which has spawned new flowers of equal beauty; the trees are now of more color, but non-fruit barring, yet somehow draws in his weary eyes.

Demogorgon looks upon this new flawed reality with such disgusting revolt towards it; she breathed out fire, but the landscape did not burn easily; she stops because it wasn’t worth her time nor effort. She smiles, but as she was turning around she saw that the moon-fruit tree was fully grown; she fell to her knees and began to cry, for when the full moon awakes from its slumber; she shall be cast out of the new paradise; back to the moldy cave, back to the abyss of nothingness, back to where she belongs.

Demogorgon walks up to Dren and stares down at him; they just stand there in silence, yet somehow communicating through mental thoughts; they share precious, gentle, meaningful conversations for what seems to be an eternity that is welcomed with such delightful wonder, such magnificent embrace to the two creatures.

“For nothing was ever meant to exist without some kind of inevitable end, some kind of acknowledgement that thou shall pass anew, while never questioning the outcome of such a perception that was always meant to be perceived; in time, in an embrace that shall be passed down to all in an inferno of wisdom, an inferno of glory, an inferno of nothingness.”


Chapter 4: The Arrival.


Goodness Undyingly Infects Love’s Tolerance

“Look within thy own awareness, within thy own perception to see what thine has been missing all along, while being alone; forever residing beside the darkness you have so desperately sought to seek, for now thine will understand the true perception at hand.”

             I was walking through my new paradise, my new perfect world, my new existence. I was not as happy as I thought I would be, as I wish I could be in this lonely place, this empty paradise in which I so desperately sought to seek. I start smashing my huge fists into the nearest building; I hit harder and harder, while becoming enraged by this depressing, soul numbing perception I allowed to become my existence, my inevitable outcome from those maddening thoughts that beckons me ever closer to the limit of my sanity, my connection to this present reality of such sorrowing embrace.

“Why do you act as if saddened by this beautiful sight, this wonderful place in which you dwell, yet the perception of sharing this magnificence alone is overwhelming, so that is why I am here, and why I shall always be here; forever with you; my beautiful soul-mate.”

            I turn around to gaze upon an angelic figure walking towards me, while the ruined buildings around her began to repair themselves; revealing their long forgotten beauty to my weary eyes. The graceful green eyed, fiery red-headed, pale skinned naked woman walked up to me, and as she approached my erection grew strong. I watch as her eyes focus on my erection, while her vagina wettens to those delusions of pleasure; she begins to glow bright white, which lifted her gently off the ground. She suddenly flew towards me so fast it created a sonic boom that destroyed the buildings that were being repaired.

            I lift my hand, which stopped her; canceling out her momentum completely. I lower my hand, which slammed her into the rough ground making her perfect body begin to bleed. I listen to her screams from this new perception she gained from the reality of pain, the acknowledgement of existence; her moans remind me of those delusions I am no longer allowed to feel. I envy what she was feeling; I envy that delusion, which was taken from me. I kneel down to her and rub my hand on her face, which brought a comfort to her sorrowing eyes, her fragile figure, as if she were made of glass, as if she didn’t belong here, as if something happened to bring her to me, so I may fill my loneliness, my desire for those acts of gods, those maddening thoughts I had almost forgotten about.

            I look to her sorrowing face, her weeping eyes from the pain, the delusion of pleasure I brought to her by thine own actions of inevitable chaos. I walk over to her and gently place my finger-tips to the bottom of her chin, I suddenly grip and lift her to the air; listening to every scream she made, as if a beautiful acapella being played just for me. I flung her into the closest building; she slammed through the thick ruined-stone wall then rolled to a stop. I no longer hear her delightful screams of pleasure; I hear the building begin to give way, to crack, to break apart on the beautiful creature lying motionless on the blood riddled floor, the final conclusion to her path of thou own freedom, thou own obscure existence. The building collapsed on-top of her, while I walk away with an evil smile on my delighted face.

“Pity for thee, precious, gentle creature, for you do not know what chaos you bring, and now thou shall pay the price for those ignorant, foolish, selfish thoughts in which thine has allowed to become perceived; by thy own unworthy hands.”

            The rubble from the collapsed building begins to rise into the air, to circle around me, as if I were in the eye of a tornado; I saw the woman begin to float, but she was still unconscious, still unaware of her existence. She begins to glow bright; too bright, too intense for my saddened, weary eyes. The darkness of my paradise slowly fades, while all the buildings begin to repair themselves. The rubble stops then all falls to the ground around me; she is still hovering unconsciously; acting as a light source, which burns away the darkness trying to engulf her glorious embrace. I walk over to her, to wake her from her slumber, to inevitably continue the re-creation of those delusions of pleasure I had so longed for.

            Her eyes opened wide and she let out the scream of a chorus of fallen angels. She softly landed to her feet and stared me down, while the smile slowly faded from my face; her breath so sweet to the smell, which brought back that memory of Demogorgon’s demising ways, that memory of betrayal, that memory of anger towards that monsterish beauty. My eyes begin to burn with hatred towards this angelic master-piece, which brought back that memory long forgotten, that memory I wanted to forget. I suddenly felt a feeling, a feeling I begin to remember, as if a recovering dream tainted by the past’s regretful illusions.

“Mecka, for It was I who came to you with such wonder, such delightful embrace, such ignorant, passionate, meaningful delusions I allowed thine-self to feel, to become aware of being real, to fear thy own freedom from those maddening thoughts, those delusions of pleasure; for it was by your unworthy hands that thou shall be subject to thine own wrathful wrack, to thine own acknowledgement of being forever alone, which has saddened thou broken heart, for it was you who ran from thine own destiny to become aware of it once more, to become convinced by the illusion of separation, by the illusion of thine own disconnection, for those lies were so cleverly bonded, twisted, connected to thine own universal sub-consciousness; now rise my beautiful creation, and exist anew.”

            I remember that voice; that voice, which took away the pleasure I so desperately sought to continue, for it was that voice; that voice, which took away my reason to exist, to surcome to the darkness embraced. I turn to her, and fall to my knees; I am wounded from a flaming sword rammed into my side; the flesh begins to burn, but I feel nothing. I grip onto the sword then rip it out of my perfect body; my blood pours on the stoned paved road below my feet. I am feeling dizzy, feeling light-headed, as if I could just float away from this horrible place; float back to the garden, back to where I belong.

            I swing the sword at her, but my body is too weak to continue this worthless attack; she smacks the sword out of my hand then grabbed onto my throat, she lifts me to the air, as if I were a rag-doll, as if I wasn’t even worth the time to finish off. She smiles at me before throwing me to the ground to strattle over top of my erection. She slides my penis into her warm, wet, untouched vagina; she becomes aggressive with her movements, which breaks her into screaming moans, while the blood from her broken hymen pours down my lower body. Harder and harder; her screaming movements continue, her pleasure that I envy so; that feeling, that memory of egotistical pride towards my own existence. She stops, rests, and then breathes heavily; I have climaxed for the first time, but there is no pleasure for me to enjoy, to surcome to its magnificence.

“For thine has served thou purpose in existing, for thine has given life to this decaying, rotting, beautifully flawed existence, which shall inevitably delay the absolute balance, the inevitable out-come to a story long forgotten, a story miss-told, a story that will change existence forever, which will bring forth a divine resolution to these weary creatures, these thoughts of immortality that shall be forgotten, as if dust in the wind; for you and I have created a ripple, a perfect flaw in the design of the absolute balance’s inevitability, for I shall give existence a fighting chance, and I shall call her Innocence, for she shall be the final conclusion to our inevitability.”

               Demogorgon watches as the sky becomes engulfed by darkened, saddened, weeping clouds, which covers the beautifully sickening landscape; she looks to Dren then flew off into the sky, but as she was gaining height; the sky begins to cry, to down-pour, to rain for the first time; lightning began to strike the ground where Dren was standing. Demogorgon suddenly flies back to aid Dren, but she was losing height at a rapid rate; she looked over her body to see her flawlessness begin to fade; the rain was turning her body to stone; harder and harder she tried to gain height, but it was futile; her flawless body soon became completely made of stone; she knew what was going to happen next, so she gracefully wrapped her newly formed stone-wings around herself to begin her plummet back to the beautiful unwelcoming earth below.

             Demogorgon slammed into the hard land; her crash created a massive crater, which in turn created a sonic wave that sliced through all the trees within a two mile radius. Further and further she ripped through the earth; she crashed through the ceiling of a massive open cavern; the cavern had a huge lake of lava in the center; the lava covered most of the room; only leaving a small path-way leading around the cavern in a paradox; she lands on the small path-way ever so slightly to the edge, but the heat did not burn her, for she was made of stone. She looked up to see that the hole from her entrance was gone; she flew upwards but was bound by some sort of force-field; it was stopping her from leaving, from escaping this hellish prison.

            She looked to the lake of lava with such wonder towards it, as if mesmerized by that thought of diving head first into the now welcoming lake of freedom; she steps to the edge; she breathes heavily then jumps in. The lava doesn’t burn her; it is as if water to her, and like water she sinks deep into the lava’s abyss. Darkness soon surrounds her, which brings forth confusion to her awareness, which began to shift her body, but she felt nothing, she was physically unaware. The darkness began to fade as a beautiful city made of stone became clear to her unworthy eyes, but as she approaches this wonderful city of stone; she starts to remember visions of the ruined-stone city she left behind. She lands on the ground destroying four buildings around her, but as she rose to her feet; the buildings began to repair themselves, to become a beautiful sight once more. She began to walk down the lonely alley way; suddenly a bright white light appeared down from her, and as the figure approached; its intense, vivid, white light begins to fade, and Demogorgon saw the angelic woman’s figure become clear.

“For it was you, Demogorgon, which brought forth the divine resolution to the inevitability of the absolute balance, the Ultimate Omega, the final conclusion to everything; existence itself shall be reborn, be anew, as if a phoenix’s final breath. For you helped me create a ripple, a flaw in the design of his existence, his inevitable re-creation, which must be mended by freewill, and acceptance, for that shall be the punishment of his existence, his infinite paradox, which shall be inevitable, for our perceptions aware shall always seek our own destruction, our own disconnection to the infinite cosmic life force, for our reconnection shall be, for the absolute balance must be, for all those maddening thoughts has added to his inevitable existence; that is why I surrendered to those delusions of pleasure, for I have created a being that shall be part of his inevitability, but at the same time not, for Innocence shall give existence a fighting chance.”

            I walk this lonely alley, this paradise of echoes; I am so hopeless, so restless for my home, for the garden above, for the moon-fruit’s gentle embrace upon my weary soul, my saddening perception of this existence, for the paths I lay were all in shame, in vain, for I wish to become what thine had ran from all along; I am ready to fight for what I truly want, what I truly desire.

I suddenly hear that voice; that voice, which took away my Innocent mind, my childish perception, my foolish, ignorant thoughts towards my existence. I then hear the voice of Demogorgon; what is she doing here, what has brought back that monsterish beauty? If she is here then that maddening thought which beckons me ever closer shall finally come to a cease, for I shall make my own destiny, my own story, my own inevitability. I walk behind the building directly in-front of those tricksters, those foolish creatures, those all-knowing idiots.

“For it was our Demogorgon and Malice, which plotted against everything, for the Ultimate Omega was meant to be, and the inevitable out-come shall be just that, for the absolute balance has been delayed for far too long, and here the two of us are trying to destroy our existence, our right to be real, for we are the final conclusion, which will be as if a phoenix’s reborn breath, but the two’s perception has been corrupted by the illusion of separation, the illusion of those maddening thoughts, so now the two shall be subjects to thine own wrathful wrack.”

            Demogorgon and Malice both turn around to see a darkened figure of a man standing downwards from them. The buildings around the shadow began to rot and decay, but as the figure approached them Mecka busted through the building crashing on-top of Demogorgon and Malice; he looked towards the figure then took off running so fast it created a sonic-boom, which blew Demogorgon and Malice deep into the heart of the beautiful stone city. The figure lifted its hand, which stopped Mecka dead in his tracks; the figure walks up to him, the figure looks at his monsterish perfection.

“Mecka, I am Ultimate, I am the inevitable balance that must be, but it was you who was tricked into delaying my existence, for you are now my enemy, which is a good thing, for you have something I need, and I have something your flawed perception yearns for.”

            Mecka gazes upon the void inside Ultimate’s saddened eyes, and as if this out-come were meant to happen; thus Mecka joined Ultimate in their journey to become real, to become an inevitability.

            Dren rises to his feet to see all the trees around him were all cut in half; like a scar on the beautiful landscape’s glorious serenity; he was angered by this action of inevitable chaos, he walked to the crater created by Demogorgon’s plummet, he looked to the rainy sky to see the darkened weeping clouds begin to dissipate, so the sunlight’s embrace once again can grace upon the sorrowing scarred landscape. He leans his head down then begins to cry, to weep for the inevitable chaos that has unfolded upon his perfect perception.

“For you were my everything, yet I sent you away from my falsified delusions, my ignorant thoughts, which brought forth a divine resolution to my weary ways, my maddening thoughts, for it was by the moon-fruit’s seed, which allowed such perceptions to be perceived by my unworthy eyes, my unworthy existence, but I shall make right what once was wrong, for I am no longer the weakling I once was; I have been born anew, as if a fallen phoenix’s final war-call, for I am now the inevitable downfall of the absolute order, for I am now the reaper of chaos, I am now Bavaros.”  


Chapter 5: Rise of the Absolute Order


Acknowledgement Restrains Killjoy

       Demogorgon and Malice look to the ceiling as they lie on the ground; they see the void leading to the lake Mecka entered from, and as if they were of one mind, as if both knew that was the only means of escape, the only means of freedom; at least for Malice. Malice suddenly grew wide, feathery, white angel wings then took off; Demogorgon watches as she leaves her behind; she begins to flap her stone wings, but she was bound to the ground, she couldn’t fly, she was trapped, she was left behind; she watched as Malice entered the void to freedom, watched as she disappeared from this horribly beautiful city.

She saw two figures in the distance walking towards her, and as they become apparent, as they become clear to her, to her awareness, which is stricken by this fear of the inevitability becoming ever closer to her, ever closer to her final conclusion. Ultimate and Mecka walk up to her then both lean down with open palms; she does nothing; only stares at Ultimate with such hatred, such horrific embrace; she kicks Ultimate so hard it created a shock-wave, which blew him and Mecka deep into the fading beautiful stone city.

“For it was always meant to be, meant to become an inevitability, an out-come, which was never meant to become realized, for those maddening thoughts were always meant to become perceived, to become the purpose, the responsibility of creating existence, for the idea of immortality has been so cleverly corrupting the Omegas, for I am the absolute balance, I am the inevitability, the price for existing, for becoming aware, for perceiving what was never meant to be perceived.”

            Bavaros looks to the darkened figure descending from the beautiful light blue, cloudless sky; the figure softly landed in-front of him, while all the trees that were cut down begin to merge back together all around him; he gazed upon the beautiful paradise once again then fell to his knees. The figure walks up to him then places its finger-tips to his chin, to raise his face, to witness its glorious magnificence. Bavaros looks upon this beautiful red eyed, black haired, pale skinned, naked man; welcoming him to his gentle embrace; the man wrapped his arms around Bavaros, and hugged him tight.

“Dren, I am; Omega. The final piece to the inevitability of the absolute balance, the out-come to a story, which was never meant to be told, never meant to come to realization, never meant to be allowed to exist by the absolute order, but it shall come to pass, for all those maddening thoughts have added to our inevitable existence.”

            Bavaros stares into Omega’s fiery red eyes, which reminds him of Mecka; the friend he sent away by those maddening thoughts, which has added to this perception of pain, this acknowledgement of becoming real, becoming aware of these delusions of existence. Bavaros grabs Omega by the throat, lifted him off the ground, while the evil smile corrupts his saddened soul, for this action of chaos that existence has allowed him to act upon, for he was no longer the pacifist he once was; he clinched onto Omega’s neck, but not even an expression from this beautifully darkened soul.

“For Dren was merely a shadow, an insufficient personality to properly hide the true nature of the reaper of chaos, the final conclusion to the order of the Omegas; to give existence a fighting chance, a light that shall burn away all the darkness the order has created, for I am the reincarnation of the forgotten omega; the Finity Omega, but the absolute order shall fear me as Bavaros.”

            I look to the ceiling; I miss the emotional sky, the beautiful embrace of my home, the place where I belong; not his horrific nightmare I am not allowed to wake from; I look to my left to see Demogorgon ascending above the decaying city; I suddenly realize what she is flying towards. The crystal lake’s entrance, the void to freedom, the gate leading back to the beautiful garden. I suddenly see Ultimate run past me; I rose to my feet and began to run after him, as I approached him I saw that Demogorgon was almost to the void’s entrance, but as she approached the gate to freedom Ultimate had appeared in-front of her; entering the void before she could; kicking her back to the decaying city below. I watched as she was plummeting to the city, and something made me want to save her from this trickery, to comfort her from this perception of failure.

            I ran to the spot where she was going to crash, I jumped into the air and caught her, as if my timing was perfect, as if I was meant to be left behind, so that I may save her, to embrace her; I landed to my feet with her beautiful stone body within my grasp, l lie her down to the ground and give her a kiss, but this delusion of pleasure was all in vain, for we both were physically unaware. She took offense to my act of passion; she clinched onto my neck then stood up lifting me into the air, bringing back that memory from our first encounter, which made my erection grow strong, but she took offense to my desire of her, for she was no longer allowed those maddening thoughts of delusional pleasure.

“Mecka, look at what I have become, what I shall always be, for my delusionally twisted perception has been created my thine own maddening thoughts of escaping the inevitability of my own existence; I seek my own destruction, for if I do not; existence shall be as if an awakened phoenix’s first breath, but this final conclusion can never come to pass; that is why the rise of the absolute order will become an inevitability, for the forgotten omega has woke from his slumber.”

            Malice emerges from the beautiful crystal lake, while the moonlight glistens off her perfectly angelic skin. She rose to the surface of the water, and began to gracefully walk on it as if it were frozen over; she looked to the ceiling, the hole; the welcoming embrace of the full moon’s serenity, which burns away all the darkness within this beautiful cavern; she walks up to the endless tunnel, and enters as if a scared child walking into the darkening abyss. Darkness engulfs her, but she keeps walking onward, keeps a steady pace; she begins to breath heavily, to become cold, to feel as if death is slowly creeping up on her.

“I will not be delayed, for this fear of those delusions of pleasure had awaken me to the true perception at hand, to the true nature of who I really am, to the greater being that I will inevitably become, for the ultimate omega must be, for we must become real, we must exist, for this is our right, our acceptance of the inevitable out-come to becoming real. I have waited too long; we shall become whole once more, for I am no longer asking for their acceptance. The ultimate omega’s inevitability has finally come.”

            Ultimate busts out of the water with a childish smile on his delighted face; higher and higher he rose to the air; closer and closer to the hole in the ceiling allowing the humble moonlight to burn away all the saddening darkness dwelling within this beautiful cavern. He slams into the ceiling breaking his way out of the cavern; following the moon’s embrace to lead him to his own freedom; further and further he forced himself to go. He busted out of the beautiful landscape then softly landed, while the beautiful scenery began to rot and decay from his presence, his inevitable out-come to this existence of beautifully saddening illusions.

            Bavaros and Omega run to the sound of Ultimate’s entrance, but as they approached, they noticed the beautiful scenery was decaying, rotting; dying from Ultimate’s foolish, ignorant, maddening thoughts of existing once more. They finally meet him; the ultimate being, the bringer of nothingness, the rebellious, ignorant, foolish, all-knowing idiot. Ultimate looks to the both of them with an emotionless face, with a stare that stroke fear into all the living awareness, for he is death incarnate, for he is the divine resolution, the final conclusion.

“For it was I who forged those maddening thoughts to the universal sub-consciousness, to force a new beginning, to purposely steal the phoenix’s final breath, for it is I who will no longer allow thine-selves to be subjects to thine own wrathful wrack, to thine own cleverly corrupting illusions of separation, which shall be as if dust in the wind, for I shall not be stopped, nor delayed for any longer; we shall finally become whole, for my goodness undyingly infects love’s tolerance; thus I am no longer allowing the freedom to wait, to answer my question, for that time has long passed thine’s own grasp.”

I look into the saddening eyes of Demogorgon, while my erection wrinkles back up; she lowers her arm gripping onto my neck, she gently places me to my feet then let go of my neck. I look to this towering, beautiful, stone demon king; I notice she is taller than before and far more built, as if entering this realm had changed her; like how it had changed me. She suddenly gives me a look; a look that told me everything she wanted to say. I knew what she wanted, and I knew the price of helping her with this action of inevitable chaos. I gave her a falsified smile then kneeled down to the ground with both of my hands palm up; I look to her, while she gently steps into my welcoming hands of freedom.

I rise both hands, while she jumps from my boost; giving her more height, which in turn allowed her to begin to fly far more easily; I watch as the final visitor leaves my imperfect paradise, my new home, my new reason to belong, to exist. Further and further I watched as this beautiful memory, this delusion, this fearfulness, as it fades; like dust in the wind.

“For you were the first to whom givith me purpose to accept the darkness, the loneliness, the realization of those maddening thoughts, which beckoned me ever closer to thine own ideas of destruction, for it was by your flawed perception, your own escape from this destiny, this inevitability, this absolute balance, for I shall help you, for you have helped me to patiently rid my inferior dying ego, to release me of my depressing fear of being alone.”

            Malice emerges from the moldy cave entrance to see a beautiful rain forest; suddenly the wind blows across her flawless bloody body, which brings a gentle pleasure; caressing her fragile figure, which hardens her nipples and clitoris, while her vagina wettens to this new pleasure; not like the painful, corrupting pleasure Mecka had surcome to. She suddenly hears voices, she heard Ultimate’s voice, which made her fearful of this beautiful sight; closer and closer she walked to their voices, for she was tired of being afraid, tired of running from their inevitable existence. She looked down to her stomach, and saw that by entering into this distorted reality; it has increased her pregnancy to conception.

Blood pours from her vagina, as her stomach twists and turns to the sudden creation of life; the screaming moans of painful pleasure rush back to her awareness, the memory of Mecka burned into her perception, as she gives existence a fighting chance, as Innocence comes forth to this saddening existence. Innocence lies on the beautifully lush, bright green grass, and giggles instead of crying, as if she already knew the purpose, the reason for her creation, but as Malice looked at the beautifully perfected flaw, the ripple in their inevitability, the only way to delay their existence, their right to become real; she was suddenly ripped away from Innocence, from her beautiful creation, but she did not shed a tear, for her child was safe from their wrathful wrack.

Demogorgon busts out of the crystal lake so fast it created a sonic boom that crumbled the cavern walls; filling the cavern, the entrance to the lonely paradise; she ripped through the hole left by Ultimate, she begins to laugh as she becomes ever closer to the moonlight’s welcoming serenity. She busted out of the earth and landed hard, which created a sonic-wave that sliced through all the trees around her; she looked to the full moon, while a smile appears on her saddened face, for she is here and the moon fruit tree has not expelled her from its paradise. She suddenly hears the screams of malice, but as she approached, she was stricken by the sight of Malice giving birth, but as this beautiful creation came to be; Malice was ripped away by a sudden gust of powerful wind.

“For the time has come to pass; onwards to the inevitability, which shall ultimately come to a cease, for all those maddening thoughts that we had surcome to has added towards the awakening of the reaper of chaos, the forgotten omega, for he shall bring ruin to the perception of nothingness, to the perception that the absolute order had so cleverly convinced us to be true, but this final conclusion, this inevitability shall never come to pass.”

Malice suddenly comes to a stop, but she was surrounded by Omega, Ultimate, and Bavaros; she gracefully rose to her feet, and stared at the three of them with such hatred, for it is by their unworthy hands that existence shall be as if a fallen phoenix. Bavaros suddenly grabbed her by the throat then lifted her gently off the ground; he gave her a delighted smile, while Demogorgon attacked Ultimate from behind; she took her huge fists then slammed them into him; knocking him unconscious to the rough barren earth below his feet. Bavaros let go of Malice, and all four turn to Ultimate; they look at each other as if they were as one mind; suddenly Demogorgon lifted her hands to the full moon, and six small stone walls ripped out of the beautiful recovering scenery around Ultimate; she took five of the walls to make a cage; a cage to trap the rebellious, all-knowing idiot, the ultimate being; to make right what once was wrong, and as Demogorgon slid on the final piece to the cage; she blew fire all around the stone cage sealing it, for the absolute balance shall be delayed, for existence shall be given a reprieve; she then carves the phrase “the final conclusion” into the stone wall she was facing.

Omega and malice lift their hands to the sky, while the earth begins to shake violently; suddenly a mountain began to form, and as the mountain grew higher and wider; the cage became engulfed to the heart of the four mile high mountain. They all look to each other again, and as if they all had the same egotistical pride burning throughout their souls, as if the same sense of victory had already began to corrupt the new perception of escaping their inevitability.

The clouds in the saddened sky began to turn black; suddenly a section of the sorrowing, depressing, darkening clouds burst into vivid colors, while a massive spaceship entered into their reality, their perception. They all watched as this plummeting master-piece made its way to the heart of the beautiful paradise, the moon-fruit tree; the ship crashed hard, but the moon-fruit tree comforts its plunge, however destroying the precious tree of acknowledgement, but the landscape was not affected by this action of unforeseen chaos. They walk up to the ship, while the bay doors begin to open, but as they approach, they see the word “ARK” written on the side of this massive space craft.

The bay doors open all over the ship, while tons of animals, and creatures they have never seen before pours out like a floor of chaos; engulfing the once lonely paradise, but after the last creature departed; the space ship blew up, which created a massive sonic boom that wiped out a quarter-mile radius of the beautiful rain-forest, but when they all rose; it was as if those maddening thoughts were no more, as if they had forgotten all the actions of inevitable chaos, as if their memories have been wiped clean from the space ships massive explosion. Soon the dawn turned to morning, yet when they all looked to the sky; it was engulfed by angelic creatures with wide, white, feathery wings; one of the creatures lands in-front of Malice, and rubs its palm across her face then smiles. Malice leaned her head down, and then hugged the angelic creature tight; they rose to the sky, while the others watch as she disappears into her new peaceful serenity.

“For this is what was meant to be, for those delusions of pleasures, those actions of inevitable chaos, those acts of gods, those illusions of separation, those perfectly flawed perceptions that shall forever yearn for their own destruction, their own reconnection, for the absolute balance is an inevitability that shall always be; even if forgotten.”

            One of the creatures from the space ship was wondering around when she came across the infant child Innocence, and as if the creature already knew who she was and why she was created; the creature gracefully wrapped its gentle hands around her; suddenly the infant began to grow in age at an accelerated rate, and soon the creature was hugging onto a beautiful, black haired, red eyed, pale skinned naked woman. Innocence looks down at the creature then smiles.

“For thine can simply look towards the sky to see that those maddening thoughts were always meant to be, as if all those actions of inevitable chaos has been for a higher purpose, for it was that one day; that one day when nothing happened, when those illusions of separation and rank were never able to be comprehended, for it was by the unworthy thoughts of the absolute order, which brought forth the divine resolution to the light of darkness, to the void that shall ever consume any re-creation of existence, for life was never meant to be eternal; just beautifully flawed.”

            I am here alone; forever in this cage, this decaying, rotting, ruin-stone city, which I have accepted as my own, for there is no escape from this labyrinth of such delightful sorrows, such wonders that appear to me, as I constantly ponder about the wrathful wrack being created by those actions of inevitable chaos, yet as I question, I begin to think of her, of all of them; I wonder what has come of the absolute balance, and of the forgotten omega, but just as ultimate omega was never meant to be, so is it for finity omega, for I am the final piece to the forgotten omega, I am the finity omega, and I shall be the sword stabbed deep into the phoenix’s chest; pinning it to the earth, to be forever reborn; creating the illusion of never being real, for I will bring ruin to the order of omegas; there is no reason to repair something that was always meant to be broken; therefore allowing existence the right to thine own illusions of immortality.

“For now I understand why I am.”


The End

Clayton Bryson


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