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Alone in the world

Alone in the World

It isnít a good feeling knowing you are alone in the world. Day by day you see people with their friends and you wonder what it would be like to have friends.
Your life at this point is a screwed up life. No friends, parents think youíre a freak, cousins think you are gay. You wonder to yourself what is your purpose on earth.
Why did god made me? Thatís what you ask yourself everyday. No one likes me, I get tortured every day. The only thing you are looking forward to is death.
As the years go by, you realize that you are not meant to be around people. You are a human reject who is a just a test to see what people react to your kind.
The only friends you have are imaginary. You canít be friends with people, its just not meant to be. Suicide is an option that us rejects, are tempted to do.
But alas, you decide to wait until your time has come to die. You know youíve been a good person so why worry whether you are going to heaven or hell. But, this is where we rejects get our payback as you might say. All our suffering will come to an end and we will experience what we didnít on mortal life.
But then, what if god offers us a second chance at mortal life, will we take it? Would we risk the chance of being a reject again? Would we be ALONE IN THE WORLD?
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