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Distant Lover

I’m missing you baby, and I’ve been away for a mighty long time,

Laughing and smiling about the things you do and say was heavy on my mind,


I thought about the time we lost each other at the Rose Bowl fair,

I turned around to tell you something when suddenly you weren’t there,


But you had a full bag of tricks that day for some unknown reason,

I laughed when you found out I had a few tricks of my own and I got even,


I thought of those romantic nights in front of the fireplace,

Cuddling with you was so tranquil, I couldn’t think of a better place,


I’m longing for your sweet embrace while making hot love under the cover,

Captivating me with your passionate kisses, whoa I’m missing you lover!


I miss your love and the joy you bring to me each and every day,

I hate when we’re apart so long and being distant is not the way,


Like the air we breath and light of the sun, true elements of what you are,

Your love is calling me from every direction as I hurried tossing my bags in the car,


I’ve had it with all this paperwork, I must leave this small four-corner room,

I’m coming back home to you my darling, keep sweet and I’ll see you soon!


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