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Anxiously Awaiting

Last night I had a vision love, a vision of you and I together, we were making sweet passionate love lying on the beach under the stars above,


I don’t want to rush it love but I am truly feeling you, and I can tell love that you’re desiring me too,


For the fire inside me is growing stronger everyday and I’d like to have you sweet love in my very own way,


 I’m normally not so forward as I haven’t been with any man, but you are driving me so crazy and I hope you understand.


 It’s just that everything about you turns me on, your walk, your smile, your voice even mesmerized by the smell of your cologne.


You’ve captivated me in such a way I‘m totally beside myself, those lustful thoughts of wanting you is all I can think of, its something I just can’t help,


What’s a girl to do when she’s attracted to a man whose so genuine and true, pursue the possibilities is something I really must do,

 I’m so enthralled of our acquaintance love, your smooth greeting was so sweet, and everyday since that moment I’ve been so intrigued,

My body hungers for your love and I need to have you with me, that anticipated splendor of joy I've envision fulfilled in sultry ecstasy,

So think about it love and please don't make me wait, I’m anxiously awaiting you, so I’ll see you tonight around eight!

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