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ABC Where Are You

ABC Where Are You?
Once upon a time there was a place called Alphabet City,in this city lived the 26 letters of the alphabets.One day as the alphabets were going to the bus stop to go to work,carrying their little red lunch boxes,they noticed that everybody was at the bus stop except A B and C.So all the alphabets began to wonder where they were?Finally the bus came,and E motioned with his hand, for the bus to keep going,Why did you do that?said D to E.Well what's the use of going out into the world?And we can't spell all the words,we need to find A B and C,replied E.So the rest of the alphabets,began to spread out,and search for A B and C,all you could here all over town was,ABC where are you?After the rest of the alphabets had searched nearly a whole day,G suggested that they look in the gym,and what a surprise,there they were AB and C working out pumping iron,and walking on the treadmills.When AB and C looked up and saw the other 23 alphabets,A B and C brought their workout to a halt.We been looking everywhere for you all said E,where have the three of you been?We been here working out all day long replied,C why didn't you tell anybody,that you all were going to play hooky from work today?Well we didn't think you all would go along with it,said A B and C,and we're not playing hooky replied B,well what do you call not showing up for work?Asked W,well you call that going on a strike replied A.You all can't do that said D,and why not?Asked C because the world can't funtion without the alphabets,we know.......replied A that's the idea.Why do you all want to do something so cruel?Asked R,well..replied C we have been in the world every since the world began,and we have never ever been reconize for our importance in society,and everybody has won some kind of award,the movie business,the music business,the stars,without the alphabets,where would they be?Asked B,we haven't won not one grammy,for our contribution to the world,said B.I see what you mean replied the other 23 alphabets,we're going on a strike too.So all the alphabets went on a strike,and at that very moment the stock market crashed,the white house crashed,the President's speech disappeared right out from in front of him,and for the first time,in history,the President was lost for words.All the schools closed,all the computers shut down,everything came to a stand still,it seems as though the whole world just froze,but of course the cool winds was still blowing, the leaves from the trees,never quit falling,the sun was still shinning,and of course the rain kept on falling,but nothing else was moving.The cars had stopped where they were,but as for anything else,everything,and everybody was stopped in their tracks.But when the alphabets saw what was happening,they decided to go back to work,so that night they went home,to get some sleep,so they could get up early the next day,and go to work.So the next day the alphabets were up at dawn,and standing at the bus stop,but they soon realized,the strike had affected their ride to work,so the alphabets had to walk to work.Once the alphabets got to their place of work,and put their red lunch boxes in their lockers,with their other personal belongings,then they went straight to the time clock,and punch in for work,when all the alphabets had punched their time cards,the world started turning again.It was caos,everyone was wondering what was going on?But when the six o'clock news came on,seems like the producers,had gotten an anonymous tip from someone.The news reporter explain that some one had slip him a note,and he began to read the note over the air.This is what the note said,I hope you all have learned your lesson,you never reconized us not one time,since we been in the world,you never told us thank you for spelling your words,you never even thought about us,and how important we are,and you never gave us an award,although if hadn't been for us?No awards would have been given,we're back to work only because,we see that the world can't function without us Sincerely yours,

the 26 letters of the alphabets.This note was read all over the world,and then everybody in the world understood,at that very moment,how precious the alphabets are.So all the countries in the world got together,and agreed to give an award benefit,for the 26 letters of the alphabets,with the red carpet and everything.When the alphabets heard about this big event,they went out.and rented red bowties,they loved red,and they had on their white JazzEwalker shoes with the three buttons on the side.And finally the night of the awards had arrived,and as everyone was watching,right before their eyes,pulling up to the curb,was 26 beautiful white limousines,and before the alphabets step out,somebody came and rolled out a beautiful red carpet.After everyone got inside,and was seated in their seats,the program began.The alphabets were having such a good time,until before they knew it,the announcer was calling their names,from A-Z,the next thing they were presented with 26 beautiful gold grammy awards,they were so happy,until they were about to bust at the seams.Then the announcer did a short speech,he started off with an apology,for the whole world,by saying the world was very sorry for ignoring them because they are what makes the world go round,and from now on,the world will always remember them,from now until eternity,the alphabets will always be presented with Gold Grammys for as long as the world exists,then everyone clapp their hands,and some went woo woo woo!From then on,that day was sat aside as a national holiday,because no one ever forgot the day,the earth stood still.
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