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The BoomBox

The Boombox Part 1

One day on the fifteenth day of May,something very important was about
to happen to Enie,Menie,Miney and moe,the four woodrats,and everyone in
the Green Leaf Forest were talking about it.The woodrats were giving a
Birhtday party,and everyone in the forest,were invited,including Mr.Jazz
the groundhog,although he was known to the other animals in the forest,
as the forest troublemaker,whatever went wrong,Mr.Jazz did it or was mix
up in it one way or another.
Enie,Menie,Miney,and Moe,had gotten up earlier than usual,because
they were so excited,until they just couldn't sleep.So the first thing
the woodrats did,was dress the place up a bit,each woodrat had a job to
do,Enie washed the dishes,Menie did the house cleaning,and the dusting.
Miney was incharge of the menu,Miney cooked everything that he could
think of,including their favorite dish macaroni and cheese.
Moe went to the mailhouse,to pick up their surprise,which came on the
Fast Train,it was a very special arrival,from their cousin Stefon that
lived in Los Angeles,California.
In the mean time back at the house,Enie,Menie,and Miney,were hard at
work,preparing everything for their big event.Then all of a sudden,the
doorbell ranged,who could that be?Asked the woodrats.When Enie went
to the door,it ws none other than Mr.Jazz the groundhog,what can we do
for you?Asked the woodrats.Well....I thought it was something I could
do for you all replied,Mr.Jazz.The woodrats looked at one another,
scratching their heads,because they knew whenever Mr.Jazz came around,
trouble was not far behind.So the woodrats tried to think up something,
that Mr.Jazz the groundhog could do,so finally the woodrats,came up
with a job for Mr.Jazz.The woodrats told Mr.Jazz,to go and tell everyone,
that the party will be a blacktie event,and everyone should come blacktie.
Okay replied Mr.Jazz,I can do that,so off Mr.Jazz went.
So back at the mailhouse,Moe went around to the baggage department
and picked up their package,it was very heavy,i wonder what this is?
Asked moe to himself,finally Moe decided to look into the package,and
to Moe surprise it was a Boombox,and it was as big as a footlocker trunk,
and surely to big for Moe to carry all by himself.And so Moe just sort of
dragged it along behind him.
While Moe was on his way back home,the sun got very hot,the more Moe
dragged the BoomBox,the hotter and tied he became,and finally moe couldn't
cut it no more,and before Moe knew what hit him,he was faced down on
the ground,Moe had fainted,for awhile moe didn't move a muscle,and
Caldonia the buzzard,and his buddies began to swoop down,after Caldonia
lit on moe's head,for the third time,Caldonia yelled in Moe's ear saying
to him,are you dead yet?No!you stupid buzzard,Moe gave Caldonia such a
licking,until Caldonia flew away naked as a jay bird.Then moe got up off the
ground,and dust himself off,and started for home.
As Moe was on his way home,he ran into his good friend DonkeyMan,
who was on his way to the party.Donkey Man was what Moe needed at the
time,and that was an extra pair of hands,being that Donkey Man was half
donkey,and with the top part of hom being all man,he offered to carry the
BoomBox to Moe's house,on the way to Moe's house,DonkeyMan suggested
that he put a handle,and some wheels on the BoomBox,and when DonkeyMan
and Moe reached moe's house,that's what DonkeyMan did,he put wheels
and a handle,on the woodrats BoomBox,which made it easier to handle.
Enie,Menie,Miney,and Moe loved music,especially Elvis Presley's,
Dont't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes,and they also love,Love Me Tender.
The woodrats were very excited about about their birthday present,they
had never seen a BoomBox so big,nither anyone else,for that matter.
Everyone that lived in the Green leaf forest,had heard about the woodrats birthday
party,even down to the caterpillars.This was going to be the biggest thing,
since the big bad wolf,and every animal in the forest,were planning to attend.
And we musn't forget Mr.Jazz,who was on his job,telling everyone what to wear.
When the guest would ask Mr.Jazz what to wear,he did't say to them,this is a blacktie
event,he just said in very hasty words,that everyone has to wear a blacktie.
All the animals just looked at one another,some of them asking Mr.Jazz
was he sure?That was all they should wear,and Mr.Jazz replied by saying
So back at the woodrats home,the guest hadbegan to arrive,and they were
all dresed very strange.They all just had a blacktie,just tied around their necks,
no shirts,no pants,and no shoes,and the woodrats started to wonder,what
in the world went wrong,then they thought about Mr.Jazz,then Enie said,
I knew as soon as we got Mr.Jazz involved,something was goung to go wrong.
The woodrats had never seen so many blackties in their life.The only
person at the party,that was dressed right,besides the woodrats,was DonkeyMan,
but of course DonkeyMan never talk to Mr.Jazz.
So finally the guest had arrived,and the party began,there was plenty of food,
and wild berry juice.Everyone just danced and danced,until everyone was pooped,except you know who?
Mr.Jazz,he was mad at the woodrats,because he wanted to hear jazz music,but
the woodrats preferred rock and roll,and so did all the other guest.
So when everything had quieted down,and everyone was to tired to poop,
Mr.Jazz took the BoomBox without asking,now days,that would be concidered
stealing,but Mr.Jazz never gave one thought,to what he was doing,as long as he got
his way.As soon as Mr.Jazz got the BoomBox out of sight,underground he
went to his house,as soon as Mr.jazz got the BoomBox underground to his
house,Mr.Jazz let it rip,Mr.Jazz turned the BoomBox up to the max,the
music was so loud,until it vibrated everything within ten miles of the Green Leaf
forest.The trees were shaking,the leaves were flying all over the place
the vibrating was so strong until,it was shaking rabbits out their holes,
everything was just bouncing up and down.The whole ground was vibrating.
Beaulah the ant she didn't go to the party,because she was in bed
with the flu,and she woke up in a panic,Beaulah ran outside yelling to the top of her voice,
Earthquake!Earthquake!Until she got everyone's attention.But when she reached
the woodrats home,the ground wasn't shaking,and that's because the vibrating
had stop.Sudden the woodrats looked around,and realize their birthday
present was gone.Someone had stolen the BoomBox.Who could have done
such an awful thing?Then everyone looked at everyone and yelled Mr.Jazz!
We should have known,replied the woodrats,it's always Mr.Jazz,now we know who's
responsible.What do we do?Asked the woodrats.So while the woodrats was
trying to figure out what to do,the woodrats friend Jasper came up,
and while the woodrats were discussing what to do,Jasper the unicorn flew
by and peeked in Mr.Jazz window,and there was Mr.Jazz,sitting on his pink sofa,
smoking a pipe,with his Sunday go to meeting cloths on,with his legs
crossed,nobody ever knew that Mr.Jazz smoked until now.Boy!were they
surprise.Mr.Jazz looked up just in time,to see Jasper the unicorn dotting
back and forth,in front of his window,it it startled Mr.Jazz so bad,
until he dropped his pipe,on his beautiful pink sofa,and the sofa
caught fire,Mr.Jazz had never in his life,seen anything like Jasper,
and he probably will never again.
Jasper was very unique,he was black all over,with a golden horn
between his eyes,golden wings on each his sides,he had a golden shoe
on all four his feet,and strange as it might sound,Jasper was born with
a golden saddle on his back,and that's what made him so unique.
When the woodrats peeked into the window,Mr Jazz was in big trouble,
and the firer was burning out of control,so the woodrats rushed in,
and saved Mr.Jazz,and the BoomBox,both escaped unharm.Sadly Mr.Jazz
records were lost,and so was everything in his house,including his
beautiful pink sofa,that he loved so dear.The woodrats didn't say a word,
to Mr.Jazz at first,they were so glad their friend was safe,although
he's a pain in the backpocket sometimes,but the woodrats looked beyond
his faults,and saw his need to be loved,and they did so love him,so very
Then finally Menie got around to asking Mr.Jazz the big question,
and that was,Why did you take the BoomBox in the first place?Don't you
Know it's wrong,to take something from someone without asking!That's
stealing!yelled Menie,don't you know better,then to go around stealing!
Now,now,guys,lets don't be so hard on Mr.Jazz,replied Moe,a thief is a
thief,and I call them as i see them,and right now i see a thief!said
And when the woodrats lokked over at Mr.Jazz,his eyes was full of
water,he was crying,Now!look what you did said miney,to Menie.
I just made a terrible mistake,said Mr.Jazz,with a trembling voice,
if you all will give me another chance,I promise never to steal again,
please forgive me,all I wanted to do,was listen to the music,now I know
it was wrong,to take the BoomBox without asking,said Mr.Jazz.
Today i've learned two very important lessons,said Mr.Jazz,number
one,to take something from someone,without asking is stealing,number two
when you steal,you have to pay a price,some people go to jail,when they
steal,I almost paid with my life.Thank you guys,for caring enough to be
there,I really needed you said Mr.Jazz.That's what friends are for,
replied the woodrats,and guess what?Mr.Jazz?he never smoked again.

The End!


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