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A Town Called Stitches

A Town Called Stitches
Once upon a time,in a place called Stitches,some very strnge things were about to take place,in a house on Troublestone street,there was a big argument brewing,the strange thing about this argument,was,it wasn't among people,it was all happening in a sewing box.The argument was between the thimble and the needle.The thimble was mad,because the needle makes a mistake and pokes him in the side.And the thimble all of a sudden started hollering,Get out!Get out!yelled the thimble to the needles,and take your cousins straight pins,and safety pins,with you,all you do anyway,is hang out and stick people.So the needles,straight pins,and safety pins,pack their bags and moved out of the sewing box,and left the thread,thimble,tape measures,buttons,and the rest of their friends behind.So finally word soon got out all over the town of Stitches that the needles,straight pins,and safety pins were useless.So all the needles,straight pins,and safety pins,they pack up,and all of them,moved out of the town of Stitches
So the next day disastrous things started to happening,to the people of Stitches,for instance,seams started bursting,blouses started ripping,zippers started unzipping,and the worst thing was the Queen was having a ball,and there were no needles,straight pins,nor safety pins,anywhere,and the Queen couldn't make her gown,what was a Queen to do?The thimble came up with and idea,he decide he would hire his friend Cora the porcupine,what a diaster that turned out to be,because everytime the Queen touched Cora the porcupine,she pricked her fingers,the idea was so disastrous,until the Queen was on the verge of telling the thimble to leave town.The town of Stitches was coming apart at the seams,and that's because there were no needles and pins,I desire needles and pins!Screamed the Queen.When the Queen finishing yelling and screaming,the thimble knew he had to do something,and he had to do it quick.So the thimble went around,inquiring,about the needles and pins,somebody told the thimble,that the needles and pins,had moved to a town called Cushions,the thimble went to the town of Cushion's,when he arrived there,he wasn't met by a welcome committee,matter of fact,it was just the opposite,the pins and needles,made it clear to the thimble,that they didn't want to talk him.The thimble knew if he couldn't get the pins and needles to come back to the town of Stitches,he would be finished.So the thimble said to the needle,if you want me to I'll beg,see,said the thimble,I'm down on one knee,please come home,I'm sorry for hurting your feeling,and then the thimble started to cry,and when he did that,the needles said that's enough,of that mushie mush stuff,how about we get this show on the road.So the next day,all the needles and pins,they left the town of Cushions,and moved back to their home town of Stitches.Rips stop tearing,hems of dresses stop falling out,seams stop bursting,and the Queen had her gown at last.Now the thimble had learned his lesson,and that was,he couldn't do without the needles and pins,and the thimble also learned,that the needles,the straight pins,and the safety pins could live without him just fine.From this moment own the thimble treated the needles and pins with respect,andthey all became old and rusty,and one day they were all thrown away,to make room for the new ones,but the sewing box lived on.

The End
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