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Once there was a beautiful Red Ladder,it didn't do very much,all it did was lean against an old wooden shack.One day the Mop,Broom,and a Bucket full of Water,a Hammer with the Nails walking behind him said,to Red Ladder,all you do is lean,you don't earn your keeps,like everyone else around here.And that hurt Red Ladder feeling terrible.
So the very next day along came the Hammer,with the Nails walking behind him,and they didn't make things any better,if it were left up to me said the Hammer,you would be thrown on a big barn firer,and burn to ashes.What a cruel thing to say,said Red Ladder.You're nothing but a pain in everybody's back pocket anyway.Red Ladder tried to defend himself,by saying,you all are wrong about me,just the other day,Mr.Buck used me to go up in the tree,to get Mrs.Frances cat,and where is Mr.Buck now?Asked the Hammer.It was not my fault,that Mr.Buck lost his balance,and fell off and broke his leg,said Red Ladder,Oh really?replied the nails.Mr.Buck would have been better off,if I had just bammed his finger,said the Hammer,that way Mr.Buck wouldn't be laid up in the Hospital.
You all are so cruel,you all have no compassion,for anyone,replied Red Ladder.So about three months passed,and Mr.Buck was up and around.
Now that it was Summertime,and the weather was nice,and warm,the Bucket full of Water,the Hammer with the Nails walking behind him,the Mop and the Broom,decided it was a good day to go fishing,Red Ladder wanted to go,but nobody asked him to.You know Red Ladder is nothing but a big loser,and he probably don't know anything about fishing ither,said the Broom.So Red Ladder was just left behind leaning on that old wooden shack.Just as the Bucket full of Water,the Hammer with the Nails walking behind him,the Broom and the Mop,were beginning to get a nibble on their hook,they heard a loud scream,when they all heard that loud screaming,they all took off running,leaving their fishing gear behind.The scream was comming from toward the old wooden shack.
When the Bucket full of Water,the Hammer with the Nails walking behind him,the Mop and the Broom,reached the old wooden shack,it was burned all the way down,level off with the ground,and everyone was just standing around,seems like everyone was okay.
When they started to look around for Mr.Buck,he was over by the fire truck comforting Mrs.Buck,and Mr.Buck was just shouting out loud saying,if it hadn't been for Red Ladder,just leaning against that old wooden shack,Mrs.Buck would have been a goner,said Mr.Buck.Mr.Buck was so grateful,for what Red Ladder had done,because Mrs.Buck was caught upstairs,and as Mrs.Buck looked out the upstairs window,she spotted Red Ladder just leaning,ready to rescue her.The Bucks were so excited until,Mr.Buck and Mrs.Buck,decided to have a parade in honor of Red Ladder,the very next day.
Red Ladder was not so useless,as the bucket full of Water,the Hammer with the Nails walking behind him,the Mop and the broom thought.Red Ladder was now a Hero,and he will always be remembered by someone,if only by Mr.Buck and especially mrs.Buck,because to her Red ladder is her Hero!

The End!
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