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My Heaven...........

It’s a strange morning today. Its so calm, so quite, just as silent as the midnight hours, which is the favorite time of mine. In the entire house I alone will be waking, a single soul wondering about in the house, with no other soul to disturb me, or to snatch my peace. Its only in the midnight hours that I would be me, what am originally, I would sing, I would dance, read a bit and have a coffee, no one to remind me of the time, no one to put questions, no one just no one around. I would be so happy, so contented. But today its strange, coz, today that same peace is prevailing even in the morning, while with the morning or say the break of day, the world would change, the whole world around me would change, my heaven of midnight would turn to a hell, and I would wait for the night again, bearing the pains, and sorrows of the whole day, I would wait.
Its already morning, still with the day break, there is yet no one around to snatch away my peace, no one around to create a new hell as usual for me. I come out of my bed, yet I thought I was dreaming, as would do often, only to realize it was a dream when I would wake. To assure myself that I wasn’t dreaming, I quickly freshened up, dressed up too, and went downstairs, to my dismay, all were there, already awake, but not a soul made a move, not a soul did stir, it seemed as if the world had stopped for them. Never had I seen them this much quite earlier, never had I seen them so unhappy and the greatest of all never had I seen them so bother less when I am around, whenever they would find me around, there will always be something or the other in there minds that when produced to me would make me feel as if am taken to the hell.
At least one of them would ever manage to disturb me, or place a rack of queries such as to about my companions which I would never like to make clear, or about my whereabouts the previous day or week, or about a report from my college, etc. Or may be they would have made some plan of outing, and in which I would be least interested, rather uninterested and yet I will have to accompany them, which would fall on me like an order. But today, nothing was the same, it seemed as if no one even noticed me, no one had anything in their store for me. I was surprised, was curious, but happy too, that they didn’t notice me, for a moment I thought of escaping to the fields, but then I knew I cant escape its not that easy and even if one of them would find out, then again the hell will break loose over me.
So, I called Mom, but no one listened, it seemed as if I got vanished to them. I called aloud, but yet no response, funny I thought to myself. Real funny. I proceeded to joint them and find out the matter, but it was as if I wasn’t there at all, I started to get disturbed, at the thought that this was the new way of harassing me, that they have found out, yet I felt happy too, I chuckled and looked at them, to confirm that they have not really guessed my true feelings. But yet I was curious to know why they were sad, what had happened. Tried to read there minds, at this point, suddenly I remembered something. Something that gave me immense pain, I was again surprised that how till now I could forget it all, how on earth did I forget, at all.
And as I tried to remember what happened at last I just couldn’t recollect anything, except that tremendous pain, that moment of pain, and to my dismay the reason of pain was what I could not remember. I could not remember or even understand what am I doing at home while am in such a pain, why am I not in the hospital. At the moment Dad took out his car and was about to drive away, that I managed a sit in the car, Dad drove all the way to hospital, but he never spoke to me, neither did he look at me, he seemed too gloomy to be even questioned, so even I kept quite. I followed him in the hospital, and I thought he would stop at the MD’s chamber, but he walked past it, by this time my curiosity had no limits, I felt no more pain, and went behind him. He went to the morgue, I was curious to know who it was, whose death has given me the peace of for a day.
Alas! What did I see? Am I dreaming, dreaming with open eyes. No that cannot be, how come it be so. If its true then………..
Here I realized yes that’s the pain I was feeling, that’s why the atmosphere in the house was gloomy, but had I ever been able to imagine that they will be this much hurt, they would morn this much upon my death? I have read of hell and heaven, but here I have experienced them too …………
Truly I have got heaven after death, my heaven ………..
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