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 RJ Glat, an orphan boy, was announced as the smartest kid in the world at age five, nearly eight years later he still maintains that award. The only thing RJ was not good at was making people like him, so he pulls pranks to make people think that he is funny. He always builds weird contraptions to help pull off these pranks, recently he made a catapult which threw chickens at who ever opened the door that it was behind. Sadly RJ was never satisfied with these “simple” pranks, he wanted to pull off the best prank in all of history.
               RJ was late to school one day, because he was putting the final touches on his science fair project, a life-sized robot. It wasn’t his best work, simply put it was a garbage can that had wheels on the bottom and robotic pincers for arms. Inside the garbage can was wires and a mainframe. He hoped that after the science fair he could put this robot to “good” use. 
               Three days later the science fair arrived. A kid who built a mini-volcano took 3rd place, someone who built a skeleton out of toothpicks 2nd, and as usual RJ took 1st. RJ was proud, but not as proud as he was going to be when he uses his robot to “full potential”.
 Once he was safely hidden in the guys bathroom he pushed a button on a remote. Suddenly his robot began to change, the sinks from the walls came flying towards it and wrapped around it's body, pipes from the sinks intertwined and configured a head and soon the once sad and dull robot was a gleaming white one and slightly resembled a human. RJ told it his orders and it left to do his bidding.
              The robot, which is now called G.I.M. (Gleaming Invented Maid), tracked down Mrs. Bilivard, RJ’s art teacher who wrote him up after a catapulted chicken hit her in the face. G.I.M. opened it's silver jaw and somewhere from within it's mouth power began to surge and accumulate. The robot then shot the charged energy at the teacher which was supposed to drench her in water, but instead it made her vanish into thin air. G.I.M. hadn't expected something like that from a burst of water so it scanned the area. With it's job done it decided to transport itself to RJ’s house with the transporter that was built into it, but instead water burst from it's chest. Something was definitely wrong.
              RJ found the robot drenched when he arrived to school the next day, he guessed that the water cannon somehow backfired, so with his own transporter he transported the junk metal and himself home. He needed to find out what had happened that night so he took out the mainframe. RJ ran a quick analysis and to his surprise he found a rift of time and space in the air where G.I.M. had scanned the area. RJ knew why, RJ had accidentally connected the teleporter to items mouth and the water cannon to it's chest. RJ sent his teacher to another dimension.
               RJ was going to save her. He knew it was a mistake to waste his talents on silly pranks, so he was going to redeem himself. The only way to do that he decided was to fix the robot, and make it shoot him with the same blast, at the same time, in the same place. He was going to save her and there was no backing down.
             Nearly a week later RJ was at school way past hours. He hid in the bathroom from the janitors. He quickly found where to go and ordered his minion to open the portal to no where.
            There it was, a rift through time and space. He knew this was the right entry way to find his teacher, so without hesitation he stepped into the portal that would change him into a new man. He looked around and all he saw was wasteland, and with nowhere to go he began forward into the unknown.
 Some hours had passed and his hope was diminishing with each step he took, but he realized that he was being followed. RJ was soon tackled to the ground and standing above him was a man who's hair fell down to his back, a beard that looked like it was never shaved and his odor nearly made RJ’s eyes water. The man was shocked to see RJ, maybe it was his neat clean clothes compared to the mans rags. The man lifted RJ to his feet, and dragged RJ to a building that was crumbled on the left side.
              Inside the building was a bunch of people who looked just like the man. RJ’s heart leapt with joy when he saw Mrs. Bilivard, the man continued to drag him along until they reached a room with the wall crumbled the man sat on a piece of that wall.
The man said “My name is Eli and I know why you are here, but only one of you can leave, you or the woman.”
               RJ looked up at the man named Eli and with a fierce voice he said “I don't care, I have no one who cares for me back where I live, so ... I will stay here.” 
               Eli was puzzled “Why would you want to stay here, it's nothing more than a wasteland.” 
                RJ replied with even more courage than before “I can help you here, I can repair these ruins, trust me , please!” 
               Eli sighed and said “It is your choice, but we have no means to bring her back.” 
               “But I do.” RJ said as he rushed out of the room and toward his teacher.
               She was shocked to see him, but before she could say a word he pushed the teleporter into her hand as he said “Push the middle button it will bring you home.” 
               She clicked the button and said “This better not be another prank.” Then she disappeared.
               RJ held his promise high, and soon the scavengers prospered, grass grew out of the desolate desert wasteland. Buildings grew and water flowed. RJ finally found his purpose in life.





















































































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