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Horses are mates and best friends

Patty the Palomino and her best friend, Arnold the Appaloosa, thoroughly enjoyed attending the weekly services at their local equestrian worship center.

Local horse owners had donated labor and materials needed to construct the special corral being used for services at the equestrian worship center. Christians who walked past the corral could sense that the horses were worshiping the God of heaven. Non-Christians couldn’t feel or sense anything spiritual was taking place.

“Mother Horse Day” and “Father Horse Day” were among Patty and Arnold’s favorite holidays to attend the services at the equestrian worship center. On those holidays, a special mom or dad horse was chosen for recognition.

Patty was chosen as the special mother horse to be honored on “Mother Horse Day.” Paul the Palomino, her mate, serenaded her with a special love song he had composed for the momentous occasion. “You’re the best mother horse ever,” Paul crooned. “You could never be a bad mother. You’re the best mate a male Palomino ever had, better than any other. I thank the Lord for sending you my way. And for being my sweetheart every day.”

Known as being a bit of a budding Palomino poet herself, Patty responded, “I’m glad the Lord placed you in my life, to be my best friend. Thanks for always taking up for me. When I make mistakes. You make amends.

“I really hope you win the ‘Father Horse Day Award’ next month,” said Patty.

“That won’t happen,” Paul said. “When it was clear that you were going to win the ‘Mother Horse Day Award,’ I asked the judges of the ‘Father Horse Day Award’ to remove my name from consideration.”

“Why’d you do that?,” asked Patty.

“Two reasons,” replied Paul. “One, you deserve to bask in your glory all year long without anyone taking the spotlight away from you. The second reason is that I believe there are many other horses in our congregation that are much better dads than me.”

Patty appreciated Paul’s humility, but she wanted to get a bit of recognition for him for “Father Horse Day,” so she asked Pastor Quinn Quarterhorse if she could wish her mate a happy birthday, which this year falls on ‘Father Horse Day.’

“Sure,” said Pastor Quinn.

When “Father Horse Day” rolled around, Patty trotted to the center of the corral and announced, “OK, everyone, let’s hear a loud round of hoofbeats for my mate, Paul. Today is his birthday.”

Every horse in attendance gave his or her best neigh. After the hoofbeats and verbal congratulations subsided, Patty said, “I also want to wish a ‘Happy Father Horse Day’ to Paul, because he has my vote for being the best dad on four feet!”

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