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Ticianita Arabella Wobbles-Arlott

Ticianita Arabella Wobbles-Arlott

(Tish - to her friends)

These are stories about 'Tish'. She has a Kitten 'Kitty'.

Tish comes from a rather 'Posh' family. ( Her Papa is a VERY important man. )

Tish has a series of exciting adventures. She meets Fairies; Elves; Santa Claus; Space Men; Kings and Queens- among others. Her adventures take her around the world -and into Space.

Each Chapter is a Complete Story, told as 'Bedtime Stories', by a Father to his children.

The story starts one morning when Tish discovers that she has lost her Tummy Button. Fortunately The Man In The Moon replaces it with a special Magical Silver Tummy Button.

By reciting a verse, and twisting it ' One Turn to the Right ', Tish is granted three wishes each day until her sixteenth birthday.

The stories all tend to have a moral, to teach children decent values.
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Chapter One

Introducing Tish and her Silver Tummy Button.

Tish was the daughter of a very posh family, and she had a very posh name. Her full name was, TICIANITA ARABELLA WOBBLES-ARLOTT, but her friends called her Tish for short.

It had been one of those days when everything went wrong for Tish: To start with, it had been her first day at the Convent school.

The Chauffeur had flu. The Maid had run off with the Butler to get married the night before. Worse still, Mamma had a Coffee Morning planned, so she was too busy to take Tish.

That meant Tish had to walk to school, and walk back home, and on her very first day, all on her own. It was all quite shocking.

Worse than that, when Sister Teresa, the Nun, introduced Tish to the other girls – giving Tish’s full name – the others had all laughed. And even worse still, at morning break, one of the girls made fun of her name, calling her Tishywobbles, and all the others girls joined in, and teased Tish something awful.

Even worse than all that, on the way home it was raining, and some thoughtless lorry driver had driven right through a big puddle, and simply soaked her. Now she had been left to take a bath without any help. Surely, nothing else could go wrong for Tish – but it did…

It was just as she finished drying herself that she noticed:

Tish was a very vain little girl, and she stood admiring herself in the full-length mirror: She just knew she was simply gorgeous. Her Papa called her his little Gem. She had the longest tresses of silken ginger hair, and a perfect, heart-shaped face, with simply the cutest nose.

Tish leaned forwards to check her large, sparkling, green eyes, and then admired her cute lips and white teeth. Leaning back, she tossed her head from side to side, admiring the way her hair draped her shoulders, and hung almost to her waist.

Standing still, he posed to admire herself. Suddenly she saw it – or rather, DID NOT see ‘it’. There was not the slightest doubt – ‘it’ had gone…

She looked from the mirror, down to her tummy, and then felt around in disbelieve. There was sadly no doubt at all – ‘it’ had totally disappeared.

In absolute desperation, she checked the empty bath. Apart from a few ginger hairs and some soap bubbles – there was nothing. Tish sat on the loo seat and started to cry, sobbing, “Oh dear, my beautiful body is ruined.” Large tears rolled down her lovely cheeks.

She cried and cried. She wanted to call Mamma, but was afraid. Then over her sobs, she heard a small voice calling, “For goodness sake, stop that horrible noise, Mistress.” It took Tish completely by surprise, and quite startled her.

She looked all round the bathroom, but she was quite alone. Cautiously she asked, “Who are you, and where are you?”

The little voice answered, “I’m at the window. I am your Pussycat of course, Mistress. If I can get through this opening, I will come in.”

Before Tish had time to think, a ball of ginger fur had squeezed through the slightly open window, and in one bound landed in her lap gasping “That’s better. It was cold out there, and I’m all wet.” With that, the ball of fur snuggled in and started to purr.

Tish had difficulty believing her eyes and ears. ‘What a day it has been.’ She thought.

She stroked her little kitten, and dried it with her towel saying, “I had no idea pussycats could talk – or did I just imagine it?”

Her little kitten purred, and snuggled again, and replied; “Only special kittens can talk: The ones like me, born on the night of a Blue Moon. Most Kittens keep silent. After all, who would believe a girl that said her Pussycat could talk to her?”

The kitten stretched and Tish was sure he winked at her before he spoke again, “So, what was all the noise about, Mistress?”

Tish had forgotten to cry any more in her surprise, she started again. Between sobs she explained her dreadful day, and finished by saying, “And now look. I’ve lost my Tummy Button.” She displayed her tummy to her Pussycat, and started sobbing harder.

Pussycat stretched out a paw, and crawled up to have a proper look. True enough. His mistress’s tummy was as smooth as smooth. “Well there is a funny thing.” The kitten purred.

“What am I going to do?” Asked Tish in desperation. That time she was sure her kitten winked as she answered, “Luckily for you, Mistress, you have been very nice to me, and you spent lots of time stroking and loving me, and giving me best cream, so I will tell you a little secret.”

He crawled up onto Tish’s shoulder, and whispered in her ear. “Tomorrow night is exactly twelve weeks after the last Blue Moon.”

He paused, and Tish asked, “What does that mean?”

“It means that if you follow my instructions, you can get a brand new – and improved – Tummy Button; but only if you are still young enough.”

“What do I have to do? How old do I not have to be?” Tish asked eagerly.

“You must be under six years old,” said Pussycat.

“Oh, I am, I am, I just started Convent School today” Tish grabbed her Pussycat excitedly.

“Well then, tomorrow night you must lay on your bed, with your tummy bare, and your curtains wide open. Whatever happens, you must remain absolutely still, and silent, with your eyes tight shut. And one other thing – You must feed me double cream every day for a month.”

“Oh, I will, I will. For a whole year,” promised Tish.

She simply could not wait for the following night to come. At school next day when the other girls called her, Tishywobbles, she just laughed and jumped up and down, thinking, ‘They don’t know what I’m having done tonight’.

She raced home after school, and was on edge right through dinner, until she could finally give Mamma and Papa a goodnight kiss, and hurry off to bed.

She had to wait a while, wearing her pyjamas, until Mamma came to check she had settled. The moment Mamma left, she almost tore her pyjama top off, and then, pulling the duvet over the bed, she laid stretched full length, eyes tight shut – and waited.

She waited and waited – and waited. It seemed simply hours, but nothing had happened. Her eyes ached from being held tight shut. She was also starting to feel cold, and wanted to wee, but dare not move.

At last, the Moon appeared from behind a cloud. Slowly the beams of light started to move over the bed. They reached her legs, and moved up, onto her tummy. As Tish lay almost in agony, The Man in the Moon slid down a Moonbeam.

Tish suddenly felt him working on her tummy. She wanted to look; she thought she might scream. He just kept busily working and grunting away.

At last, with a sigh, he stopped, and Tish heard him say, “Keep those eyes tight shut. Dear me, I am quite out of breath. I must be getting too old for this. Well there you are, though I say it myself, I’ve made a good job of that.”

He coughed and added, “As you were such a brave little girl, I have granted you three wishes for every day until your sixteenth birthday.”

As Tish listened in wonder, he took another deep breath. “If you want to make a wish, you must remember these two rhymes:

“Face the West

Raise my vest.

This must be done

To bare my tum.”

That is so you remember to turn to the West and bare your tummy. Next, you must say aloud:

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.”

As you say that, turn your magic Tummy Button one full turn to the right, and make your wish.”

He coughed again, “Dear me, I’m getting a chill. Remember, you have THREE wishes a day. You must never ever make more than three wishes in any day. Now just count up to ten and I’ll be gone again.”

Tish kept repeating the rhymes over and over, and almost forgot to count to ten. When she remembered she counted aloud quite slowly. After reaching ten, she was half afraid to open her eyes in case of what she might see. She was sure he must have made her tummy bleed when screwed the Button into her tummy so hard.

Very slowly, she opened her eyelids, and even more slowly, she lowered her gaze down her body. She breathed a simply HUGE sigh of relief. Not only was she not bleeding, but also she had the most beautiful Tummy Button that anyone could EVER have seen.

It was simple marvelous. Not too big, not too small. It was not sunk in, but it did not stick out. It had a perfect crossed dimple, right in the centre. Best of all, it was pure SILVER - just the colour of the brightest moonbeam.

She was SO thrilled. However, she needed to pop to the loo, and had to make a quick dash to her toilet. She sat there a minute or two admiring her new Tummy Button. Then she had an idea. She would make a wish: Thinking hard, she remembered the rhyme,

“Face the West

Raise my vest

This must be done

To bare my tum.”

- But of course her tummy was already bare, her pyjama top was in the bedroom on the floor. So all Tish had to do was turn to the West. (She knew where THAT was, because the weathervane on the house showed that.)

She stood and faced the West, and said out loud,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.” As she spoke, she took hold of her Silver Tummy Button and gave it a full turn to the right, and said, “I wish I was wearing my pyjama top.”

Absolutely in an instant, she was wearing her pyjama top. Tish thought that was brilliant, and tried another wish. Lifting her pyjama top right up above her tummy, she repeated,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.” As she said it, she turned her Silver Tummy Button one turn to the right, and said, “I wish – let me think – I wish I was on my bed playing with my little kitten.”

Absolutely in an instant, she found herself stretched on her bed holding two silver balls threaded on string. Her kitten was winking at her, and kept trying to reach them with his paw.

Tish teased the kitten for a while, and then showed off her new Silver Tummy Button. Pussycat was very impressed, saying, “To tell you the truth, Mistress, I didn’t expect it to work. I thought the whole thing was an old Mother Cat’s tale. I am so happy for you. It really suits you.”

Tish decided to show off. On her last day at Prep School, George had given her a lick of his lollipop. Tish loved lollipops. Standing, she turned to the West and bared her tummy, repeating,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.” As she said it, she turned her Silver Tummy Button one turn to the right, and said, “I wish I am sucking a lollipop, and that it is a banana-flavoured one.”

Absolutely in an instant, a large yellow lollipop was stuck in her mouth. She started sucking it, slowly, at first, slipping it right in, then almost out of her mouth. After a few sucks, she started sucking it harder and harder; so hard her cheeks were drawn right in.

It seemed only moments before it was all juicy, and came off the stick, into her mouth. She loved that. It was always the best bit. It filled her mouth and she had to keep slurping and swallowing, as she crunched it into tiny pieces, so it did not dribble down her chin.

Normally when she finished eating a lollipop, she would spend ages finding things to poke with the stick. That time she popped the stick straight onto her bedside table.

Her Pussycat clapped his paws. “Very impressive Mistress. How about rustling up a plate of sardines and custard for me?”

“Your wish is my command.” Said Tish. With that, she lifted her pyjama top right up, and turned to the West, saying,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.” However, of course, she had made a VERY BIG mistake. THAT was a FOURTH wish! – POOR Tish… as she said it, she turned her Tummy Button one turn to the right, and – HER BOTTOM FELL OFF.

Tish stood rooted to the spot. She realised the dreadful thing she had done. She dare not move in case any more bits of her fell off. Her Pussycat gazed open mouthed at her from the bed. Her kitten had no idea what had gone wrong, but knew - whatever it was - it was pretty serious for his Mistress.

At last, Trish managed to speak. “Now what am I going to do Pussycat? I forgot I had my three wishes for the day. Now look at me!” The kitten said nothing. He just did not know what to say. Tish and Pussycat just stayed still, thinking.

There were a few dreadful moments of silence, which were broken by a slight whooshing sound, followed by a soft bump, and someone saying, “Oh dear, it is all my fault. I was in such a hurry I forgot to tell you.”

It was the Man in the Moon. He had slid down on one of the last remaining Moon Beams. “I can see I was too late. Just stay still child, and I will see what I can do.”

He walked round and viewed the situation, scratching a crumb of cheese from his pointed chin. “Hmm. Well, first I have to get you onto the bed. You had better move out of the way little Kitten.”

Pussycat jumped off the bed and sat watching on the carpet, as The Man in the Moon gently cradled Tish in his arms, and lifted her into place: Putting her, tummy down, on the bed. Next, he picked up her bottom and placed it alongside her.

With great care, he half lifted, half rolled Tish into position over her bottom. He wriggled her and wobbled her until she was in exactly the right position. “There we are, don’t move a muscle. I will just get my thingamajig out, and with any luck have you back good as new in a jiffy.”

He took from his pocket what looked like a spiral screwdriver, and started to screw Tish’s Tummy Button back tight. As he did so, Tish felt her bottom give a bit of a quiver, then click into place. Gosh, was she relieved.

She lay quite still as she watched him work, and managed to sneak a look at The Man in the Moon. He had a VERY pointed forehead, and an even MORE pointed chin. His nose was all wrinkly and long, and his eyes were exceedingly large.

What Tish noticed most was that only his eyes were coal black. The rest of him was white all over. Even his clothes and shoes were white.

It was only because of the shadows, that Trish could make out his face and figure at all. She expected that it was because he lived on the Moon, and guessed everything was probably black and white up there.

He interrupted her thoughts. “There young lady. Good as new.” He sniffed and coughed a little, “I – I – Well from the look of those threads, it appeared to me that you had turned your Button more than three times, young lady. Is that correct?”

Tish trembled. Should she tell him the truth?

As she hesitated, and blushed bright red, he saved her the trouble of choosing. “Well I guess we both did wrong. Now two wrongs do not make a right – but in this case - I will make an exception. I should have told you why that second rhyme goes,

“Hold my bottom firm

As Button I turn.

Wish be mine

At this time.” The FIRST line is to remind you to hold on to your bottom as you turn your Silver Tummy Button.”

He did some tut-tutting, muttering, “It never was like that when the Silver Tummy Buttons were made in Britain. What with the cost of labour, they moved the Button Factory to another Planet beyond your Sun. The result is that every now and then we get a Silver Tummy Button with a faulty thread.”

He paused. “Now the British, they ALWAYS gave us good screw threads. But – Well we have had to add that warning line, just in case.”

Tish wondered who he meant by ‘we’, and asked him.

“Oh, mine isn’t the only Moon you know, there are thousands in this part of the sky alone. We are kept very busy, I can assure you. You just would not BELIEVE the number of children that lose their Tummy Buttons.”

He straightened himself up and replaced his thingamajig. “I have got to hurry young lady, or I will miss my last moonbeam ride. You remember to hold your bottom in place when you make a wish – And NEVER make more than three wishes in one day again.” Without more ado, he was off up a fading moonbeam, with Tish’s thanks ringing in his ears.

Tish sat quiet, thinking how lucky she had been. Her kitten hopped on the bed beside her. She stroked Pussycat, and started to daydream – next thing she heard was the new maid tapping at the door to tell her it was time to get up.

Tish did not even know Mamma had hired a new maid. She slipped off the bed quickly and sneaked open the door. She just caught a glimpse of the maid turning the corner of the stairs. “Well she SEEMS alright Pussycat. We will just have to wait and see.”

The kitten just stretched, scratched an ear, yawned, and licked a paw. Tish sat back on the bed and stretched.

It seemed only moments later there was another tap at the door. That time, the door opened and the new maid entered saying, “Oh, good Miss Tish, you are already up. Look, I brought you some hot chocolate. My, what a pretty kitten you have. Oh, and my name is Mary.”

Tish was quite impressed as Mary asked, “Would you like to drink this now Miss? Or take a shower first?” Tish felt rather grubby and thought showering first was best. She told Mary so.

Mary ran the shower for Tish and stood waiting with a bathrobe, and Tish hopped under the shower. As Tish turned round under the shower, Mary spoke. “Well I do declare Miss Tish, you have the finest little navel I EVER saw. I must say it is as beautiful as the rest of you.”

Tish guessed navel was a new name for a Tummy Button. She would remember that. She also decided that the maid was the best they EVER had.

She decided to trust her and said, “It is a special one that The Man In The Moon gave me, Mary. It is a special secret.”

Mary smiled, “If you say so Missy. Now step out and let me get you dry…

This is the first of currently 20 stories about Tish. More to follow.

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